Ron Paul: There’s No Such Thing as “Federal Money”

  • really this country doesnt stop surprising me …..or is it Nixon or Bush or Clinton or Bush than Obama……i mean…..they are all crooked and twisted.

    For Bush we know that he is mason,for Clinton we know that he was with Skull n Bones…for Obama we know that he is not even American citizen and who knows who he is… neo nazi ????

    Is there any normal people there????

  • 420 smke wed evrry day < average loony paul supporter

  • copy to goo gl e; Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazis, Finds Ron Paul | Care2 Causes
    2 Feb 2012 — Anonymous does a document dump that reveals direct ties between Ron Paul and neo-Nazis.
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  • They will never wake up this country is gone Dr. PAUL and good riddance. They wont be satisfied until there is killing in the streets like Greece…..

  • Ron Paul is the best choice for America. But the robots and slaves out there think otherwise.

  • So if the government doesnt have any money and its the taxpayers money why the fuck are they always doing the opposite of what we want them to do

  • Ron Paul 2012!
    From Denmark!

  • So they bring Ron Paul on their show to ask him one question. They know very well where he stands on monetary issues and knew what he would say. This is another attempt to smear him. If any other candidate was on this show and asked the same question you know their answer would be sugar coated “Yes the government should send in superman and all the heroes to help these victims!”. At least Ron Paul speaks the truth…

  • I hate this version of miss piggy

  • йух

  • I agree that people should be held accountable by purchasing insurance in disaster prone areas and that FEMA is inefficient. However, what if the insurance companies are not held accountable? ex.: Hurricane Katrina hit and people with “flood insurance” were not compensated because they didn’t have “hurricane insurance” when really it’s the water damage from flooding as a result of the hurricane that did the most damage.

  • lol 1:30


  • so people who dont agree with you are sheep and morons you 2 say, yeah pot meet kettle you liberal fucks. but thats how you think if they dont agree with you insult them. Learn what it means to live here. insulting another person due them them thinking another way is how china works. give it a try maybe having your right stripped away might make you respect others.

    • MadPepperJack

      Hypocrite much? We all have as much rights to be idiots as we do to insult people for being idiots. That’s what freedom of speech is. FYI, in China if you have a disagreement with the government, they just don’t insult you — they can intimidate, imprison, even kill you.

  • Ron Paul is right on this again.

  • I get it about its the peoples money…. but what you are saying is fuck the people that live there ?
    They “should” have insurance…hmmm good point, how about making insurance affordable …these are not rich, well to do individuals.
    Thanks Ron Paul, you and candidates like you really make Nov 6 2012 a very easy “choice”

  • Ron Paul supporters = sheep

  • I used to think that Ron Paul was nothing but a moron, but now I think that he is a mean-spirited moron. To say that help ought to be denied to the victims of tornadoes on the basis of an extreme government-hating ideology is un-American, mean-spirited, and just plain dumb. Ron Paul needs to shut the fuck up and go away, and all you idiots supporting him need to get your heads out of your asses.

  • It still amazing to me that people still don’t understand dr. pails positions. Most of the comments are void of actual thought. Everytime I think he’s making progress, the stupidity of people rears its head. He is not an uncompassionate man, he simply is stating that the government doesn’t give anybody anything

  • Hey, it’s Newt in Drag!