Ron Paul Speaks before North Dakota Caucus

  • I also forgot to add that he has a stupid name. “Ron Paul” what kind of President has a name like that. Heh, he’ll be irrelevant in the next 10 years.


  • People need to Vote Against Ron Paul 2012
    People need to Vote Against Ron Paul 2012

    The American people has awaken and knows who to vote for.

    81% Ron Paul
    4% Sarah Palin
    6% Mit Romney
    2% Mike Pence
    1% Rick Santorum
    1% Newt Gingrich
    1% John Thune
    4% other

    ****RON PAUL 2012****

  • Also to mention Ron Paul is racist and homophobic. He’s old, ugly, boring, so is his wife. Hes not the right image of the President. The President needs to be a prophetic figure, Ron Paul is just a crazy old coon! If he was such an honest man, he’d drop out admitting he has no chance. But nope, he’s just a criminal. That’s why he’ll die a miserable old man. 🙂

    • AdamGmoney

      A “Prophetic Figure”?

      Absolutely no candidate could better fit that descrption than Ron Paul.
      encroachment of civil liberties!
      The ONLY one who Predicted the Financial Crisis, Housing Crisis, & encroachment of civil liberties! Only Ron Paul is warning of the coming tyranny!

      Thanks for the accidental endorcement! LOLOLOL.

      JEWS for Ron Paul! Forget these Nazi CIA agents coming here pretending to be racist Ron Paul supporters, but all thet do talk shit about Jews.

    • hahaha I can appreciate the fact that you are trying to get under everyones skin, I would do the same thing. It’s not cool that you don’t know anything about anything though, especially the truth when you hear it. Try listening to debates yourself instead of believing what you hear from other people.

  • Ron Paul is unrealistic and radical. All you people are just selfish criminals and drug addicts. You bunch of crazy sumbags! We must protect the world, bring people like Kony down. But nope you scum only care for yourselves and your mythical idea of liberty. Hahahaha guess what, the world doesn’t support you losers! hahahaha 🙂

  • KONY 2012 is a perfect example of why Ron Paul will never be President. People want to intervene in foreign affairs, it’s the right thing to do. With Ron Paul in office, he’ll let terrorist and criminals build power and kill, like Hitler did.

  • i know im going to incur the wrath of many, but hear me out: im 100% behind Ron Pauls policies, political positions, his values… the whole lot.. however i do think his strategy for this election was seriously flawed, he got nothing out of going so strongly against newt and santorum, those voters would never drift towards him.. all he did was help mitt and furthermore by giving hack mittens such a pass (mitt=FAKE) he missed an opportunity to challenge some of mittens independant voters

  • the establishment does not want Ron Paul to win.

    WE HAVE TO FIGHT in order to get him elected!!

    I was picked as a delegate for my state. ITS EASY! DO IT DON’T BE AFRAID!
    trust me… I’m a 22 year old broke college student with a 3.0 gpa who works at burger king.

    I never paid much attention to politics, but I watch TYT on youtube alot.

    If I can do it you can do it for sure.

  • Sane People Vote Ron Paul 2012. Don’t be idle, our country is dying! Damnit!

  • Ron Paul is the same thing, he is a freemason, which translates to illuminati. But he’s the best… but not really what you want. The rest, well… it’s obvious.

    • AdamGmoney

      Look. There’s something people gotta realize about Freemasons, & I am NO freemason, I am what some would call a “conspracy theorist”, but they are not evil.

      The best way I can describe it, as far as I can tell based upon my collected information, it is like the FORCE in STAR WARS. There is a good side & a dark side to the mathematical balance of the universe. Or at least you can chose whether you believe in goo or the dark side. On the dark side there are no moral limits. This why some practice the ancient druid “cremation of care” ceremony at Bohemian Grove & other Groves. Of course the dark side is making the choice there is no meaning to life. These people often end up very wealthy & powerful, but then again, what is it worth? Nothing. That’s why they are never satisfied with the power they have, & always need more.

      Other Freemasons, MAY, repeat MAY, be opposing the other side, or at least offering the other possibility. Our Nation, the Great Freemason Experiment, was an example of the Good side of Freemasonry, believing in Individual Liberty & a small, limited & balanced republican form of government, made of, by & for the People.

