Ron Paul: There’s No Such Thing as “Federal Money”

  • What do u mean good luck bitch Ron Paul needs no luck. We know u stealing the votes but is gonna backfire watch and NWO soldier McCain talking shit about Putin stealing the vote. Hypocrisy to the max. Rooooooooooooooon 2012


  • “There’s no such thing as federal money”. Every time I hear Dr. Paul speak he says something so profound that rocks my understanding of the role of the federal government to the core. How the media has kept this man from being president till now is beyond me. You’ve got to hand it to the media because they certainly are good at their nefarious ways.

  • The Obamites can’t understand FREE MARKET they only know is the check in the mail??? Have you got your check yet??? Wheres my check ??? check,check,check,check,check,check,check,check,check,check,check,check,check, Doesn’t society owe us a check ??? Why work when I can have it handed to me for nothing I can be educated,fed,have a house,clothes,and a ride for doing absolutely nothing… RON PAUL 2012 OR IT’S OVER FOR THIS COUNTRY !!!

  • Fuck FEMA! even spraypainted on walls in Belgium!

  • Yea, theres no such thing as federal money candy ‘fat cow’ crowley. But I guess they give you all you can eat to use those terms to perpetuate that myth.

  • da vi ebu majku

  • Bill: “Dammit, Zoey! We trusted CEDA! We trusted the military! And they left us to die! Do you think they’ll ever let us back in? We’re on our own, kid. It’s high time you started actin’ like it.”

  • The Republicans under George Bush trashed FEMA put a political hack in charge of the agency and all the key positions, deliberately destroyed its effectiveness, and now they are complaining about the poor job that was done after Katrina. What sordid hypocracy!

  • thumbs up if you were trying to find the x thinking the bottom thing was a ad lmao

  • I m proud of youtube that they are pushing ron pauls videos so the people can know about him….Americans wake upppppp…Ron paul is the right choice….!!!RON PAUL 2012.

  • Each state and individual should have its own emergency management program. If you want something done right do it yourself. The more you depend on the government the more they will depend on your tax dollars to fight wars, build embassies and bailout corrupt corporations .

  • In other countries that dont rely on handouts you build and live by choice with full effect of consequence. Its not a privilege to steal from other people.

  • Answered that question like a BOSS!

  • For those who think insurance companies wont cover you in a free market you are very misplaced by our current system. Your contribution for coverage is more of a profit margin than competition. If chose to live in a known disaster area of course you are meant to pay extra for insurance. Expecting that the government will bail you out os the exact reason why insurance companies fail to do their job to the letter. What do most people do? Rebuild in the same location. What do you expect? In a 3

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  • Why exactly do we need parties? Can’t a good idea just be a good idea? Why do I need Bill Maher or Rush Limbaugh to tell me its a good idea. Are Americans really so establisment based that we can’t make a decision without the aid of TV or radio? How about Americans quit looking for the D or the R behind someone’s name and actually listen to what they are saying. If we could do that, Paul would be a front runner.

  • screw fema.

  • Public education has really ruined the critical thinking ability of our citizens. The federal government doesn’t do half the things Americans think it does. When Katrina destroyed New Orleans and Houston, TX absorbed the those displaced it wasn’t the FED that bused them to the Astro Dome and provided them with food and water and clothing. It was the Red Cross, Catholic Charities, volunteers, good samaritans, private companies donating materials, the state of Texas and the city of Houston.

  • Pre-9/11 there were only seven nations left not on line with the Rothschild central banking system. Afganistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Cuba, Libya, and N.Korea. An exact list of our so-called enemies.

    By 2003 Iraq and Afganistan were online, by 2011 Sudan and Libya were online. That leaves Cuba, N.Korea, and Iran…

  • Americans belong to the Anglo-saxon race for sure look at them they reproduced like rabbits and now they all have a square head A.S.P fat face like their British cousins. lol