Ron Paul: Republicans Pretend They Want Limited Government


Piers Morgan: We’ll begin tonight with our big story in politics, Ron Paul has quite a steep hill to climb on super-Tuesday, he’s got 38 delegates so far, but with ten states voting next week, and 427 delegates at stake, the candidate has high hopes. And Dr. Paul joins me now. Welcome back, Dr. Paul, how are you?

Ron Paul: Thank you, Piers, it’s nice to be with you again.

Piers Morgan: How are you feeling about super-Tuesday, what is your realistic aspiration for the ten states?

Ron Paul: Well, we’re working harder in a few states like Washington and Idaho and Alaska and a couple of others. But, realistically, I don’t have a number, we’re just going to do our very best and, you know, it’s a real challenge because we don’t have bragging rights yet and we’re running against the other Republicans. But what really is encouraging is when they compare my votes against the President, we do better than the rest of them. So that’s one of the arguments the Republicans have used for a long time: “We need somebody to beat Obama”. But the fact that I do better doesn’t seem to interest them too much, which I find interesting.

Piers Morgan: Now, you’ve been Mr. Nice Guy this campaign so far, but now you’re getting down and dirty. Here’s your latest attack ad, let’s watch this.

Voice in Ad: One is a serial hypocrite who lobbied for Freddie Mac before the housing crisis, and for the individual mandate before Obama Care. Another is a counterfeit conservative who opposes Right to Work, massively increased spending, and funded Planned Parenthood. Finally, a flip-flopper who’s been on all sides, supporter our bailouts, and provided the blueprint for Obama Care. Three men, one vision: more big government, more mandates, less freedom.

Piers Morgan: It’s like a promo for Mad Max there, I mean, serial hypocrite, counter conservative, flip-flopper?

Ron Paul: I think your description “down and dirty” is over the top, that’s been around for several months now, we put that ad out a lot before and we wanted to resurrect it without spending more money. But I think it’s legitimate, If somebody’s is all over the place and they’re changing their views and they’ve voted for big government … and the other three candidates have , they all represent big government. And I am challenging them at that, so I’m going to keep pointing their record out, because I think Republicans pretend they want limited government. And they don’t have a very good record, when you think that when the Republicans have taken over (we had the House and the Senate and the presidency), we didn’t shrink the size of the government and the debts, and the deficits still exploded. So I think I have a role to play and I’m would hope the Republicans will come around.

Piers Morgan: But there’s a theory going around that you’re going a bit easy on Mitt Romney, and they’re all sorts of potential reasons for that, which I won’t bore you with. But is it true that you and Mitt Romney are in bed together?

Ron Paul: No, one of our ads out right now challenges him for being a flip-flopper, but that isn’t the way. I think you guys are desperate for news if that’s the big news, because there’s nothing to it. and I think Governor Pawlenty answered it pretty well when they asked him about it, “Is there a backroom deal between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul?” and he said, “Ron Paul is the last guy in the world that would be making a backroom deal”. So, no, there’s nothing to that. Just because you can talk to somebody doesn’t mean you have to have a deal going. So yea, I talk to him because we’ve known each other for a long time, but we just disagree on policies. And we do have pretty strong discrepancy on foreign policy and the war on drugs and civil liberties and these things. So there definitely is a difference. And, of course, I disagree with all three of them because I want to actually cut some spending, and that’s a preposterous idea these days.

Piers Morgan: But tell me this, Dr. Paul, if you were Barack Obama and you’re watching your attack ad just now, for example. Who is best served to the conservatives to take on Barack Obama, the Hypocrite, the Fake, or the Flip Flopper?

Ron Paul: Well, I think the people that are helped the best are the voters to find out who they’re voting for. If they’re voting for somebody who says, “I am the conservative” and he’s really a fake, people need to know that. And this pretend is hypocrisy, there’s no doubt about it, and people deserve to know it. And they get away with too much. Over the years, people voted one way, they’ll vote liberal in Washington, and when they go home they’ll run as arch conservatives. And, for the most part, they’ve gotten away with it for a long time.

