Ron Paul: There’s No Such Thing as “Federal Money”

  • It’s possible people from other countries look as if the citizens of the US have full control over the elections and the truth is we don’t. A growing amount of people want Ron Paul but there are a number of people out there who can’t see Ron Paul for what he’s worth because of the media. We are censored like a lot of countries. We need your help to get the word out! Obama is making radical decisions and we can’t stop it. Truth?

  • the funny thing is that im tired of government chit too i was wanting to run for president when i turn 35… i was wanting to do pretty much everything that ron paul is doing ooh well i guess i dont have to worry about welll.. hopefully he will get elected if not i guess u guys will c another name on da ballot!!!!!


  • they always seem to cut him off when he is making good points.. that is just sooo weird isn’t?

  • MSM sure has a way if asking questions to try to make Americans vote against Ron Paul. Manipulation & mind control…I would love to see people turn off the tube for a day!!! The lies & corruption make me sick!!

  • Have you seen the headlines from today, yahoo News “Ron Paul says Tornado Victims should not get help” god damn Media…smh

  • (Continued) Unemployed and those on government assistance went to Texas. Those with jobs and income were kept in LA. Also, people who had evacuated and returned after “all clear” issued reported hearing explosions before water started rising in the projects. Seems odd, huh?

  • FEMA is a joke. The only people who benefitted from FEMA were from New Orleans. I live on the Gulf Coast of Texas. FEMA gave us a little help during Rita and is now asking for their money back. We received no help during Ike. They are too busy planning their part in the takeover of the NWO to worry about victims of disasters. Our church operated a shelter for victims of Katrina from New Orleans. Know what the first question FEMA asked them before putting them on buses? Where do you work?

  • It’s a good point to repeat “there is NO federal money”.

  • The american voters are the ones responsible for killing your men woman & children simply by voting in these people that take you to war that you have no business fighting, the old saying mind your own business. WE NEED PEACENOT WAR.

  • I was hoping that Ron would reply, with answer like: We will be able to help the victims
    of these type’s of disaster’s with more aid, and less waist-full spending.
    I know that the Government and all it’s spending, needs to be reduced.
    But I believe that Ron will get things on track, and then there should be room for some type of
    humanitarian Aid.. BUT regardless of his position’s? I am going to remain loyal to the Man who I want to see in the white house…Ron Paul,,

  • is it me? or candy crowley seem to get fatter by each interview with ron paul?

  • There is no Federal money. It’s your money.

  • Yeah I love that- a tornado (something nobody has control over) and they ask Ron Paul if he’d just sit back and do nothing

    They are so desperate. Jesus get rid of these asshole talking heads already.
    I think they need to keep playing that PENTAGON CLIP where that guy says “2/3 of us outta a job when R.P. is POTUS”
    that right there says it ALL. NEED A MOTIVE? YOu have these assholes caught red handed in that video. It’s my favorite and needs to go VIRAL.

  • This filthy cunt rag has NO AMMUNITION on ron paul so they have to make him out to look like an “isolationist” that doesn’t care about anyone!
    let’s just keep on going right over that cliff eh guys???

  • The questions are so funny. Paint him as as an uncaring moron. Do they not remember Katrina and how horrible that was with FEMA? ITS AN INSURANCE MATTER!

  • Her “OK”s towards the end sound to me like she didn’t agree with a thing he said.

  • Anytime there is disaster like Tornado, Earthquake, Hurricane, Tsunami, and Volcano explosion in this country. The US national guard should be the one that help the people not FEMA, FED, Bankers, and other rip off groups.

    US national guard done much better job than FEMA. FEMA is criminal spreading more of their FEMA camp around the country ready for martial laws to come to kill more innocent people. The people trust US national guard because they are our brother, sister, friend, and cousin.

  • LOL. Apparently 10 FEMA employees have watched this video. Surely there are no people stupid enough to think FEMA is an efficient use of money.

  • He’s got my vote, but I think Ron Paul can be a tad over-principled to the point where he comes across as rigid. Ok, I don’t like FEMA, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using federal funds (or whatever you want to call it) to help people who have suffered from enormous natural disaster! I don’t think the founders would argue that either. There are some assisting roles for the federal level when a problem is overwhelming to a local level.