Inside the Minds of Anti-Ron Paul Voters

  • This Knight4justice started out declaring he couldn’t support RP because he didn’t support America’s allies in the middle east (wonder who he’s talking about?) never once mentions ISRAHELL because that would be telling the truth. Better to lie and mislead but unfortunately he stumbled and let it slip that he wasn’t an American in one of his exchanges with me, So based on his complaints I can only assume he’s Israhelli,He certainly lies like a good little Zionist but he fucked up like they all do

  • Ok Knight4justice is at it again he’s on overtime down at the Mossad office spreading lies again on behalf of his Zionist masters. “He doesn’t think America needs to start a war with Iran just overthrow the government ! That’s called doublespeak folks. And thrown in for good measure They also take top spot as American killers! ha ha pure bullshit! The Zionists false flagged 9/11 . It is beyond debate now, Anyone with a brain knows the official story is BS His minders have their DNA all over it.

  • im a ron paul supporter in NY. i just have 1 question. why did he vote in favor of the T boone pickens bill?


  • No, I am a Ron Paul hater. I hate him because he said he wouldnt have authorized the hit on Bin Laden in Pakistan.
    Why dont you bring up this point Tom?

  • The repubicans are only focusing on the social issues: which is entirely non-conservative. Non-logical right there.

  • I was happy when obama became president. But he did nothing good. Iv’e always bashed down americans for them being involved in wars they shoulden’t be involved in, and for making bad decisions in the political aspect. Ron Paul made me want to be an american citizen, he inspired me talk politics with my family, friends and teachers (and iv’e learnt from him so i always win). Please vote for Mr. Paul for me, i’m from sweden and im 16 years old Ron Paul is freedom’s only hope. (Sry for bad english)

  • I got into trouble last time I tried to correct Tom Woods. I was exhausted and completely wrong. But I think I have this one covered. (lol, I like Tom.) Contract With America didn’t nibble around the edges. I studied the welfare reform aspects of that agenda, and it increased spending, expanded the unconstitutional reach of the federal government into private life, legally destroyed the institution of marriage (which couldn’t survive as an integral part of the federal welfare system), …

  • You really dont know why people dont wanna vote for a guy who wants to turn society into a darwinian mess where everyone fends for themselves so that the strong can dominate the weak until society is eventually ruled entirely by a small group of rich people?

    oh wait, that’s right. you guys dont believe in darwinian evolution.

    • Fred

      You are correct we should all vote for more warmongering btw in case you had not noticed ALL the other candidates are wayyyy richer then Dr.paul

  • WTF is [sic]?

    • Aussie4RonPaul

      It’s like when you are quoting someone and you leave an error that they have made intact. Anti-Ron Paul voters may assume that they have ‘minds’ but putting the ‘[sic]’ in is to say that is not conceded, because what they believe suggests that, far from being ‘mindful’, they are in fact ‘mindless.’ That’s what I am assuming the ‘[sic]’ means. I thought it was a nice touch.

  • unlike newt gingrich and rick perry and santorum and all those shtheads, ron paul dosent have to hide his ratings, cause hes awesome and his like bar shows it

  • Aussie4RonPaul

    Knight4justice, why you are not voting for Ron Paul is because you are a fuckwit and you either are not a patriotic American or are too dumb to see or care if your country and its people gets screwed. You are too narrowly focused on Iran. Why don’t you worry about the fact that Pakistan already has a nuclear bomb, which it developed while the status quo politicians that you support were in power? Why don’t you worry that the American taxpayer has given and is still giving billions of dollars in foreign aid to Pakistan?

  • This guys such a hardass.

  • robin

    Someone mentioned the issue of self=interests and what has to happen is getting through to people that when the media censors people like Ron Paul, what else do they censor, and when votes are tampered with, how it affects every American? You have to start with a common ground issue that affects everyone and one most Americans take pride in. Do they want the party to decide who the next president is, or when they cast their vote, do they want it to count? That’s the only issue I see of importance at this point. All issues are irrelevant besides this one. Without knowing whether our vote counts or not, it doesn’t matter what we think. As long as we continue to be distracted arguing what’s wrong with the other side, they will have won. This country will be no more. This is Custer’s Last Stand as I see it and our only hope is coming together as a people.

  • excellent commentary Tom, just goes to show you how stupid some american ppl are

  • Every time Ron Paul speaks the media goes: we have a turd in the punch bowl

  • I had to chuckle when Tom Woods was making his last point about American awesomeness. I have known some people just like that. Mostly local, barely literate rednecks.

  • Knight4justice pull your head out of your ass so u can see the truth. We made our enemies ourselves. We invaded Iraq because saddam was going to change to basing his oil price off the euro. Everyone else can see that Paul is the right choice but Americans like you. Win or lose Paul has kindled the fire for a second revolution, so you can wake up or regret it in the years to come

  • Americans can’t handel the truth. If you can: vote Ron Paul 2012.

  • NICE. RON PAUL. 2012

    • Surfisher

      The only way to prevent voter fraud is to get a receipt.

      When I invest into a product — buying a steak at the supermarket per say — they give me a receipt for my investment (shows the item code# and the date and time of my investment (purchasing in good faith, upon accountability by vendor, that I received the right product))!!!

      Elections MUST be held to at least the same standard, as buying a steak — when people invest into their Right To Vote, give them a VALID receipt for their investment!

      If States can issue millions of Lottery Tickets weekly, that cannot be forged — why not be FORCED to do the same during the rare elections?!

      Without a RECEIPT, what government assurance do you have that your VOTE actually COUNTED…?!

      • Surfisher

        Mitt Romney = Judas Goat

        If not aware of this olden days’ meaning — here it is:

        When sheep are led to be slaughtered, they instinctively feel something is wrong. So, mill around and bleat, but won’t enter the gate leading to the one waiting to smash their heads with a sledge hammer. So, a Judas goat is placed in the pen. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them through the gate, and passing it safely — while its own life is spared, the ones flowing get their brains bashed!!

        Mitt will lead us — and at the end of the gate, Bama will wield the sledge hammer….

  • NICE. RON PAUL. 2012