Why Ron Paul Is the Choice of the Troops

  • Because Ron Paul will not make them die in another stupid war? 🙁


  • or they come home and find it has all been a lie to profit the big corporations and politics

  • When did Ryan seacrest become a reporter?

  • Americans are constantly being poisoned by chemicals in water and air. We really are not free. We are under constant military and police surveillance.

  • Dont tell me this is happening in that Country they call the “Land of the free” Bwwwaaaaahahahahahaha, Free to do as you please as long as you dont upset your zionist masters by voting for someone who they cant buy off, Dont americans like to call there Country the “Home of the brave” LMFAO, How could a bunch of criminally insane politicians get away with the bullshit there putting people through in a place so full of “Brave warriors” Bwwwahahahahaha.

  • It’s true what they said in the video, if this was in support of any other candidate the media would have been all over it! But since it was in support of Ron Paul, they want nothing to do with it. How sad. It’s the people who actually have the means to make a difference who everyone chooses to ignore. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Ron Paul isn’t going to win, many Americans are too stupid believe me…

  • “No media coverage at all” O.O …come on americans! stop acting like vegetables with legs and wake the f*ck up

  • How are they getting away with airing this on FOX? I think they did another piece onthe possible-Maine election fraud.

  • Only took 10 days…

  • ben god bless you. go ron paul go. you can do it.

  • Reminds me of that movie, The Crazies.

  • damn ben! reality check is great 🙂

  • Ron Paul’s oppostion includes Marxists, communists, anti-Americans, brainwashed idiots, mainstream media addicts, Israel-firsters and libtards.

  • These VETS have served. Big difference comparing all other canadetes.

  • I don’t have much respect for anyone in the media, but if I ever saw Ben Swan in a bar I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the man a beer.

  • I cant stand you un-military people that hate the Commander In Chief.
    I love President O’ Bama.
    I AM a Democrat , Navy Orphan at birth, Air Force Brat, and Army Veteran from a typical distressed military family.
    I SUPPORT RON PAUL in defense of the GOLD & SILVER mandate
    in US Constitution Article One section 8 and 10.
    My OATH to defend the Constitution is above and beyond partisan politics.
    Democrats & Republicans must FIGHT MONOPOLY money together and support this REVOLUTION together.

  • Ben Swan Vice President

  • It is despicable that they did not cover this march. How could you be any more blatant?

  • The only thing going against Ron Paul’s momentum is the media’s propaganda. Same damn reason the holocaust could’ve happened.