Ron Paul: Greatest Threat Is Another Financial Crisis – Not Iran

  • Santorum,the draft is coming back,you will go to war like it or not..I say,what kind of food will you be serving in those detention camps?

  • 3rd party here we come!

  • I ponder with everyone thing in this society around me and what we do for stimulation, are we even making good choices anymore with anything and why? It’s a sad world that we have created all in the hopes of making our lives better, but yet I ponder with all the fear, hate, and destruction is it getting better and will it ever become better for us all here on Earth?

  • 2:03 listen to Santorum speak. How can anyone take this guy seriously???!!! He’s trying to make himself sound like a great speaker but coming off so hollow. Consider what he’s talking about. These people need to be stopped or the wars will not end until we’re all wasted.

  • Fuckers. The biggest threat to this country is these three idiots and the idiots voting for them.

  • Ron Paul is the only one who is honest and not a War Pig…Black Sabbath.


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    Ron Paul 2012

  • Romney,Obama,Grinch, Santorum. They’re all the same.

  • Ron Paul’s the best choice we have! Why the F*CK does the media not support him! He’s the only one that makes any sense!

  • Good ass interview.

    • Surfisher

      If Romney wins — America loses (since Bama will destroy this dishwater ‘republican’ pretender).

      If Santorum wins — America loses (since Bama will make mince-meat of his record in PA, and will expose him as religious nut).

      If Newt wins (which by now is a definite NO WAY) — Bama will have a tough time debating him (but will eventually win by exposing his ‘perceived’ immortality in personal life and business deals). So Americans lose again.

      Therefore, even if you do not agree with the only patriot in the race — Ron Paul — at least by elimination, you need to chose him as the only one capable to destroy Bama in a one-on-one debate (Constitutional Rights vs Bama’s dictatorship wants)!

  • Is it me; or is Ron Paul the only politician left in America who refuses to kiss ass for money?

  • Romney, Santorum, Gingrich = World War 3 and the Greatest Depression the World will ever see. Good By America, say Hello Martial Law and the Armed Revolution 2.0…

  • Ron Paul Hidalgo County Supporter…

  • Everybody google “Ron Paul 60 minutes” and sign the petition to get him on CBS 60 minutes, one of the most watched mainstream news shows today, millions of people would be forced to hear what ron paul has to say.

  • lol at that retard frothy mixture- “we will tear down them ourselves.” I cant believe these guys are already starting to kiss butt at AIPAC

  • So disappointed in the voting process, and how misled the masses are. The person that makes the most sense, and is not looking for power or friends, but to teach is treated so poorly and ignored. End of the day, if it aint Ron paul, I aint voting.

  • War is just another failed government program.

  • The RUDENESS of the ESTABLISHMENT_will be CONSEQUENTIAL!!! This is Americas future and not the future of the establishment!!! America_must choose the ONLY QUALIFIED LEADER TO RULE THIS COUNTRY!!!

  • Show your support!!! Sign a Petition to get Ron Paul airtime on CBS 60 minutes!!!Go to 60 minutes-Ron Paul…

  • I’m not an American or a Ron Paul supporter, but the voting system seems to be rigged!