Ron Paul Answers Reporters’ Questions in Anchorage, Alaska

  • Critics have also argued that, as the Austrian business cycle theory points to the actions of fractional-reserve banks and central banks to explain the business cycles, it fails to explain the severity of business cycles before the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913.[48] Supporters of the Austrian business cycle theory respond that the theory applies to the expansion of the money supply, not necessarily an expansion done by a central bank. Re: The critics are crappy


  • Is Math really worth it, is this scientific process really worth it when it is adding debts onto future generations? This is not a mature humanity.

  • Some mainstream economists argue that the Austrian business cycle theory requires bankers and investors to exhibit a kind of irrationality, because their theory requires bankers to be regularly fooled into making unprofitable investments by temporarily low interest rates.

    Answer : A Big fat No. Banks can be paid or profit through the hierarchies. Mainstream economists rely on math and this so called scientific process that is failing, and what is math when the money is funny money?

  • great video again Ron Paul is at least consistent about the Roots of the Problems! Ron Paul Ron Paul!

  • voter fraud is happening i say all ron paul supporters do something this is the last chance to save our country and freedoms your choice people take action or continue to let the system control your life

  • Expose the BLATANT voter fraud going on across the country!! Paul is the only candidate to get huge rallies and marches across the nation with THOUSANDS of supporters, while Romney and Santorum struggle just to fill a room! Yet we’re supposed to believe they’re beating Paul?? Bullshit

  • Surfisher

    Polling the posters here:

    How many future States do you think Mitt Romney would win, if the 4 minute video below is turned into a succinct Ad — showing Mitt’s lifelong stand — and run many times on TV prior to elections?

    My take is: None!

  • Two sick Obamney war mongers out of 512 these type of sick conditioned lame stream media worshipers are career institutionalized fear mongering war mongers the majority are the old conditioned even though I am 58

  • RON PAUL 2012. RON PAUL 2012. RON PAUL 2012. RON PAUL 2012.

  • Oh… and become Delegates!

  • Don’t give up guys! Keep pushing, don’t be fooled by the main stream media! Ron Paul is as good as ever!

  • that election was in reach. we totally let that down.

  • i can paul is heart broken. we let him down. i should have done more. look how well he did, andwe didn’t get the youth that in reach. it was our job to get those people out to vote. we failed.

  • Bills passed/almost passed just in 2012:




    Catholic hospitals forced to provide birth control

    HR-347 (basically slashes first amendment, passed congress a few days ago)

    not to mention we are about to bomb syria and we are on the verge of war with Iran


  • Nobody but Paul 2012!

  • I have a brother younger than me, around 5 years old and he is always bugging me with Ron Paul. Everyday after school he always asks me to show him some Ron Paul videos. I just never seen anyone that interested in such a man, specially a kid that age. The ignorance of this countries people really irritates me. A kid knows better than many arrogant adults. Ron Paul, you better win, our country is at stake here!
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Ron Paul was the only one to go down to Alaska and speak with them because he respects them as a country while the others only cared more about the states over in Ohio and stuff and he still lost and Romney won. Damm that makes me mad.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • If this man gets to the general election, he will beat Obama. I’m convinced.

  • ALL WHITE MOOSE? “Sacred White Animals” /watch?v=s4-zphfnI4I Moose people do not hesitate to encourage others to learn and grow for they are not threatened with the thought that someone might get to be better at a thing; the student surpassing the teacher as it were. Moose will not only encourage others to learn, he will jump in and help teach, and will show by example. Moose people will never ask others to do what they will not do themselves.

  • If you let men print monopoly money and loan it to their friends, they’ll buy up everything, and run their plantation from behind closed doors. (CFR) There was a VERY good reason being called a “sell out” was an insult.

    Mutt Romney is just another puppet and member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He’s the kind of “business man” that buys businesses with monopoly money, and sucks the blood of every productive worker it employs.