Ron Paul Speaks before North Dakota Caucus

  • French Canadian

    Don’t be discouraged folks. Don’t give up! Ron Paul has still a very good chance to win in the end.

    Believe in his wisdom. He knew right away that the 3 other candidates couldn’t get enough delegates to make it to the Tampa convention. I knew it too. What else to expect from these 3 idiots!

    He was wise enough to concentrate on accumulating delegates in Caucus States. Now remember that this is HOW Obama won the nomination.

    It will be a brokerewd convention. All the delegates who were allocated to the winners of a State, will de released and will be free to vote for whom ever they chose to.
    Since most of these delegates comes from Ron Paul supporters… guess who they will be voting for… lol

    The Medias knows this, but the common American doesn’t… and don’t expect the MSM to educate the people on this matter. It is the only card they have in their hands to discourage you. Be aware that Ron Paul has an ACE in his hands (delegates) and continue your efforts.

    Victory belongs to the most perseverant!

    • Pat

      Please stop referring to the Jewish Controlled Media as the “MSM”.

      It is owned by jews, controlled by jews, and operates to the benefit of jews….at OUR cost.

  • He’s for the good of all of us…Dr. Ron Paul 2012..


  • Okay Pat, you are a lunatic. It’s a shame so many people in this country are so pathetically stupid. Ron Paul will not be appreciated until it’s too late, and that’s a shame. I am embarassed to be an American. We have all the information at our fingertips to be absolutely informed, and we aren’t. Most people in this country think they are politically aware because they watch the news! It’s sad. Obama, Romney, Santorum… they are all the same person! No matter which one you choose, their agendas will be the same in office. They are like puppets. They will wage whatever war they are told to, and will continue to bankrupt this country. RON PAUL 2012

    • Pat

      “Harvey”………you must be a jew.

      EVERYTHING I said is factual.

      And the “other” readers know it.

      Go sit on a menorah.

    • Bailey

      Pat is right Harvey, he’s well informed.
      The zionists will never allow Ron Paul to be president because he’s not on his knees kissing the ashole of the world, Israel.
      Ron Paul has woken many people up compared to 2008, it’s up to you to follow the crumbs he left for you.
      We will not have a free America or a free world until we solve the jewish problem.
      Thanks to Ron Paul for steering people in the right direction, and if he can beat the zionist hacks at their game he has my vote.

      • AdamGmoney

        I’m a Zionist Jew & Ron Paul supporter. Pat is a Palestinian, not an American. His information all comes from Hezbollah.

        He supports National Socialism, NOT individual liberty & the constitution. Notice his ONLY topic is Jews. Nobody else ever does anything, according to him. Where do the Masons, Templars, Vatican, Odessa, & so many conveniently left out facts, fit into his hypothesis?

        He advocates for the Nazis. THAT is exactly what we Ron Paul supporters are trying to STOP here! How did they take power? By blaming the Jews. What is “pat”? A racist. What are they trying to paint Dr. Paul as? A racist.

        Those who thumb up that guy “pat” are as stupid as the rest of the Authoritarian Collectivists in America, who vote for Obama, Romney, Santorum or Gingrich, or worse.

  • Guys we have to spread the message and get him more noticed if we want him to get elected post it on your Facebook your Twitter etc. The media is just going to keep ignoring him we the people must get him noticed.

  • We should march on Washington against Voter Fraud. Ron Paul Supporters from all over should be there to protest.

  • Kony is gonna be the replacement of the word nigger.

  • Pat

    If you see someone – Betray someone………….to the KGB.

  • His speeches are getting better and better.
    More and more direct
    Very nice
    i like

  • Pat

    It’s so bad here in the US that they don’t have the Death Penalty for anyone who’s “Anti-Semitic”………yet.

    At least when the jews took over Russia in 1917 (funded by jewish ny bankers) – they DID implement the Death Penalty for “Anti-Semitism”.

    Maybe we’ll finally crush those stupid goys here once and for all.

    After all – they’re noting but debt slaves.

  • ~STUDY “SUGGESTED” VIDEOS at the right side of each Truther or Activist VIDEO UPLOAD normally they show relevant to the video-tags (keywords) & video-title … NWO-Minnions decided that your channel must not help other like-minded channels to get promotion. Youtube & Google Corporation does not like empowering viral marketing techniques for activists & activism. It is much more “important” that the majority STAY ASLEEP and be programmed by status quo propaganda & other mindless BS


  • Stop Kony 2012.

    Who is Joseph Kony? He lives in africa. He has a army of children. Young Children. He abducts them, turns girls into SEX slaves, turns boys into soldiers. He gives them guns, makes them go kill there friends, family and people of there town. They are forced to do it. They have no choice, what so ever. He has been doing this for more then 20 years. What is the plan to arrest him? Well, Make him FAMOUS. Not to celebrate his crimes, but to get his name and his crimes out there.

  • Ron Paul is the real deal. God bless this man for standing up for whats real and whats right.

