Ron Paul: There’s No Such Thing as “Federal Money”

  • The Pastor is only considered an Apostate because his FATHER is a mulsim. Every child born to muslim Fathers is automatically considered a muslim. Therefore Barack Hussein Obama is a son of Islam, he’s never renounced it and he’s never denied it.

  • i dont agree with him on health care and insurance issues, but at most other places, he is the best candidate… that means, the least crazy of them…


  • I lived in Thibodaux Louisiana. That’s about 45 minutes up the bayou from new orleans. WE GOT FUCKED BY KATRINA *AND* GUSTAV. Fema is a fucking joke. For gustav a state payed company brought us MREs, tarps, water, sandbags, batteries, flashlights, toilet paper etc. All Fema brought us was tarps and rope.

  • Ron Paul has been secretly working with teh FEMA to establish teh FEMA camps. Wake up sheep!!!!

  • FEMA is garbage. lived in louisiana when katrina hit. the absolute biggest AND longest fuckfest i have ever seen. I haven’t found anything on them from Ron Paul though. i would love to know if he’s dropping that sorry ass excuse of a federal “program” from the budget.

  • “The damage is enormous.”
    That’s exactly what we should all be saying about the debt!

  • No one understand Fiat money today, and why is this? So we can be controlled by it in my eyes. Its a tool used to keep us slaves!

  • I was once told in a program i had to go to for unemployment insurance to receive my pay, that the Government gives out Free money and we should try to get as much as we can of it. My Jaw just about hit the floor, their is no such thing as Free money it comes from something or as Ron stated is printed then which drives up Costs and Prices all around us. This is why we are seeing High Gas prices Inflation is flowing into the Oil, why because of the Iran situation.

  • He shut her up! The Govt never equals compassion!

  • If your not to the left by the age of 20 you have no heart, if your not to the right by age 30 you have no brain.

  • This is one of the issues that I sorta agree with Ron Paul on. He does need to work on his speaking skills and/or pratice it because at certain points he seemed confused.

  • Yes! I love it when a journalist poses a question to Ron Paul, designed to make him look like an empathy devoid ass, and he turns it around and makes a far better, far more compassionate point in response.
    Then the journalist abruptly ends the interview…hahaha.

  • FEMA doesn’t give 2 shits about you and me in disasters. They’re an illusion to those who think if such disasters happen we’d be saved by them, haha, what a laugh. Don’t trust these federal institutions; THEY DON’T GIVE 2 SHITS ABOUT YOU!!!

  • “The eyes of our citizens are not sufficiently open to the true cause of our distress. They ascribe them to everything but their true cause, the banking system”
    — Thomas Jefferson

  • “The Congress shall have power to… coin money [and] regulate the value thereof.”
    – Section 8, U.S. Constitution, 1783

  • A large area of his district is beach or near beach land. And he STILL talks openly about the FED not “helping”FEMA” the people. To me that tells you the people voting for him from that area must be smart and not by into the crap “He doesnt like FEMA so he dont care about the “victims BS”
    This also shows that he tells it like it is and doesnt try to hide his stances when some people might not understand them so it might end up hurting him. Consistent

  • im going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she didnt know any better…. just like 90% of AMERICA!!!! -_-

  • These establishment shills in the media constantly try to use stuff like this to frighten people with because they know it prays upon ignorance. This is why I gave up on the main stream media many years ago, including news papers & radio. They are completely dominated by liars.

  • As someone who lives just south of Louisville, just south of where a lot of the devastating tornados took place, I can say “We The People” have come forth to help our neighbors, our fellow Americans. There has been an overwhelmingly amount of people looking to volunteer to help. Money is pouring in, countless items have been donated. To say “WE” need the govt to bail us out after every natural crisis is complete b.s.! CNN is exploiting the victims of these storms. F.U. CNN!!!

  • Having the mindset that Ron Paul will lose, and voting against the man because he’s not in first place, or he’s older than everybody else, to me, is like throwing your grandfather a block of cement, instead of a life vest, because he’s drowning. It’s idiots like that who are the very reason why he’s not in the lead. You don’t win by being voted against! fucking morons. America NEEDS Ron Paul as our next president!