Ron Paul: Greatest Threat Is Another Financial Crisis – Not Iran

  • 2:10 I’m pretty sure we have another GW Bush in the making.

  • Look at the neocons Obama, Romney, Santorum and Gingrich suck up to AIPAC. Ron Paul on the other hand knows AIPAC is a corrupt zionist agenda machine. Ron Paul is a conservative not a neocon – big difference.

  • CNN “Estimated” delegate numbers… Jesus christ. Then the delegate numbers are posted as if they were a fact.

  • I like Ron Paul. I have another one to share. Kony 2012! heres the link to understand what im talking abt. vimeo .com/ 37119711


  • Surfisher

    Mitt Romney = Judas Goat

    If not aware of this olden days’ meaning — here it is:

    When sheep are led to be slaughtered, they instinctively feel something is wrong. So, mill around and bleat, but won’t enter the gate leading to the one waiting to smash their heads with a sledge hammer. So, a Judas goat is placed in the pen. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them through the gate, and passing it safely — while its own life is spared, the ones flowing get their brains bashed!

    Mitt will lead us — and at the end of the gate, Bama will wield the sledge hammer….

  • Gloria

    No one but Paul. I will write his name in if someone other than Paul wins the nomination. There is a long time until the election, lets not give up!!!!! Give anything you can. Time, talent, money. Tell everyone, wear your RP pin.

  • I’m still wondering who voted in the MSM and can it be removed by popular vote or is it here to stay no matter what? Where the hell is democracy? America is full on tyrannical. If anyone thinks political processes and peaceful revolution are the key, then don’t bother sticking the key in the lock. Those locks can only be removed by violent force with a pry bar.

  • John

    The new yahoo comments format sucks. I noticed it’s specifically on the “ticket” articles – that’s fine, I’m almost done with their garbage anyway. You’re probably right in that it’s meant to shut us up.

  • I voted Ron Paul!

  • if It isn’t RON PAUL , i’m voting OBAMA . IDGAF, coming GIVE THIS GUY A CHANCE! because i’m rooting for him to win! if ronmey wins first time running for candidate and RON PAUL BEEN running his 3rd time what does that imply? i doubt he’s gonna run again because he be too discouraged. Ronmey , look pass that smile , i know that what charms people but if you pass his smile focus on what they’re actually saying you’ll see RON PAUL is clearly shaper, and wiser, too bad Ron just isn’t as charming as

  • The other 3 candidates really are clueless about what this country is all about.

    And they’re running for President?

  • Don’t start another war!
    Ron Paul for President 2012!

  • French Canadian

    The wisdom of Ron Paul is breathtaking!

    You people are SO LUCKY to have him running for the presidency.

    I wish he wins and pray for his protection. If he gets the nomination, he will easily defeat Obama. With President Paul the whole WORLD will be a better place to live.

  • Bought media continue to spit us in the face!

    Notice how CNN has put Ron Paul at the bottom in the legend to the right of the delagate count despite the fact that he is in a clear third according to the number they show. Numbers that by the bay only are predictions.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • This guy is the best thing that happens to American politic in the last century.

  • this is what any mainsteam media reporters here…. Ron Paul: “im giving people thier freedoms” mainsteam reporter: “huh oooo yuh yuh what’s freedom?”

  • Absolutely, Dr. Paul. I hope people can see past the rhetoric of these fools. Ass-kissing to AIPAC… what about your allegiance to the republic, Mitt, Newt and Rick? Listen to the people. We don’t want another bankrupting fight. Clearly, these candidates and the majority of those in Washington have lost their way.

  • I just lost ALL the respect that I thought I had for Ari Fleischer. I just watched him on CNN saying that RP should drop out. He doesn’t understand why RP is still in the race. The reason dear public is because these other 3 candidates want to run this country into financial ruin, while getting American’s killed in unjust, unwarranted wars. Last night I watched c-span screen2 post 3% of votes in Alaska with Romney in the lead (24 hours before ANY votes have even been counted). RIGGED!!!

  • They will push Romney, but guess what, Romney will lose to Obama.

  • If Santorum/Gingrich/Romney wants to go to war. I suggest they pack up their shit and lead the charge.