  • What’s with the Kony 2012??? Kony is a very bad man…please don’t compare to Ron Paul.

  • Well he hasn’t won a state so…

    • AdamGmoney

      ME & IA were STOLEN

      got to youtube & type in : maine caucus vote fraud

  • ACTUAL CUTS… I like this guy!

    RON PAUL 2012

  • Pat

    WHY do we have ISRAELI CITIZENS “serving” in congress – voting away our money – to Israel?

    WHY do we have ISRAELI CITIZENS “serving” as Mayors of major US Cities?

    Could it possibly be that a jew supreme court justice (that had to step down due to corruption) intentionally f’d up the 1940 nationality act in favor of “Israelis”?


  • Pat

    How many jews are exposing the FACT that the “bankers” are a jewish organized crime network.



    Enough said.

    • AdamGmoney

      That’s a blatant FALACY!

      I am a JEWISH Ron Paul supporter & ZIONIST!

      I know the Rothchilds are involved in the NWO. They are Traitor-Jews, descendants of the task-masters. They are Illuminati Secret Society Globalists, implementing InterNational Socialism & Corporatism. They are Jews & Non-Jews alike. These Atheists in the NWO follow Karl Marx’s idea that Jews represent G-d in theWorld, & thus a higher power than the State. Soros, Kissinger, & many others are examples of these task-masters. The Globalists in the UN, US, Israel, Islamic Nations, & EU have used Israel, the Palestinians, & other Islamic nations as an excuse for Conflict, in which they both Profit from, & pretend to be the Peace Makers, while they actually consolidte World Power.

      You are being Fooled by 666 into being a Hate filled, miserable person.

      • Pat

        Zionism is RACISM.

        Also, I’m sick of you jews stealing funds for your crime nest israhell.

        Why don’t you leave the US? If you are a zionist racist – go back “home” schlomo.

        • AdamGmoney

          I’m a broke landscaper you POS!

          But I make enough to buy GUNS & AMMO so your little NWO holocaust will NEVER happen in America!

          The ONLY racism is from You.

          Zionism is the Idea of a Jewish Homeland! Just like ALL the rest of the Middle East are Islamic Nations, DUH!! Are they racist too, then??

      • robin

        I don’t know if you will read this, but we would agree with you after doing much research. A Jewish scholar by the name of Chamish talks about what Zionism is and that there are different factions just like there are Christians, etc. It’s always dangerous to lump everyone into the same category and where Pat crosses the line. I have done my research Pat, but you have literally turned me off. You are full of hate and it serves no purpose at all. There is definitely a NWO agenda, but it’s not just Zionists=and not all Zionists=Chamish calls them the Sabatean Zionists. We continue to do research to understand more clearly. You are correct Adam that there are many other people involved in changing not only this country, but the world. There are some who believe that Putin has been fighting the NWO. He is a very religious man. Some people believe after the prophecies of the Lady of Fatima that Russia will be the one to set us free. So, there are many differing points=of=view. We continue to read there are people in higher places that are fighting these New Order World people, and we can only pray that they will triumph over the forces of darkness. Many Jews in this country have been against the state of Israel from the beginning because they see it as heretical. Their messiah must return first. They also sympathize with the Palestinian people and don’t condone what Israel does. Here again is why when you label an entire people, you are doing exactly the same thing that you yourself object to. Why do you feel the need to label people who don’t agree with you, just as no one has the right to label someone who does not condone what Israel is doing or our continued support, as anti=Semitic. It works both ways.

        • AdamGmoney

          I am saying Zionism is not the NWO goal at all.

          They are using the Jews and Zionists. There are phony-Zionists who have infiltrated Israeli government who are of Jewish anscestry.
          There is a Biblical tradition of Traitor-Jews known to the Jewish people as Task-masters, taken from name given during the enslavement in Egypt. If people think Jews are controlling the World, they know nothing about the Jewish people. The New World Order plan is obviously quite old, & how have the Jews been treated throughout most of that time? Not well. How big is the state of Israel? And surrounded by fundamentalist enemies? Yeah, they’re really pulling the strings alright. That’s a joke. Even Ron Paul supporters are buying this InterNational Socialists propaganda.

          • AdamGmoney

            Putin fighting the NWO?! That’s a joke too. Ex-KGB, wantsto go back to USSR.

            Pure Marxist, just like the Task-Master Jews I talked about who want think Jews represent G-d, higher pwer than the state, & must go. Wrong, Fatima Prophesy came post Iluminati infiltration of the Vatican so who knows.

  • Pat

    How many jews are standing up to restore the Constitution?

    None. Only goys are trying to do that.

    • AdamGmoney

      You certainly AREN”T standing for individualism.

      You are a hate filled collectivist.

      Did you get beat up by the Purple Gang or something?

      • Pat


        Yes – I “hate” criminals.

        I’m full of “HATE” for the jewish crime network.

  • Pat

    How many jews does it take to fight a war?

    None. They just get goys to do it.

  • Pat

    How many jews does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    None – they just get a goy to do it.