Ron Paul Speaks before North Dakota Caucus

  • ron paul, please quit repeating yourself! get some different talking points! this is really pissing me off. why repeat the same points if it isnt doing anything for you? you are right 100% but you are doing terribly as a candidate. enough is enough, get tough, speak specifics and not generalities, and kick some fucking ass! this makes me sick to hear you repeat the same shit over and over and expecting to have different results. we need you now, please make a change!


  • When you look at the polls for tonight, Ron Paul was damn close to winning several of the primaries or caucuses. This is a damn signal to the media outlets that say that Ron Paul isn’t electable or that he is not relative. People are starting to hear his message and they obviously like what they’re hearing.

  • It’s rediculuous how brainwashed and conformed everyone is.
    We want small government and true freedom!
    RON PAUL 2012!

  • It’s very sad to see to see the least qualified get the most votes. Not just once in awhile, but over, and over, and over again.I know some of the results are rigged, but the truth is we have an uninformed, ignorant public that just gobbles up whatever CNN, Fox, etc… tell them. We’re a brainwashed deluded country that now believes that war is peace and peace is war.

  • ha, notice how whenever MSM covers Ron Paul their always close ups cuz they never wanna show how big the crowds are.

  • It’s baffling how Romney did so well in Massachusetts, my home state. Most of the things wrong with the state today is because of Romney.

  • I hope Ron Paul will live long enough and get elected to see the real America prosper and have peace.He gave so much and kept fighting for the sake of liberty,truth,and justice. It’s kind of sad that people still haven’t realize that he’s the real deal. So many people sacrificed their lives and suffered for the cause of Liberty, and is ashamed that he didn’t get any states. I am about to join the military and it give me confidence and honor knowing that there are people like Ron Paul out there.

  • FUCK YEA!!!!

  • What happen to the great america we once had? Who are the people that are voting? Do you people not like your freedom? Are you aware what your children and grandchildren are going to inherit? The military vets are behind ron paul doesn’t that mean something? I think either it was fraud or people are just plain dumb..i mean seriously dumb..

  • The Recession was not bad enough for Americans to seek something totally different.

  • Even if he doesn’t win, its more important that he sent the message and good people are waking up and the banksters are pist

  • ron paul , when are you going to speak specifically about the problems? wake the fuck up! we need you to be more specific and quit speaking in these broad terms. its crazy that you arent talking about specifics! change your message FFS!

  • every night we have straw polls, i become very depressed. this fucking sucks! oh yeah, btw, the shit is totally rigged! fuckin diebold

  • what balls…

  • America isnt ready for Ron Poul. Until something horrible happens, American people will never learn.
    Ron Poul 2012.

  • I love my country, its the people that I lost faith in. With that said, we need to unite with the Libertarian party and really hit the Republican party where it hurts….in their numbers.

  • Youtube search Kony 2012

  • We dont just need a new President with brains and balls, we need a powerful MOVEMENT to not only turn the people around, but to turn our so called leaders around in Washington. The Occupy Movement has done a good job reaching out, but with Ron Paul running this year and possibly not winning is not the end. Ron Paul supporters, we need to come together as Americans regardless of our political backgrounds and take back this country from the evil few.

  • When Ron said “we always win” I just couldn’t help but to tear up. He’s so confident..

    • Surfisher

      Super Tuesday:

      LOL — watching FOX, MSNBC, CNN, for the last 2 hrs is entertaining (no mention of Ron Paul, of course, since they have been directed to do a black-out on his message, for fear that the People may actually hear it ‘en masse’, and do something about changing our rotten Government ).

      Their Gurus are befuddled why underfunded, religious nut, Santorum is doing so well against the GOP’s ‘chosen winner’ Mitt.

      What these flunkies fail to see is that nutty Santorum is not doing this well, but flop-flopping Mitt is doing this badly!

      Americans have gleaned Romney’s perfidy — an Obama in pachyderm disguise — and are rejecting Mitt. So, they now flock to the next best — Santorum — upon which the media keeps commenting (since Ron Paul is NEVER mentioned)!

      Go Rick — win Ohio!

      And Ron Paul gets even closer to becoming President!