Why Ron Paul Is the Choice of the Troops

  • This guy is awesome. I’m liking him more every time I hear him.

  • We need to do the same at the National Convention. If you don’t get a spot as a delegate, meet up and we’ll circle their dog and pony show. Let the whole world hear us.

  • The 2012 elections are going to be rigged because in their mind they can not have Ron Paul win as he will destroy everything those in control are doing.

    ~Ron Paul 2012~

  • There were far more than 320 veterans…

  • THANK YOU! This took place February 20, 2012 and I have waited for someone to report this. Finally.
    Thanks again

  • Ron Paul bumper stickers $4 dollars on amazon. Help spread knowledge of Ron Paul!

  • 2 dislikes must be Romney & Santorum

  • 2 dislikes must be Romney & Santorum

  • Funny how the truth always favors Ron Paul.

  • Funny how the truth always favors Ron Paul.

    • Surfisher

      Look at the genuine people, Real Americans, waiting in line at near freezing temps, to hear Ron Paul’s message of Freedom! No other has such following.

      The sad part is that they BELIEVE their votes will count…when it has to be obvious by now, that electronic voting is fixed (unless one receives a Receipt for whom, and exact time Voted…then it’s those counting the votes that determine the winner, NOT the ones casting)!


  • Adam Kokesh is a hired actor

  • Adam Kokesh is a hired actor

  • Cant wait till my Ron Paul bumper stickers come!
    Im going to pass around RP12 stickers at my work as well.
    I advise everyone who supports him to do so!
    Spread this word to the ones who cant see it because of this mainstream crap.
    Thank you. Now like this comment.
    -Ron Paul.
    I’m Ron Paul, and I approve this message!

  • Ron Paul needs to win if America really wants a change in their country. His Foreign Policy is key to solving many issues individually and globally!

    I’m from Canada and obviously i have 0 voting rights .. but i know the truth. you want things better for your family and your Military than he needs you to stand up. Ron paul 2012

  • How do you think it feels to go over and kill a people in the name of freedom, come back to your family and look and see that you too are living in the tyranical govt? hmm…go to another country and watch your friends die and ppl you care about, then come back to see the same thing happening here under dictatorship? I can see why ppl would do this…May God have mercy on us all!

  • Yet 352 thumbs up. Talk about fucked up!!

  • Think water not war, convert your car to drive on water for so little see that the wars are not over oil.

  • Damn scumbag Main stream media. Must of took off that day… Cut their srings and let them fall to their demise.

  • why was this video taken down, and then re-posted?