Ron Paul: I Won’t Interfere with Israel’s Self-Defense

  • love the vest! 😀

  • Why should Israel be US’s primary ally? Why couldn’t the us work or try to work diplomatically and peacefully with every single nation on the planet? If you look at history, since WWII, the US has been involved in more wars than anyone. It’s a joke, and if you think the next president (unless it’s Ron Paul) wont start another war, you are gravely mistaken.


  • What is wrong with the world is that people don’t realize that what they do to others they do to themselves. War is an abomination– a bom in nation!

  • ron paul has a heart

  • If Ron Paul doesn’t win, I hope Obama does. At least Obama has a reluctance to go to war while the rest of the GOP is already making plans on where to drop the bombs….

  • It is so sad, the only man in the race, who f#*kin make’s perfect since!
    and they keep placing him in the Nut-Job category, And I am sick and tired of people using Obama as part of there campaign. : Vote for me,because i can beat Obama,?
    what a chickin shit strategy. Next time Romney say’s he can beat Obama? i wish Obama would pop up out of nowhere, and say: hear I am Bro. let’s have a good ole American fist fight.
    Romney is a bully. Ron Paul 2012 the only way to go..

  • Keep up the good fight, Ron. I will vote for you if I have to write your name in. I am urging everyone I know to vote in the Republican Primary and vote for you. I am also urging others to do as I plan to do in the National Election. You are the only hope for our Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

  • some of these ideas about bombing iran point towards darwin’s theory of evolution…

  • Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    There are big boys and girls in Israel, and they are fully capable of taking care of themselves. When one considers that they defeated three countries in six days (מלחמת ששת הימים), one can only conclude that their approach to conducting war is different than ours.

    T Kosciuszko

    The impostor dooms himself to a life of mediocrity.

  • The murderous Israelis are prepared to murder 25,000 peaceful Jews living in Iran which is the 3rd largest concentration of Jews in a nation behind the SA and Israel. If Iran was antisemite than why would they live peacefully with Jews in Iran in the first place? It is because those dirty Israelis are psychologically insane and the world should quarantine the Zionists!

  • A time will come when ordinary folks will rise up and punish the war mongering Jews. I will not protect one Jew when the time comes. Sad part is-Ron Paul is pissing in the wind. He is right but the time has not come.

  • A Massive – spontaneous march by the people of the U.S towards the white house. All invited. 3000000 people filling Washington streets, facing on to Washington will surely be a humbling gesture for the people inside the WH

  • i know what your talking about, we have Arab politicians where every chance they get they condemn Israel for using excessive force and crap, and since the massacre started in Syria, not a ward..nothing..

  • If you like Ron Paul, get out to vote on Super Tuesday.

  • There can be forgiveness and compassion between nations whereby real criminals in power are found guilty of war-crimes (or other huge abuses of power) can be shipped to countries in which they have committed genocide, slavery – for as long as they are able to stay alive. Your democracy has withered into just another system that they can twist around to suit their selfish wants. Make them accountable. Give the world a reason to respect America again, and set an example for others to follow

  • i sure hope we win, without freedom there is nothing. and we want to be free..we must win. it feels like it happens only once in a generation, and now we have the chance..we have to win!

  • I personally think they’re ALL over the top (Neo-Con Republicans) Including this over the top neo-con mouthpiece that poses as a reporter.

  • One day these corrupt presidents and government officials will be arrested for their disgusting abuse of every Americans trust and dignity. Once the People have control (which will happen) they will rejuvenate their Constitution
    When the guilt of those in government has been proven, America can decide the fate of them. A lesson needs to be learn’t in History, by leaders around the globe. If guilty of war crimes, they can be Auctioned to countries and societies they killed. World moves together

  • There is an old saying that the best way to teach a dog not to chase cars is to let it catch one. Ron Paul has the right idea. Let Israel attack Iran, and let Israel then deal with the consequences all by itself.

  • This woman is the 2nd biggest Zionist mouthpeice next to Woffie Blitzer. Pro- Warmongering, demnented cabbalist, who obviously believes she created mankind like the rest of those dumb ass backwards, using, conniving, warmongering (without shedding a drop of their own blood) cabbalisists.