Ron Paul: I Won’t Interfere with Israel’s Self-Defense

  • fuck u paul

  • Newt Gingrich also said to kill ALL of our enemies Candy. Why does anybody listen to Newt ever?

  • If Ron Paul isn’t the GOP nominee the GOP can kiss its sweet ass goodbye. They’re going the way of the whigs


  • 4:00 – 4:26 < - this single idea should already be able to motivate anyone, even ones with only the slightest bit of logic, to go and vote for Ron Paul.

  • And fuck all these jackasses who want to attack Iran. They are not developing a nuclear weapon! That is a filthy lie of the Zionist media! It is just as much a lie as Iraq. We are fighting these wars for Israel not for our own interests! A war with Iran will destroy us, and that is what the Zionists want!

  • This guy makes too much sense to run for President

  • Someone w an HD camera and a good mi, ill go out daily and Ron Paul the asses off of Indianapolis’ molasses passers who commit no trespasses against the masses and get them to put on Libertys glasses instead of being jackasses.

  • I think Limbaugh should play the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz.

  • Thanks Ron … the “cabbage patch toady interviewer” hails as beyond officious; hideous. So what’s new …. same ole’ gig: ceaseless WAR.

  • Jezuz, He apologized. BFD. This is the typical petty shit that the cowards in the GOP worry about.

  • Interesting to hear what Zionist campaign dough can buy. Even Paul is moving toward AIPAC war mongering.

  • Brilliant opinions. Thanks for posting.

  • we go into iran and we will add to the ranks of terrorists

  • Ron Paul 2012 or Revolution 2013.

    Your choice.

  • I have absolutely no Idea why American want to sell their lives for Israel ? I really don’t understand why they want to protect some Nationalism State that are worthless only continue for the harm for the entire world after their agents controlling the Banks and Cooperation what is rule today. Now, I really hope this man win, otherwise another stupid Conflict is going to start sooner or later, that are nothing to do only a smoke screen for Global Domination just disgusting!!!!

  • Nobody should deface anyone’s religion. But, If you don’t read Arabic, it looks like Just A Book! And if someone is burning garbage, the question shouldn’t be “Why would someone burn a Quran?” It should be “If they value the Quran So much, Why Is In The Trash?”
    Obama should have been quick to Defend His Men! Not quick to sell out their Good Names!
    I am a Combat Proven Infantryman, I am Pro Peace, and I am Voting For Ron Paul for the President of the United States of America.

  • Oh not THIS whale of a person again ._.

  • This guy is an anomaly in US politic. He is the one

  • you could save 1.4 trillion dollars by switching to Ron Paul.
    Ron Paul 2012.