Ron Paul: The Laws of Supply and Demand Apply to Money, Too

  • Im 26 and I never registered to vote until I found Ron Paul!


  • Im 26 and I never registered to vote until I found Ron Paul!

  • Im 26 and I never registered to vote until I found Ron Paul!

  • At times I’ve wondered HOW Ron Paul can be so strong, he’s just one guy, how can he be legit?

    Then I opened my own eyes, and surrendered myself to defending the innocent and unwanted. Let the chips fall where they may. Thirty years becomes nothing once you pick the standard. Eternal vigilance. We can’t ever afford to lose this fight. Once you stand up to it, you’ll be filled with what gives Ron Paul his strength.

  • greetings from OZ we are watching what is going on with your presidential unfolding, Ron is the wise and gentle grandfather archetype who will symbolize our correcting the madness we have collectively allowed to direct us. Keep up the good work of coming to vote you youth and other sleepers. we as fellow members of your human family in other countries (australia) are inspired and encouraged seeing real, authentic change ready to erupt from the grass roots

  • Its quite possibly too little too late, not enough people are awake and not enough mainstream media coverage has screwed ron pauls chances, America is fucked if anyone else gets in the whitehouse.

  • Ron Paul , hold your head proudly up, whole world standing by your. You have to win, no other options!!!

  • Google = Five Romney Cousins, Santorum’s Nephew All Support Ron Paul

  • Google = Five Romney Cousins, Santorum’s Nephew All Support Ron Paul

  • 5 different flavors of poisonous bullshit OR #RonPaul, take your pick America.

  • Fox and CNN should have a look at this to get ideas for intelligent questions.

  • Not all Americans are stupid, there a allot of them voting for Dr.Paul, the media just doesn’t tell you that part.

  • IF YOU ARE ANGRY AT THE SYSTEM AND WANT CHANGE: go to wwwronpaul2012com and click the “VOLUNTEER” tab so you can sign up as a volunteer for the official campaign. As soon as you become a volunteer you have to contact the campaign and ask them on more information on becoming a delegate. Regardless if you live in a Caucus state or a Primary state it’s very important for Ron Paul supporters to become delegates. REMEMBER, IT’S THE DELEGATE PROCESS THAT WILL DETERMIN WHO WILL BECOME THE GOP NOMINEE!

  • We love you Ron Paul! <3333333333

  • It’s actually a mainstream position that Money doesn’t exist in the realm of Supply and Demand because it’s the medium of exchange. A little bit of logic kills this position, but the supporters of that argument want the mathematical equation that PROVES money exists in the realm of supply and demand.

    LMAO! Morons….

  • Brian Wilson is the PD at WSPD in Toledo OH and he recently told Mark Levin to TAKE A HIKE! And in case you are wondering this Brian Wilson is not related to the Faux News reporter nor the Beach Boys singer. He back in the day was part of Ross and Wilson in New York first on WABC then later to Z100.

  • Does anyone else love RON PAUL? Show him some love!

  • as Ron Paul would come closer for presidency i bet they will show that the market has grown, and decrease of unemployment. everything to make it seem like Obama is doing good, to be re elected…don’t be fooled…

  • I just turned 18. Once I register, Ron Paul will have my first vote.