Inside the Minds of Anti-Ron Paul Voters

  • ….Why the hell would you “stick to the facts”. You speak as if anti-RP voters are not simply brainwashed into believing anything the status-quo is good. Anyone who is against RP is simply not a smart human being.

  • Yay trespass bill!!! Am I allowed to say that?

  • Why does it seem that every person that opposes Ron Paul are usually the ones unaware of NDAA and any other legislation that threatens American’s civil rights. You educate them on it, then they will understand our Liberty talk.


  • I don’t understand Tom’s/Ron’s problems with the no child left behind act. Not being a US citizen I don’t know much about US domestic policy but increased govt funding to increase the standard of the education system cant be that bad can it? could someone explain it to me?

    • MadPepperJack

      Because it was a complete waste of money and effort and didn’t do anything. What no child left behind actually did was boil down to 3 things…
      -Set really high standards for “learning progress”. One size fits all for all students.
      -Enforce standardized tests to make sure these standards were being met, on top of the ones kids were ALREADY taking.
      -Punish teachers for failing to meet those standards.
      -Built more bureaucracies to do this.

      Now, let me ask you something: say you were head of GM and saw the company is failing. People prefer other cars than your own. What do you do to fix the problem? Raise the quality of your cars? Ok, good idea. But how do you do that?

      Do you construct another building complex and hire a bunch of office mooks to figure out what those standards should be? Do you set your standards on all your car models so they are all essentially the same? Then, instead of letting your engineers work at the problem, do you keep forcing them to make hasty prototypes instead so you can test their progress? Then, because all their time and effort has been spent on prototypes when it should have been on actual design of the final product, is it any surprise they fail to meet the mark anyway? And because you threaten to fire your engineers by such stiff guidelines, is it any surprise that many of the results for “tests” you demand come back doctored?

      Is it any surprise your company STILL fails? It’s because tons of effort and resources are spent DICTATING and MANDATING what things should be and continually throwing the responsibilities on someone else — as opposed to thoughtfully contemplating how to ACTUALLY solve the problem and improve the situation.

  • This needs to go viral!

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Anti-Ron is borderline anti-american too many facts about the guy to see people still spewing bullshit. I can’t find too many supporters of any other politician but Ron Paul lately, and it doesn’t help with the election fraud and tricks the media plays, lets be honest, the media is in the business of eliminating candidates. MSM is a complete waste of time and it will indeed make you a dumber human being.

  • When I was an active duty Marine during the 08 economic collapse is when I started looking into foreign and economic policy and nothing made sense. In Japan we were paying to rent bases, paying foreigners to work on them and providing a military for them and not getting payed for it. We have also had a revolving door of enemies and allies especially in the middle east. The issue of terrorism/volatility in that region is nothing new. It’s not worth American lives to “fix” that region.

  • I completely agree with ALL of this. It’s completely INANE… that folk, who are so very upset over what we’re dealing with, are VOTING FOR the idiots who either WOULD go along with same, or, cannot win (as has been proven) against Obama, leaving us where we ARE–
    People are simply stupid.. and it’s ticking me off that I have to live with their crap-decisions!!

  • Why doesn’t the US Government just stay the fuck out if everyone’s business , at home and abroad.

    Land of the Free ??????

    The irony of it

    Ron Paul 2012

  • I’ve just accepted that the rest of the world is right when they say Americans are stupid. Obviously not all of us, but apparently MOST of us are. If Americans are really this stupid I honestly hope the evil empire fails, and I need to find a nice little island nation to move to while America goes tits up.

  • All I can say is if Romney is the nominee then I”ll be stocking up on gold. Romney will destroy the dollar even faster than Obama. He says it, but the words are hidden in plain site. He offers no cuts in spending, wants to increase military spending and bribe dictators even more, and he thinks China is manipulating their currency…that’s how dumb he is. We’re manipulating our currency but Romney doesn’t even know what money is, other than something he can steal from taxpayers.

