Ron Paul: I Won’t Interfere with Israel’s Self-Defense

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  • Ron Paul does not give a damn about Israel, the Palestinians or Iran.
    Only thing he want is: no more U.S. tax dollars for Israel!
    Israel should take care of their own business, and sure as HELL they can.

  • george bush said the same thing about Iraq and saddam hussain having nuclear weapons and they didn’t have any. now obama says iran has nuclear weapons. vote for ron paul. he’s the only person that will “change” America. RON PAUL 2012!!!!

  • Amer Ican
    Come on folks, get your Ron Paul comments on this video and vote thumbs up with your brothers and sisters to help send the RP message!
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  • Ron is my cousin and I support him the way he supports my jump roping. dewpointe

  • I like that he doesn’t see a presidency as a Dictator or King

  • look if you think Iran is all talk then you are wrong, the Israeli Intel and recent iaea believes they are working hard to get to a bomb, if the CIA could not prevent 9/11 why do you think they can know about something like this.. i doubt their capability’s and i think the sanctions are a good solution but if they would be stopped we will have no other choice, we have to take care of ourselves, do you understand this? btw, Paul believes we should do what suits us best and not dictate…

  • I love how he treats all presidents equal, he is no Obama fan but knows how to properly speak as a president should.

  • Ron Paul is a broken record, and if he was saying anything else I would think he was annoying, but his message makes me love him and I listen to the broken record just about every day

  • i love when Americans are so quick to call people terrorists from defending their own country, when America was built on terrorism, the colonists lit shit on fire, had riots, all the terrorist-like behavior. lol

  • What does everyone voting for anyone besides Ron Paul have in common? They are either misinformed, uneducated or plain ignorant.

  • I am a Zionist and I support Ron Paul


  • Please vote for Ron Paul. He is our only Hope!!!!!!

  • Please vote Ron Paul….We can’t afford another war

  • Israel can have an owner just like everyone else we need to do the us thing fuck the votes if ron paul doesn’t win its because the others cheated

  • NO ONE but Ron Paul will get my vote in November.

  • we should always stand by Israel no matter what they want to do. yes, its their choice. but if they need help we need to be there for them always.

    • Vivimort

      Israel” needs to leave Palestine alone! Did you know that Israeli soldiers wouldn’t let help come to a bus filled with Palestinian children and they all burned to death?! I don’t have anything against Judaism or the fact that they are in Palestine, I do have a problem when they oppress the Palestinians and let children die!

  • Such a stable human being. Clear headed no matter what.

  • mayeeden

    Ron Paul’s position is the correct one. I love Yisrael with all of my heart and support them 100%, always have, always will.
    YHWH has promised their survival no matter what the rest of the world does. Yisrael is the #1 super power on the face of the earth because the Creator of the universe YHWH of Armies has sworn to preserve them. It is an everlasting unconditional covenant between He and them.
    The Constitution say’s that we must go through Congress to declare wars, not by the decree of just one president no matter which party he belongs to. If Yisrael should need our military help, we could pass that through congress in a few hours and declare war in her behalf.
    What we should not be doing is meddling in their affairs and telling them that they have to show restraint while rockets fall on their cities almost daily and their enemies are feverishly trying to build the BIG BOMB to wipe them off of the earth. We need Yisrael, not the other way around.
    YHWH promises to bless those who will bless and stand by His people and to curse those nations who cause them harm.
    The USA needs to get on the right side of this issue because right now, we are siding with their enemies through the policies of one man, Barak Hussein Obama, and he will bring judgement upon us all if this does not stop.
    Go President Paul