Inside the Minds of Anti-Ron Paul Voters

  • Inside the mind of a Ron Paul voter: bunch of crap


  • Demographics of Anti-Paul voters:

    80% of Baby Boomers & Generation X’rs
    95% of Blacks
    80% of Hispanics
    40% of Young voters (1980-1994 born)
    99.9% of Jews
    75% of US Population

    Conclusion… USA is full of warmongering, big spending, entitlement driven, affirmative action, big taxing, Zionist Fascist IDIOTS!!!!

  • Ron Paul is “extreme”. I need to project an image of being “open-minded”, “reasonable”, and “moderate” to other people to gain their social approval, so I’ll probably be voting for Romney, but I might consider voting for Obama if it buys me enough social capital with my friends and classmates come Nov 2012.

  • Good video,there’s a slight problem however.And that is,the angry arrogant,soon to be butcher,residing in the W.H. He has no intentions on ever moving! And depending on how threatened he feels by the sheriff,and Brietbart,etc.threres probably not going to be an election! In fact don’t be surprised to see,Sheriff J.A. arrested instead! Wake up! What in the hell do you think NDAA,is for? This is exactly,how these things happen! We must bond with our local sheriffs and plan for what IS!!

  • Brilliant video Tom, goes to show how irrational some of his haters are. hes one of the only true conservatives left in the GOP. I hope more people come to realize how significant the elections are this time round. Many people I know are going for Obama or Romney, who are like carbon copies of each other.

  • Ron Paul is the only sensible politician you in the USA has and the only one that still can bring order to your nation. You need to WAKE UP and open your eyes to what’s going on in your contry and around the world. By voting on RON PAUL you will not only save your country you will also save the rest of the world. Tell your friends to turn of the TV and do some research on the internet, the only free media in this world. The puppets on TV only show what the megarich tells them to!

  • i should flag this video for misleading title because anti-Ron Paul voters don’t have such a thing as a ‘mind’…

  • Good vid Tom, you are so right!!!

  • Well said Tom !!!

  • 26 Ben Bernanke’s disliked this video.

  • Love this video thanks for sharing. There needs to be a book written for Ron Paul titled “Common Sense.” This video really points out how people are manipulated by the media to show them how they need to think.

  • So I’m confused….is Iraq’s regime under the Koran better than what it was under the secular one with Saddam Hussein?

  • Women in America are the worst when politic is on the table.I would never let them to VOTE,I don’t care if they have right to do so.I live in USA so my kids too.I am afraid for their future.For them to have a dream as everyone elso we need strong country????We are in DEBT,so what can we offer them tomorrow,our DEBT?Ron Paul 2012.

  • Good Work Man!

  • mojoid

    As a babyboomer, I want to address other babyboomers. Out generation is drawing to a close and we better start thinking about the type of country we want our children’s children to struggle to survive in. Today’s young adults want liberty and opportunity, not guilt and corruption. In Ron Paul’s rallys you see veterans and college students standing shoulder to shoulder supporting a presidential candidate. When was the last time you saw this happening, on this large of scale?
    Don’t vote with your pocket book. Vote with your intellect.

  • Surfisher

    The only way to prevent voter fraud is to get a receipt.

    When I invest into a product — buying a steak at the supermarket per say — they give me a receipt for my investment (shows the item code# and the date and time of my investment (purchasing in good faith, upon accountability by vendor, that I received the right product))!

    Elections MUST be held to at least the same standard, as buying a steak — when people invest into their Right To Vote, give them a VALID receipt for their investment!

    If States can issue millions of Lottery Tickets weekly, that cannot be forged — why not be FORCED to do the same during the rare elections?!

    Without a RECEIPT, what government assurance do you have that your VOTE actually COUNTED…?!

  • Unfortunately today, americans have been ‘dumbed down’ with their so called education system. Most of the information they receive is from these big media corporations who don’t even give Ron Paul the fair amount of media coverage, or they are just completely biased against him.

    Trust me America, the world is watching Ron with keen interest.
    He still has a chance, but if he loses and the polls don’t seem right.. I would probably
    be making use of your second ammendment.
    Good luck USA.

  • Exactly my feelings on the matter. People voting against Ron Paul are voting against their own interests in all cases unless you are a government contract.

  • rule 3 if your exposed shift the argument, focus on the mulla’s pretend u care for Iranian people & their freedom. rule 4 never mention your Israhelli ! did I mention that ?? oh yeah ! Remember we need to counter any opinions that stop American men & women being slaughtered in our cause ok ? Why should we fight when we can get those dumb cattle to die for us? fight smart lie, cheat deceive! remember it’s our modus operandi this guy is either a full time Mossad operative or a complete scum bag

  • if u go read every argument he posts they are all based on the official version of history as spoon fed to us by the state and the MSM. Ever one of his points is built on foundations made of sand, Not one speck of truth in any of his statements. It’s actually very interesting to study, It’s almost like looking at the training manual for intelligence officers from Mossad. Rule 1 Don’t mention ISRAHELL ! say “Our Allies” rule2 don’t let them know your not American on & on. professional Liars