Ron Paul: One Dime for a Gallon of Gasoline

  • im so sick just reading from santorum and romney all the time here in switzerland.

  • FOX NEWS as always, worthless pieces of shit!

  • I live in Sweden and all the big news stations are only mentioning Romney and Santorum. Why doesent they talk about Ron Paul?! They say that it is either Romney or Santorum who is going to win! Is that true?! Does Ron Paul have a chance to win?!

  • Ron Paul makes so much more sense than Romney or Santorum whenever he speaks. If only the media was not so corrupt and reported on Ron Paul more and then more people could open their eyes and see what is going on in America and the world. He is our only hope.

  • Just voted! Mass for RP.

  • I will never understand how anyone can not like Ron Paul I mean once you fully understand what he is saying it’s so easy.


  • even with $4.00 a gallon gasoline, many are attempting to make our energy crisis even worse by working to impose job-destroying carbon taxes, or a “Cap and Tax” system.

    As long as we allow federal regulations and bureaucratic red tape to get in the way of energy exploration, our country will never solve its energy crisis, and Americans will continue to pay the price in high costs.
    The free market — not government — is the solution to America’s energy needs.

  • Ron Paul always makes so much sense.

  • Mr Paul would alsoMake tax credits available for the purchase and production of alternative fuel technologies.

    Eliminate the ineffective EPA. Polluters should answer directly to property owners in court for the damages they create — not to Washington.
    much of the “pain at the pump” Americans are now feeling is due to federal policies designed by environmental alarmists to punish traditional energy production — like oil, coal, and natural gas —

  • They disrespect Ron Paul because the wicked have no honor.

  • I was just watching CNN. and They said that any of the states are up for grabs. They said either Romney, Santorum, or Gingridge could win any of them. They didn’t even mention Ron Paul. That is what PISSES me off

  • i can’t believe people would vote for romney, santorum, or gingrich. they’re all businessmen that tell people what they want to hear and the american masses soak it up. scared, little bitches. i hate the times we live in, people are just too goddamned stupid these days.

  • Just like someone from the Two Party Dictatorship to make such outrageous claims like dropping gas prices to $.10/gallon. Fact is, he won’t make things better if he were elected, because his fellow Republicans WON’T LET HIM. It goes against their (and the Democrats) agenda of destroying America. So all you sheeple who are supporting Republican Paul are no better than the sheeple who supported Obama.

  • I like how he actually talked to Ron Paul for once, instead of just asking him questions about the latest gossip on OTHER candidates.

  • I just saw a DISGRACEFUL report from the BBC on how this is a 2 man race between Romney and Santorum. The only info they gave on Ron Paul was how he was “76 years old and his isolationist foreign policy leaves him unlikely choice.” Such negative bias is infuriating!

  • Whats even more amazing than what Dr. Ron Paul states is that FOX news actually let him finish what he was saying.

  • I bet that just went over most of Americas heads. This insight ALONE should have Ron Paul elected but indoctrination still weighs too heavy.

  • wont be on most viewed. Ron Paul 2012!

  • RON PAUL 2012 support from Sweden.

  • Obama was supposed to give us FREE GAS! ..and pay our mortgage! WHA HAPPAN?