Inside the Minds of Anti-Ron Paul Voters

  • sarcasm ftw

  • sarcasm ftw

  • this is one of the greatest videos!

  • Ron Paul is a RACIST, his “revisionist” view on the Civil War (Buyout Slaves BS) is enough proof. Blacks are NEVER gonna vote for this racist loon. That and the racist newsletters he made years ago. LMAO!!!!


  • 10million pissed off Americans for freedom will bowl these establishment scoundrels over, and under, and back to their won sand pile far away!! let em build another tower of babel!! elsewhere! STAND UP AMERICA!!

  • Surfisher

    Polling the posters here:

    How many future States do you think Mitt Romney would win, if the 4 minute video below is turned into a succinct Ad — showing Mitt’s lifelong stand — and run many times on TV prior to elections?

    My take is: None!

  • Plain and simple, the conspiracy is deep, very deep. The United States is held captive by a well organized group. Our education is manipulated and students are kept ignorant about simple economics and money creation. Our newspapers are manipulated. Dont expect anything from the media. This is war and the line has been drawn. Every American must know that the media is acting in the interest of a very powerful group. What they do with that information is up to them. We need to make this that the media have an agenda a household fact.

  • At least, unlike Ron Paul voters, they DO have minds.

  • conservatives dont save souls, they make you become nothing

  • This is just how America reacts to truth and reality. They will choose there own path to destruction. I will be good regardless. Def voted for paul though even though I knew my vote would’nt count.

  • Conformity is terrorism

  • I’m awesome! 😀

  • And although I’m not a repub and would NEVER vote for Paul the guy I did like and got a waaay shorter stick than Paul was Buddy Roemer! Hell he sounded like Paul at times too. That guy couldnt even get in a debate! Want to talk to someone who got screwed is poor Buddy! He still fighting though lol. Go Buddy!

  • Great points fidosm! Even IF Paul had a chance in hell and he doesnt how the hell would he get a third of what he wants done with a VERY divisive congress?? Thats why people are deluded over this guy, no way could he do much of his ideas! Obama cant get things in NOW and people here say hes the same as repubs. Well good luck with Pauls agenda lol! In 36 years he hes proposed 200 bills. How many passed? ONE lol! It would be a disaster!

  • Amiri Can



  • I didn’t vote for Ron Paul because his ideology is not based on freedom, but instead on a flawed interpretation of the 10th amendment which would allow states to more or less stifle personal liberties as they please. Also, there is nothing in Ron Paul’s experience to suggest that he would be a good president. He has no executive experience. He has spent the last 30 years essentially downvoting everything congress has tried to do. How will he get congress to cooperate if he becomes president?

  • thanks for a one sided bias translation of what you think others are saying, speculation is never a point nor material for a point

  • We are the light guys- that`s what they fear the most. We are the ruling power in the universe, they can not withstand our force. Together we are one and complete, our biggest power is love. Check how they ban Ron Paul in the media, watch Ring of Power, research on revolution 2012, watch the matrix again…. look around you, read between the lines; the answer is out there and it`s inside everyone`s heart.ü

  • I still think its weird the guy is in the same party where his foriegn policies are 100% opposite of their beliefs! Hes the ONLY one who doesnt want to bomb Iran if they get the bomb or thought Bin Laden shouldnt been killed! And you people are wondering why he’s losing so badly in a REPUBLICAN primary? This isnt rocket science people lol! Its like trying to get Palin elected for president of PETA ;). Repubs are just nuts!

  • I don’t get it. Everyone i know supports Ron Paul and like 80% of the online community I’ve seen (Youtube, Reddit, Facebook) support Paul. Are they just not voting?