Ron Paul: I Won’t Interfere with Israel’s Self-Defense

  • Bob

    If it was not for the Zionists in the American government funding israel with American money and lives, it would have fallen year ago, Israel was set up by an English Banking Family can you guess their name ? Every nation with a central bank that is owned them are in debt, Debt that they forced upon the population by paying off politicians to accept deal that would lead to such an out come.

  • David

    Anyone who is versed in the Bible knows that Abraham bought, under a legal contract, land that now is in Israel, including the Cave of Machpelah, where he wanted to bury Sarah. This contract precedes WWII, Christian Times, and the Roman Empire. The Palestinians want to deny that contract, and take back what they sold.


  • end the global wars, end the corruption, end the blackballing of Ron Paul by media owned by the current oppressive government
    what is the point of an electorial process when elections are rigged
    they are afraid of losing their power, and will do anything to stop paul from becoming president
    the world supports ron paul, Canada supports Ron Paul
    why cant the people of america support the champion of the constitution?

  • salutations from over the sea. interesting article I shall return for more.

  • my bad

  • of course it wasn’t an accident, I just said that.

  • israeILL is strong enough to defend itself its just an excuse to use your money and your people for another useless war
    god bless Ron Paul
    from GERMANY

  • i asuume you`re talking about uss liberty, just to be surte do you really think that an attack against and american vessel with the flags and insignias in the middle of the day was an accident?

  • lehcar is a stooge alex, he just can’t admit the facts….it was an accident??? HAHAHAH either a bozo or a liar he is…

  • Ron Paul does not know what he is talking about when he says these countries are not a threat to anybody. “Israel’s final departure from Lebanon is a prelude to its final obliteration from existence” Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah

    America can deal with Iran without a war taking place in the Middle East, if Israel does something there will be a large scale war which will make oil prices go way up and destroy our economy. Ron Paul has no clue what he is talking about.

  • I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please explain.

  • Your comment makes no seance ..Next time YOU reply to me ..Be more pacific on what you ar disagreeing with ..So i can correct you

  • If there is no absolute, then there is no greater truth than ‘might makes right.’

    And quite frankly, you’re welcome to discuss how you discipline a child without using force , pain, bribery, or extortion. Ever.

  • And don’t misquote the the great directives:
    Love YHVH with all your heart, soul, and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself.
    We see commandments 1-3, then 4-10 summed up in those two lines.
    And that is why Messiah’s very next phrase was “upon these hang all the Torah and Prophets.”

    Honestly, how is Judea supposed to be jealous of Israel (the exiled and scattered Northern Kingdom) if Israel is still walking in her idolatrous ways, regardless if she keeps the word of Christ?

  • There is no room for “Christians” practicing Mithraism or Saturnalia in the Kingdom.
    The Saints = those who keep the Word of God (Torah) and testimony of Yeshua meschienu (Yeshua our messiah).
    Rev 1:2 1:9 3:8 6:9 12:17 14:12 20:4
    Mk 1:15
    Psa 81:45
    Isa 8:16-20
    Gen 26:5
    I’m curious how you intend to reconcile that keeping the commandments with the whole ‘done away with the law?’
    Hos 4:4-6
    Mal 2-3
    Jer 4:1-4
    Matt 3:8 5:17-20
    Rom 2:13