Inside the Minds of Anti-Ron Paul Voters

  • People don’t vote for Paul because he’s not a good candidate. You people so stupid its that hard to understand?

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  • Simply put, Ron Paul supporters are more informed on the inner workings of government, thanks to Ron Paul.

  • If you think the USA is in bad shape now, wait for 4 more years of it. If you vote for Santorum, Newt or Romney, that’s exactly what you are going to get, MORE of the same. We will not survive another 4 years like this. Things will be 100x worse. If you vote for anyone but Ron Paul, and nothing changes, it’s YOUR fault. There will be no one but YOU to blame. So, when you are paying $5 per gallon of gas, unemployed and fighting more wars, that’s YOUR fault.


  • We are not ready for Ron Paul, unfotunately when we are ready he won’t be around.


  • Why not care about who controls our currency… I mean its only half of every transaction…So lets just forget about it…Im just going off here but come on people the evidence is there, and the past didnt work. Why keep supporting a system that always ends badly? OPEN YOUR MINDS AMERICA!

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Clearly Common Sense …Not So Common

  • when did people stop using their brains!?

    Ron Paul 2012 Buffalo NY

    Please America WAKE UP!!!

  • They are not going to let the Good Doctor win, America and the whole world is in grave danger , we need 3 percent of Americans to wake up and it is not happening. Good nite America , good luck to everyone. I think we are too little too late.

  • Another thing that hurts Ron Paul’s candidacy and makes people not want to vote for him are his supporters. They seem to run on the mindset of, “Duuh, ofcourse you have to vote for Ron Paul! You have to be an idiot not to.” People usually have good reasons not to vote for him, and when they state them you’re not supposed to ridicule the person. You’re supposed to tackle the criticism. Otherwise, you just ruin the chance to have a conversation and hopefully persuade someone.

    • Thaddeus Kosciuszko

      Mr. redchango,

      I will be most appreciative, if you will impart a “good reason” or “criticism” to “tackle.”

      T Kosciuszko

      Turn off Your TV, Is the Death-Penalty, On Hannity’s Forum of Philosophy.

    • adh1952

      Well, you know, when you become President, you get inundated with information that is for the President’s eyes only. It will become clear that you will have to bend a little, or a lot.:) I like the integrity of Dr. Paul. I know he will tell us all the truth…..good, bad or indifferent….That is unique in politics. It will give us trust. We sure need that.

  • LOL! Thank you Tom Woods. I laughed my ass off. Maybe it will keep me from laughing in their face while trying to spread the message. lol

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    Ron Paul 2012!!!!

  • Ron Paul supporters = tax payer. Obama supporter = tax user.

  • Basically your telling me I’m a fucking ass hole… Well if I vote for someone else I have my freedom to vote, I can do that.

  • Romney lets spend billions on a wall between us and mexico… Paul lets bring troops home and patrol our own border along mexico… See the pattern here???

  • Romney ” happy holidays”…. Paul ” merry CHRISTmas”… Romney more govt branches and social programs… Paul ” lets make our lives more private and the government less private”… Romney conservative candidate but lets spend billions on another war by invading Iran…. Paul Conservative candidate lets stop spending trillions on unessecary wars, bring troops home and deploy them on american soil, stop building bridges we bomb overseas and build our own….

  • Romney pictured with Bain capital associates holding money up and laughing like they are the real Gordon Gecko…. Paul voting against his own pay raise and opted out of his congressional pension…

  • romney sitting in a suit having his shoes polished… Paul sitting atop a 40 year oold farm tractor with his velcro shoes and grandkids….. Romney buldozing a 12 million dollar ocean front home to build a 42 million dollar vacation home.. Paul living in a modest 300k home…

  • Great job. Very well stated.

  • “You must understand Neo, these are the people, the very minds we are trying to save. But they are still plugged into the matrix and that makes them our enemy. In fact, some people are so hopelessly dependant on the system that they will fight to protect it.” – Morpheus

    • Chris

      OMG this is hilarious but true!!