Piers Morgan: Because I suppose the point I was getting at is that, I wonder how damaging it is to the Republican cause, come the real battle when the nominee takes on Barack Obama? Because such emotive language is now just being drilled out on an hourly bases in these ads. Because if your Barack Obama, calling people hypocrites, frauds, and flip-floppers is meat and drink to the Democrats, isn’t it? They can just replay this stuff.

Ron Paul: Well, do you think it was a love fest between Hillary and Obama? I mean, they went after each other pretty hard, and he puts her in one of the most important jobs in the cabinet, the Secretary of State. So I would say that politicians pretty much come together like a family. You know the old saying, “Fight with your siblings, but don’t let the neighbors come in”.

Piers Morgan: Rick Santorum had a pretty rough week, and, by common consent, his debate performance was one of his weakest performances. And then he got caught with this double whammy, you know, trashing JFK speech, and also coming out with this line about people going to college; that somehow this was a snobbish policy by President Obama to encourage kids to go to college. What did you make of it all?

Ron Paul: Well, I can’t interpret all that, I don’t know what he was meaning, and it certainly didn’t do him any favors. But sometimes, what your mind is thinking and then you’re saying things in a certain context but it’s heard a different way, but it certainly didn’t do him much good, I don’t believe.

Piers Morgan: On the assumption at the moment that Mitt Romney may end up being the nominee, would you serve under him if he asked you?

Ron Paul: Well, it depends on … he’s not likely to do that. I know we get along and we’re friends and we talk to each other, but to be in a position … I don’t think that would be likely to happen. But there are certain issues that I feel very, very strongly about, and I’ve been talking about them and trying to change people’s minds about them for 30 or 40 years. So if somebody was serious, if the President or anybody else asked me seriously, “Now that the monetary crisis is much worse, and it is going to get much worse, what do you think we ought to do?”, if they were honestly seeking my input, why would anybody turn that down. But as far as being in the administration goes, I have to wait and see, maybe I’ll have to ask him whether he wants to help me out when I get in.

Piers Morgan: Ha, ha. Well, I think you should certainly be rewarded, I know I’m making an assumption here that you’re not going to be a nominee, and that may be unfair at this stage. But given that people seem to think it might be Mitt Romney now, I would be staggered if he didn’t reflect your popularity particularly with young people on social media, the energy and drive you’ve brought to your campaign. I mean, I think they’d be mad not to use you in some serious way.

Ron Paul: You know, these last couple of elections I was third of fourth, we didn’t do all that well. But somebody sent me a note, “You know, you always look to the positive things” and in almost every state, I think essentially every state, I always win between the 18 and 30 year olds. I always win that. So I think your point is well taken, if they’re thinking about the future or the fall election, young people are very, very important, and I’m the one person that can take young people away from Obama. But nobody in the leadership has ever come and said, “Ron, what is it that the young people like about what you’re doing”. I think they’re afraid of the answer, because it might be, “Well, maybe a little less war, maybe a little less spending, maybe balance the budget, and maybe we shouldn’t be walking into people’s houses without search warrants”. I don’t think I’m ever going to hear that. But why should they write everybody off under 30? You know, I don’t like all these laws, but I’m thinking about proposing a law that nobody is allowed to vote over 30. So if I could narrow it down to people who could vote under 30, my numbers would go up.

Piers Morgan: Let’s take a little break, Ron, and come back and talk about two of your favorite topics: the Fed and Iran, and maybe even birth control as well.

Ron Paul to Bernanke: You took over the Fed in 2006. I have a silver ounce here, and this ounce of silver back in 2006 would buy over 14 gallons of gasoline. Today, it will buy almost 11 gallons of gasoline, that’s preservation of values. Why can’t people put this in a mattress and get 4, 5 times as much the value in a few years?

Piers Morgan: That was Ron Paul earlier this week, taking a break from the campaign trail to return to his job on Capitol Hill. He had some pretty tough questions for Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke. Ron Paul is back with me now. You really stuck it to him with the silver coin, Ron. I mean, it is incontrovertible evidence, I would argue, that if you just stuck it under the mattress, you would have done better with your money.

