Why Ron Paul Is the Choice of the Troops

  • Veterans are to protect The US,not Israel in any way shape or form.


  • i hate the news. i am depressed that people find this convincing. the trauma of any combat is real and sickening. to me. not you… to me. me. my person. me. this is my opinion based on everything i was taught since i was a kid. fiction is fun; reality? not so much. too disturbing. makes us question things.
    Let’s just have fun!


  • The ones who about to inherit this country, college students. Over 70% support Ron Paul. The ones who are willing to die defending us this country, our active military. Over 80% support Ron Paul. We should be asking ourselves why our beliefs, ideas and feelings in any way should outweigh theirs. This isn’t about beliefs and ideas. Those change everyday and everyone has one. This is about principles and morals, Liberty. Without that, we won’t be allowed our own beliefs or ideas. Good luck to us.

  • Why no media coverage?

  • Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    It Is Our Responsibility to End It

    The People’s representatives have hidden behind the War Powers Resolution for nearly 40 years. It allows them to put one foot in the water and if things get too hot, they can elude the blame and leave the President standing alone. Regrettably, their acts of moral cowardice and hollow strategies have resulted in our soldiers becoming mired in the darkness one stalemate after another.

    However, We the People have not held them accountable and that is also a choice.

    T Kosciuszko

    A man, who cries after reading Mr. Jefferson’s words, is a wise man. A man, who values principles, values the words of Mr. Paul; for he does not waste his words.

  • Tragic, just tragic.

  • Ron Paul is the choice for no one which is why he has yet to win any states. Instead he thinks he can steal the election by taking delegates that he didnt earn.

  • Hello comrades, Vietnam War Vet. here. Even with my PTSD brain and agent orange heart I’m still alive, sort of. I have survived the “friendly fire” so far. “Lead Candy” has been on my mind several times in the past. These kind of vids let me know that I am not alone. Here is my take on the US.. Politicians are the prostitutes that lie and tell little johnny public that his 4″ johnson is amazing, while the banksters are the pimps that slap the political bitch to keep her in line. Dr. Paul 2012

  • Why dont they do the whole World a massive favour & rid there Country of the evil zionist scum who use them to fight there oil wars,Why dont they get rid of obomba while there at it.

  • I wish all local nightly news had segments like this.

  • i e-mailed praise to Ben-he is great!

  • i e-mailed praise to Ben-he is great!

  • i e-mailed praise to Ben-he is great!

  • i e-mailed praise to Ben-he is great!

  • over 80% of our active military support Ron Paul.

  • I’m in Sharjah and I knew about the march.

  • Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    I have recently acquired enormous respect for Dwight Eisenhower. General Eisenhower was in charge of Allied military strategy during WWII. Accordingly, he was seated at the table of consideration regarding the industrial decisions of military hardware.

    Double-Declarations of War triggered industrial production—it soared from a trickle to full production—within a year. Everyone was so busy focusing on the war before them, that they were not watching what was going on behind them. Well, it was the Democratic Party’s most powerful era and Democrats did what they do. They facilitated what was essentially a joint venture and creation of an enduring acronym.

    On a number of occasions, General Eisenhower had to battle civilian CEO arm-chair generals after they influenced Democratic Congress to alter decisions regarding industrial strategy. He complained at one point that he was spending more time fighting the MICC, than the Nazis!

    He understood…

    General Eisenhower had to acquiesce to the reality of politics as Allied Commander; so he was not naive, but upon making the transition from military “CEO” to government CEO, Mr. Eisenhower, was perturbed by the degree of consideration that political concerns, had on policy decisions. He was not accustomed to sitting at a conference table muddled with irrelevancies, and it was difficult for him to adapt to this method—of “planning.”

    Mr. Eisenhower sought to implement policies independent of influence of the two political parties. He was far more concerned about what was in the nation’s interest, than generic and unprincipled politicians on either side of the isle.

    Likewise, as Allied Commander, General Eisenhower was essentially an empathic man of peace, fighting a war for the purpose of implementing peace, i.e., a NECESSARY war.

    His parting words: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex,”

    The Laws of War are fundamentally different from the Rules of Law. Under the Laws of War, killing civilians is to be avoided; but is not forbidden. “Military Necessity,” is legal justification for doing so.

    Our young people are ordered off to fight an unconstitutional war, and then, when the inevitable and predictable dehumanizing of the enemy results, the arm-chair generals express their surprised outrage, and call for their heads. They merge and muddle, in an effort to re-define the Laws of War.

    Consider what a soldier must face—kill another human being. For many soldiers, that consideration was the split second that killed him.

    Dehumanizing the enemy–In an effort to pretend that we are civilized, that term is viewed as a negative connotation. “Humanitarian war” is another way we try fool ourselves, when we send our young people off to the battlefield. The arm-chair generals express empathy, sympathy, kindness and care as the bid them farewell—and remind them to fight a “humanitarian war.”

    (Who needs enemies, when you have such nice friends?)

    When our young people step onto the battlefield of reality, a humanitarian war, is no more.

    Like Mr. Paul, I don’t like to pretend—war requires vanquishing the enemy as quickly and efficiently as possible. I know—that’s inhumane—but to employ humanitarian as an adjective before war requires one to traverse beyond the boundaries of reason, into the realm of the supernatural. Unlike others, I do not possess the mystical powers that are required to accomplish such a feat.

    The inhumane nature of war, and the process of becoming “battle-hardened,” results in soldiers dehumanizing the enemy. And they become less humane, human beings.

    Insanity is the only other option.

    Mr. Paul believes the power to Declare War was vested to the Legislature to ensure a rational contemplation of the grievances, as well as the projected cost of lives and resources of the People.

    Regrettably, the legitimate process of declaring war has been disregarded and as a result, we have engaged in a number of wars against nations that did not attack us. In each of these conflicts, the ensuing sequence of events were not anticipated and resulted in our soldiers being stuck the no-win situation of a “humanitarian war.”

    As long as the word “war” is in the human vocabulary, inhumane will be standing by its side; ready to serve, as its right-hand man—it is the actuality of reality.

    It cannot be clearer: Those who must bear the “risky” actualities of battlefield reality support Mr. Paul.

    T Kosciuszko

    We now stand ten years past the midpoint of a century that has witnessed four major wars among great nations. Three of these involved our own country. Despite these holocausts America is today the strongest, the most influential and most productive nation in the world. Understandably proud of this pre-eminence, we yet realize that America’s leadership and prestige depend, not merely upon our unmatched material progress, riches and military strength, but on how we use our power in the interests of world peace and Human betterment.

  • How many tours are they forced to repeat? Many. They are disgusted with themselves. They’ve been poisoned with uranium and god knows what else and they have repeatedly committed evil acts against fellow humans. They are going insane with bloody images. They can’t ever be normal again. They can never be innocent. They hate themselves. They are haunted. Why do we even need to ask why they are committing suicide? Their life is a demonic hell created by Satanic psychopaths.

  • Gloria

    Why are we in Afganistan? Didn’t we get the bad guy, the one who was to have caused 9/11? Why are we still there and making our military spill their blood. Why?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our leaders are worthless and leave me to wonder if the 9/11 truthers are telling the truth. I believe they are. We are nuts to believe anything on TV. Yes, I have crossed over. I’m now officially a nut job, and proud to be one.