Ron Paul: Greatest Threat Is Another Financial Crisis – Not Iran

  • the excuses to hate this guy are the lamest. the best congressman thats ever been, by record, is running for president & people are sayin, ‘no, i want more of what i know to be dangerous, ignorant & wrong’. fuck you, you deserve every bit of suffering thats comin to you.

  • 5 choices for president, all but 1 want more of the same. are the daily rising prices good? is family members killed in war good? is struggling fun or good? is the theft of a nations wealth ok? is devaluing the currency so they can buy up assets for pennies on the dollar ok?

  • Ron Paul calls a spade a spade but other candidates produces “imaginary threats”. Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are really funny. They’re speaking in front of the Israel flag and also they’re “anti-nuclear weapon” !! Are they kidding? If there’s a threat in Middle East, the threat is Israel. Israel have nuclear weapon. Yeah, in US greatest threat is Another financial crisis, not Iran. Thanks Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul 2012!
    from Turkey


  • Rick Santorum’s response at AIPAC was horrible.

  • “We will… tear down them… ourselves…” or whatever… Even he can’t believe how much fellatio that just was.

  • Obama’s press conference the other day was almost verbatim Ron Paul’s foreign policy. He talked about the Republicans beating the drums of war blah blah etc. etc. It seems President Obama is trying to appear as the peace candidate. If Paul doesn’t win the nomination President Obama will definitely, definitely be re-elected.

    • robin

      That’s because Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing. It’s all part of the plan to appear like he is anti=war. He has supported Israel from the beginning and that’s what I try to remind my friends who are voting for him once again. Yes, but it’s difficult at this point to see who the multi=national corporations want to continue their agenda. They may want Obama out and new blood in to bring this country down. Hard to say at this time. Voter fraud is the most important issue right now, but again, we are being distracted with fear of eminent war…All intentional while things are prepared for the next phase of the plan…

  • California wants the Federal Government off their backs regarding medicinal marijuana. Ron Paul wants the Federal Government off California’s back regarding medicinal marijuana.
    California controls (no pun intended) 172 delegates.
    172+46=218. 🙂
    Of course, the puppets just won 10 more states…S#!T!!!!

  • Heard on Alex Jones’ Channel:
    “It is interesting that Americans are in total denial of their enslavement by a system which thrives on that very denial.” So tragically true. It sickens me to see all the candidates (except Ron Paul) pandering to AIPAC. It is clear their TOP priority is remaining Israel’s puppet, even to the last American life. And the audience roars approval. Fuck my “fellow Americans.” I’m bailing out of this merry-go-round controlled by retards.

  • Italy 4 dr Ron Paul

  • Italy 4 dr Ron Paul

  • Surfisher
  • please america free the world and elect Ron Paul

  • Austria for Ron Paul!

  • Not only America!!!
    Germany for Ron Paul!

  • Get the RP word out anyway you can people! He needs us as much as America needs him!!!

  • Those three clowns are slaves for lobbyists .
    We are sick and tired of those vampires .
    Ron Paul is the president for 2012.

  • What a great Hero !
    I am a big fan of Dr. Ron Paul.
    This man is real patriot.
    Ron Paul is the hunter of delegate .
    He is the hunter of people hearts .

  • Kony 2012, search it, watch it, like it, share it.

  • Ron Paul is the only true conservative in the race, who will take on gov’t spending and fascism with bare knuckles, not mittens. We must have the fortitude of a patriot, not the constitution of a newt. If we don’t have Paul for our next President, we’ll surely end up with santorum on our faces.

  • Is anyone else sickened by this rampant vote Fraud going on against Ron Paul?

    The MSM are even calling winners of these BS votes with less than 3% of votes being called in. Add that to rigged machines that only Ron Paul supporters are being made to use, mis-placed votes, un-declared votes, Obomney drones ‘counting’ votes in secret or shutting down voting areas when they see Ron Paul’s high numbers etc etc etc

    VOTE FRAUD 2012

    The People vote for Ron Paul

    The corporates rig the vote system!