Ron Paul Answers Reporters’ Questions in Anchorage, Alaska

  • Ron Paul or Kill Your Self


  • Canadians are for Ron Paul
    We have been since at LEAST 2008!!!

    Go Dr Paul!

  • so it seems like the entire world wants ron paul cept the republican party

  • Ron Paul is the white moose of the GOP candidates

  • I can imagine, if Ron Paul wins and becomes GOP, Fox News will talk about how wonderful and glorious Obama is for

  • Good man.

  • Just voted in Oklahoma. Don’t expect him to win here though. I hate this fucking state.

  • go here and vote RP in the poll myMotherLode d0 t c0 m

  • Vote Ron in Nov. no matter what! Signed, another grateful delegate.

  • Pls America wake up and vote for Dr Paul!
    Greetings from Sweden.

  • i just voted from Ohio

  • Support the constitution support our troops support our freedoms support ron paul

  • Look lady,,, were u not listening?? No…. Not that Dr.Paul doesn’t want to answer your question. He had already responded many times to the sMe question. Please go do your research and ask meaningful question.

  • Anyone else notice that Ron Paul’s videos are stuck on 302 Views even when the ‘likes’ are far more?

    YT is scamming on updates to make it look like Ron Paul videos aren’t popular!

  • i just voted for dr paul! soon to be president paul!

  • LOOK… he’s answering questions without a scripted tele-prompter.

    WTF? LOL

    This guy’s for real. The others aren’t sincere. You can tell in their voices.

    Ron Paul 2012 or else…

    …just walk yourself into your NDAA FEMA Camp now and die.

  • Liberty is the answer.

  • ron paul or shoot yourself in the face

  • i see a fox news microphone, but that footage won’t be seen on fox news anyway

    • Surfisher

      Mitt Romney = Judas Goat

      If not aware of this olden days’ meaning — here it is:

      When sheep are led to be slaughtered, they instinctively feel something is wrong. So, mill around and bleat, but won’t enter the gate leading to the one waiting to smash their heads with a sledge hammer. So, a Judas goat is placed in the pen. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them through the gate, and passing it safely — while its own life is spared, the ones flowing get their brains bashed!!

      Mitt will lead us — and at the end of the gate, Bama will wield the sledge hammer….