  • douglascllc

    The Federal Reserve used their power to make the US dependent on sweet crude contracts; the same families that were tried with anti-trust laws over the monopolization of early US oil developments. They bypassed the antitrust laws by taking over US Monetary Policy, The Federal Reserve. They used their control over the media to outlaw industrial hemp production, of which had no THC levels. Why? Because they saw the $$ in petroleum byproducts and did not want any competition; Yea, and they when as far as to change US History.
    Now the US is very dependent on sweet crude. This is the predicament that we the people have been sucked into. The ones who own and control monetary policy have a big vested interest in defending their oil contracts in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia point blank.
    This is more than a game against unconstitutional monetary policy. This now is a matter of National Security. National security in reality includes the resources that involve the sustainability of our US way of life! So, always respect what our military is put up to do.
    Military commanders will under command destroy threats that threaten the continuity of our way of life. We can look beyond the fact that the security of the Middle East is an integrated part of our way of life, but we have the diplomacy of its dependency. This is why President Jorge Bush said he would want nothing more than get US off the sweet crude. The idea that complacency of terrorism as a tool to the need for public opinion and governmental opinion on the pretext for war is a predictable stance for military operations. Better not to say my observation but that there is a threat to the security of this dependency.
    Ron Paul is the US Grand Father. I want nothing else but for you to think of me as one who would fight to the bloody death for constitutional monetary policy. With constitutional monetary policy we can overcome all things. However, overcoming unconstitutional monetary policy is no way as easy as reestablishing the gold standard.
    If you want true constitutional monetary policy then those who your representatives would issue the currency too thus rightfully expand their fellow citizens and thus expand the Universe threw proper representation. This is a great philosophy and science to achieve. This understanding is the next step for the one and true America. We are all God’s Children.

  • Sorry if I sound mean but, PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT KONY!!!!!! Omfg get of the band wagon! Please if you care then you should prioritize your attention to those that need it most. Slaves in North Korea, Malaysia, India (underage sex slaves); hundreds of thousands killed in Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Nigeria; millions starving, billions living in poverty!!

    FOR FUCK SAKES others need your attention more!!

  • French Canadian

    It ain’t over before the fat lady sings.

    Ron Paul won’t get out of the race Robert, because he is the best man there.
    But Santorum and Gingrich should get out. They have no chances whatsoever.

    Ron Paul is the one that do better against Obama omn national polls.
    All the others are White Obama and the Black Obama will win.

    Go Ron Paul! Go all the way!

  • kyle s

    The problem is the elite. They donate insane amounts of money to certain candidates. They get media time, Ron Paul doesn’t. There is no “may the best man win”. It’s all corrupt, controlled, and manipulated. If Ron Paul was black, the mainstream media would be called racists. But atleast Ron Paul has woken people up and maybe perhaps it won’t end even if Paul loses or bows out. It’s really sad how people vote these days, where they get their information, and how their thought process even works. I’m not even gonna finish what I was going to say. Screw it, Obama, or Romney wins, we deserve it. I don’t care anymore. All civilizations fall sooner or later.

  • Amiri Can


  • It’s too bad, but somehow that whole racist, unelectable, isolationist, among other crap propaganda worked. Americans are retarded like that. The MSM has them so tuned in. All they had to do was run a few hit pieces in the beginning and then put him on ignore status the rest of the way. Just look at some of the Super Tuesday results. More than half the states are 90% or more completely retarded. Don’t think the blackout was only national. Local networks did their job as well. So long America!

  • Amiri Can
  • Google “Ron Paul 60 minutes” and sign the petition
    we only need less than 5000 more signatures
    share this message anyway you can

  • Robert

    Whooowww, I just came here to ask for Ron Paul to give up and let the best man win, and now that I have read some post I see that there are a bunch of Jew Haters here. The Jews arn’t the problum, obama is the PROBLUM. Oh by the way, I am a Christian so don’t get your panties in a uproar.

    • Martin Rivera

      Five Members of Romney Family Endorse Ron Paul for President.

    • AdamGmoney

      Theres only one Jew hater it that guy pat.

      Don’t listen to him he’s not even American, as admitted.

      I am a Jewish Ron Paul supporter. That guy is like a plant or something to make Paul supporters look bad. Notice he is the only one saying anti-semitic stuff.

  • Robert

    Look you ran a good campain with some really good ideas, and some really lame ideas. Now its time to do the right thing and get out and put your support behind someone else. Stop making it easyer for obama.

    • robin

      If you do your homework, you will find that Romney and Obama serve the same masters. Follow the money trail my dear young man. The question you should be concerned about right now is does your vote count because come November the people that run this country will decide who will best serve their interests and not yours and mine. The voter fraud has been so blatant during these primaries and completely covered up by the media. It’s been going on for a long time in this country and it’s time for us to do something about it. It’s all an illusion that there is any real difference between these two men and why we are voting for the only candidate with a plan, and who will protect our freedoms. Someone who has a responsible foreign policy and one that is not about war mongering. Do you want to live in a police state? Do you want to go to a global economy and see our country collapse because of big spending? We are voting for Ron Paul because he is a man that can’t be bought and neither can his supporters. He is the only candidate with a plan to balance the budget before this country is no more.We don’t believe in politics as usual. Listen to Ben Swann’s Reality Check on how Romney intends to balance the budget. I’ll let you be the judge after you hear what he says and the reality check that Ben Swann does afterwards.

  • Barak obama a muslim lol, disgracing animal like him wont spare a day in middle east withou bodyguards. You keep him christians, muslims cant even shoot him, our bullets are precious than him

    • AdamGmoney

      He’s muslim.

      Was raised muslim in Indonesia.