Ron Paul: One Dime for a Gallon of Gasoline

  • Ron Paul save America!


  • KONY 2012

  • ahhhhhhh “YOU’RE SO SMAR” love it!!

  • This guy does say “you’re so smart, you’re way over my head.” YET, he doesn’t give him a chance in HELL to be our president. Something is wrong with that picture.

  • He may not have the answers for everything, but at least he’s not a crook. It’s refreshing to see someone with integrity running for office.

  • The Constitution says that the Federal government shall not print money unless backed by its worth in gold or silver.

  • also lower gas by legalizing industrial hemp.

  • NEIL I Only have one thing to say about YOU! As My Favorite Comedian once said ” YOU Can’t Fix STUPID”! GO Dr PAUL!

  • Putin just illegally stole an election in Russia so dont be suprised when Obama illegally steals the election in 2012.

  • whats up with the laugh at 0:20? It sounds like fox staged that…

  • Gas isn’t that high, your paper $ is just hardly worth jack shit anymore.
    Doesn’t take a genius to realize the excessive printing is causing inflation.

  • What was that thing they used to say about promising a chicken in every pot?

  • I’d finish out your contract and then start protesting, bro.

  • smartest fuckin person in the american government! PERIOD! get this guy elected america. Cheers from Canada

  • Shoot, if we had a true free market everyone would probably have their own little server room in their homes. Oh well, I got 500 ounces of silver.

  • Gingrich’s solution: bring down gas prices by producing more oil.

    Ron Paul’s solution: bring down gas prices by increasing the value of the dollar.

    Make your vote count people.

  • This REALLY needs to go viral. Seriously.

  • Reading the headlines you thing that’s crazy talk, but when you listen to the explanation it all makes for perfect sense. I just can’t vote for no other but Paul.