Ron Paul: Yea, but if you put those dollars away, they lose value, the paper dollars lose value. He was saying that the only people concerned about inflation are the ones who put their money in a mattress. My point was, there’re a lot of people concerned and the inflation rate is much higher and people on fixed incomes are hurting. And people in the middle class hurt a lot more with inflation of prices than do the people on Wall Street. If they’re making millions, what do they care about what the price of gasoline is? But the middle class does and the people on fixed incomes do. So it’s very dramatic when you look at the value of money. Gold and silver isn’t money because I think it’s money, it became money 6000 years ago. Paper money is the artificial government money, and they always destroy it. And this is why we’re in this crisis, this is what we’re facing in Europe, and Bernanke has promised that we will bail out Europe because our banks are involved and we are in the derivatives market and it’s a sovereign debt. And the American people are likely to end up owning Greek debt at the rate we’re going, and that has to devalue the dollar. And I think the devaluation of the dollar and the increase of prices is just beginning.

Piers Morgan: Let’s turn to Iran, Ron. I know your views about this and you’re quite right, I think, to warn people about the precedent of Iraq and so on, about just not rushing headlong into more conflict and so on. But let me ask you this, would you feel comfortable with Ahmadinejad having a nuclear weapon?

Ron Paul: I wouldn’t want that to happen, I wouldn’t feel any more uncomfortable than I did when I was drafted in 1962 and the Soviets had 30,000 of them and they had nuclear weapons in Cuba; that was pretty uncomfortable then. But we used containment and we worked with it and we negotiated. As ruthless as those thugs were in the Soviet Union, Kennedy was willing to talk to them. But we’re not even willing to talk to the Iranians, and they don’t even have a weapon. Our own government has no evidence that they have it or they’re on the verge of having it, and yet, the war drums are beating hard, they’re ready to go. Just listen to the other three candidates, I mean, they don’t hesitate for a minute to be very, very militant: “Go into Syria, go into Iran, do whatever you can”. And our own administration should have most of the knowledge, they’re trying to soften this, and I got that information a little bit out of Hillary Clinton yesterday before the International Relations Committee.

Piers Morgan: But do understand why Israel, in particular, feels very, very vulnerable right with almost every country around it having the Arab Spring uprisings? And given the very outspoken comments by Ahmadinejad in relation to Israel, do you understand why they would feel so vulnerable, and why they would be so anxious about him having nuclear weapon capability?

Ron Paul: Right, and that’s why they should reclaim their sovereignty rights. See, they can’t do what they need to do with their borders, they can’t have either peace treaties or defend their borders without getting permission from us. But we inadvertently create more problems for them because we propped up Mubarak, gave him 40 to 50 billion dollars, and that created the blowback. So Al-Qaida is now in both, Libya and in Egypt. Matter of fact, Al-Qaida is in Iraq and the Al-Qaida from Iraq is going over into Syria. So it’s not helping Israel. But none of them are anxious to go there, none of them are saying, “Let’s go, we need to bomb these sites”. No, I can’t imagine that, the only people who seem to be doing that are some of the Republican candidates who seem to think that in order to look tougher than anybody else, we’re ready to go. And I think that’s dangerous, I think that’s careless and inflammatory and is not a good way to try to bring peace to the world, that’s the way you bring war to the world.

Piers Morgan: Let’s have a final question on birth control, you’ve obviously delivered 4000 babies in your life, you’ve cared for women’s health for 4, 5 decades. Did you agree with the Senate’s decision to not allow any exemptions to Obama’s birth control rule?

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t want the government in the insurance business. This whole idea that the government can tell the insurance companies what they can give … and when you’re talking about mandating birth control pills in insurance programs, that’s no longer insurance, that’s a mandate, it’s an entitlement. I remember when I brought my first insurance policy, the question was, “Do you want to have OB care under your policy?”, and I said, “Yes”. They said, “That will cost you so many more dollars each month”. So how can it be insurance if they don’t what they’re insuring for? So to say that you have to have on this policy with no increase in prices, and you’re going to give out birth control pills, that becomes a welfare issue and a mandate and a cost to the insurance companies. I just don’t like the government in this business, I much stronger believe the market works things out because then it gets into the kind of argument that we’re in now. I think it’s a rather silly argument about who’s going to get free birth control pills. I mean, that is way beyond pale as far as I’m concerned.

Piers Morgan: Dr. Paul, thank you very much indeed, as always.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

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