  • its kind of rediculous when you hear it like that, unfortunately the same idiots will kick and scream their way into more financial ruin for USA. the foolish sheeple

  • People vote out of self interest. Search “The Century Of Self” here on youtube. You will see the history behind this psychology and its roots in Sigmund Freud and his nephew the creator of public relations. Very interesting watch.

  • Dr. Ron Paul: You love him, or you still don’t understand him.

  • 20 ppl are still pride sheeps after this vid, so sad

  • I’ll bet a lot of you are wondering the same thing I’ve been wondering – did my vote get counted? Despite turnouts at rallies that dwarf anything any of the other candidates have done, Paul is still mysteriously trailing at the polls, despite capturing a majority of delegates. The delegates can be explained by our dedication, but not the lack of votes. It’s really gotten to bother me, so I rolled up my sleeves and made a website where you can register that you voted for Paul, the county, city and precint, name email etc. that also verifies you’re a person and not a bot, so they can’t use THAT against us. I’ve been up till 3am for the last two weeks getting the various pieces to work smoothly and scale so Super Tuesday won’t be a problem. If we all agree to voluntarily disclose our votes, the cheaters won’t be able to cheat any more. Please help spread the word about in time for Super Tuesday. Tell everyone you know, and get them to +1 it and like it and Digg it, etc. I’m getting nothing for this, I’m paying for it myself and I did all the work myself. Your email will never be used or sold to anyone, not even Dr. Paul. But hey, he’s already GOT your email, doesn’t he ?

    • I had a problem at the point of clicking on “Take Back The Republican Party”. It won’t save my data.

  • Ron Paul said that US dollar will stop be reserve currency of China. And guess what, China is now getting rid of it….

  • I thought I was going to click on this vid and see nothing because that’s what you have in your head if you don’t vote Paul.

  • Voting is polling a lynch mob…an informal logical fallacy of argumentum ad populum…it’s no way to organize a free, peaceful, enlightened society (collection of individuals). We’re screwed because we still think voting the right way will fix the problem…but the problem IS voting. We need to stop believing the state and it’s tyranny of the majority or super-majority ballot box results are how you fix any damn thing. Vote for Ron in self defense, but understand the stupid will always out# us.

  • It is not just in mainstream American media that Ron Paul is receiving less attention than other (war monger) candidates. Watch the main channel of Australian news and you will be shocked. Ron Paul is completely ignored there. Believe it or not guys, Australian news does not even mention his name when covering presidential contests. The fact is that mainstream media in modern time has turned out to be a tool for shaping public minds in order to sell public more wars which serves elite only.

    • Aussie4RonPaul

      Rupert Murdoch, an Australian by birth, has a monopoly on the Australian print media and he has declared his support for Santorum, last I heard. His US media holdings would all be biased against Ron Paul. True that the Australian print and electronic media sometimes don’t mention Ron Paul at all, but more commonly they give him 1 or 2 lines, or 10 seconds, saying that he’s not a serious contender and “can’t win.” Occasionally they say he’d be really bad for Australia if perchance he did become President because he’s an isolationist and would let the Moslems invade us. They also don’t think he’s pro-Israel enogh. They basically imply he’s part of al-Qaeda. They basically say tell all your friends in the US to vote for anyone at all except Ron Paul. They know no Australians are going to get excited about Romney. Australia is a Christian/atheist country and the few Mormons that there are in Australia – often missionaries from Utah – are seen as complete weirdos. Fortunately, there are no Romneys in Australia. That’s where the good fortune ends. The typical Auustralian politician is indistinguishable from Gingrich, Santorum and Hillary Clinton. The best one we had was the former New South Wales Premier, Kristina Kenneally. She was a Republican, before she moved from the US to Australia. Very Catholic, but all pro abortion and pro gay rights at the same time. We could have tolerated that, because she was sexy, sassy and everyone liked her. Unfortunately, the performance and policies of her party were crap, and thus she was defeated when the electorate swung to the hard right. There is no one like Ron Paul in Australia, and the Murdoch media want to keep it that way. The Murdoch media in the US and other US media also don’t want him to be successful in the US. Nonetheless, despite the efforts of the media, Ron Paul has a large fan base in Australia and we want to see him become President.