Ron Paul: Greatest Threat Is Another Financial Crisis – Not Iran

  • K scott

    Well, nobody will bring us another financial crisis like Ron Paul would. Paul’s policies (gold standard, no Fed, no business regulation, no union regognition) were practiced in the late 1800s and the result was a disaster:

    Severe Depressions in 1837-1853-1873-1893-1907 as well as many recessions. The nation spent 46% of it’s time in recession or depression during this period (versus only 14% since 1932, when FDR placed strict regulations on banks to go along with the FED oversight). Most of the population worked their lives away in squalid conditions while living in poverty during the free-banking years, despite America simultaneously producing some of the richest people in human history.

    No thanks, Ron!

    I want to return to the dignified, quality living of the late 1900s, not the slave-like, depression-plagued existence of the late 1800s.


    • April

      You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Gar

      And do you think that these three guys: Romney, Santorum, Gingrich or Obama will restore USA? In what way? By starting new wars or by starting global world war or by supporting all global speculators using your national money or by making foreign aid- bilions for dictators year in year?
      Ron Paul is decent guy, who will change foreign politics and who will make financial regulations – he has said that he supports financial regulations and he will really restore USA.

  • Everyone, listen up. Don’t get discouraged by the recent low numbers that have been seen. Unfortunately, building a movement from scratch takes time and effort. Ron Paul, despite never being listened to, always pressed on because he believed in what he was saying. In the 80s, 90s, and now, he never abandoned his country even when it would have been so easy and so tempting. Don’t abandon him, the way he didn’t abandon you. It will be his last run, so push on for him and for your country!

  • Do the people who support non-Paul candidates realize that if their person wins, they’ll be the President?

  • Does anyone doubt now about the influence Israel has on the US.

    All three of them know who is their boss!

  • robin

    Alert! Alert! Please ask Ben Swann to do a Reality Check on what has gone viral on Facebook. OBAMA CAUGHT TALKING MAINE VOTE FRAUD. Apparently, it was recorded from a hot mic while he was talking on his cell phone. We need a credible journalist to see if it true or a fake, but if it true, it could be a key piece of evidence for voter fraud. It was on

    Check it out and then contact Ben for a Reality Check. I’m sure it would not be difficult to check it’s authenticity. One never knows until one verifies….

  • I’m sorry to say I do not think that the chemically neutered people of America will ever open their eyes, or for that matter realise the Lame stream media has been a tool of the government since before the T.V. was invented. Now they are hypnotized by the damn thing.

    They need to wake up and realise that this extremely intelligent man is actually the only real choice for America.

  • Who doesn’t Paul lend his support to AIPAC? He has credibility and respectability. AIPAC and it’s supporters have neither.

  • ron paul should run on the democratic side next time. Hes not a sneaky democrat but he isnt a typical big dumb republican either. He could get the moderate republicans and conservative democrats and everyone else who is sick of both those parties. Im voting for him.

  • fucking kike dick suckers. I hate religions. Worthless shit. Nothing but more and more problems and child molesting priest.

  • its not the votes that count its who counts the votes!

  • All Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich have is tough talk. There records are proof of that. Why would AIPAC want to support or seek support from such flimsy people? Maybe because AIPAC is itself full of and supported by impressionable puppets and not credible and respectable men like Ron Paul. It’s so ironic Ron Paul’s the only veteran of the four, yet the other 3 seethe at the mere notion of starting a war and killing more American troops. Pure scum who wouldn’t dare go or send their family members

  • Amiri Can
  • terrylei

    As an Australian citizen, I must respect the right that US citizens have to elect their own president.

    However, because the US pretty much dominates what happens internationally, because it has so much power to affect and even determine the futures of all of the world’s people (peace and prosperity or war and suffering; liberty or tyranny), I feel a keen interest, a vital interest even, in who will ultimately govern the U.S.A.. I believe that the next US president will lead the power-seeking politicians of my own country by the nose as always.

    If America elects a genuinely honest and far-sighted statesman, the kind that Ron Paul epitomises, as its new president to follow the arrogant, but weak and ineffectual Obama, then I believe all of the world’s peoples have a far better chance for a good future.

    If, on the other hand, the American populace is taken in by any of the other contenders (power junkies, all of them), then I’m glad that I’m old with not too much further to run in this life’s race, but I fear for my children and their children. With its Patriot Act, the NDAA, ACTA and, increasingly, other infringements of the people’s liberties, the U.S.A. is currently looking more and more like Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. But it will probably be far worse than Hitler’s regime in that its effects will extend well beyond American shores … misery for millions and millions, maybe billions, of innocent people.

    I pray that more Americans will wake up to the dangers lurking around them and support Ron Paul, liberty and world peace. God bless the former America which had the best constitution ever written. May it return!

  • Listentoronpaulnow!

    Ron Paul is speaking the hard truth and some people just don’t want to accept it. They will be the ones who won’t have a clue what is happening when the dollar crashes completely and all of their savings and investments are completely worthless, we will find out that the reserves of gold are mostly if not entirely gone and will be at our knees. If you don’t get Paul into office we are certain to have a much more difficult transition to what is going to eventually come in a gold and silver currency. Many people will die and the chaos will ensue like you can’t imagine. Wake up now, start preparing now for no food and fuel situations. Only you and your family will be screwed and people like me will be prepared and take you out if you try to steal from me. I will say I told you so and put a bullet in your head. Wake up now, it is coming

  • Israel control Congress but the military is with Ron Paul.

  • Ron Paul = Dead Last

    Just a fact!

  • IM just wondering do you guys think Ron Paul Supports Kony 2012?

  • We have seen more support for Dr. Paul on the internet than any other candidate. This system is rigged! If Paul does not win the presidency then the American people should rise up!

  • Ron Paul is the strongest voice for civil liberties, lower taxes, peace, and prosperity! He is a true Republican!

  • Do any supporters of the non-Paul candidates realize that if their candidates win, they would be President of the Unites States?

    • JustWokeUP Canadian

      You can let them sleep or you can wake them up.!