Ron Paul Speaks before North Dakota Caucus

  • sign the ron paul petition to get him on “cbs news 60 minutes”.

    google ron paul 60 minutes
    I just signed !!!:DD


    Ron Paul is the only candidate that Makes sense!


  • watch?v=JOqDfZCiD1o

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • sign the ron paul petition to get him on “cbs news 60 minutes”.
    google ron paul 60 minutes

  • robin

    Calling all Ron Paul supporters…Two things to do- go to and sign the petition to get Ron Paul on 60 minutes. Tell everyone you know to do the same. We have over 20,ooo signatures right now. It would be wonderful to get at least 50,000. Let’s use the internet to let people know around the world. He needs media exposure and to to take his case to the American people since he has been literally assassinated by the mainstream media and the GOP. Next, everyone let Ben Swann of Reality Check know we need to gather information about the election fraud. I saw one person on here who is a data analyst who has found anomalies in 9 of the primaries so far. Tell Ben to audit North Dakota, or Idaho=smaller caucuses and then go viral=You Tube with this information. Just imagine how many people he would reach. The internet is powerful, so let’s use it to get the truth to the American people while we still can. This election is being stolen and if they want their vote to count, we have to expose the system and change it. This is the most important issue in this election.

  • It will be Ron Paul and no other! Anyone other then Paul and Ron paul supporters are gonna fuck this bitch up I’m telling you man. Ron’s hitting a deep cord, one we the people will kill your asses over, our Constitution. There will be no more Obama in 2012 he is done and will be the first president in my lifetime to hang for treason. On the good side though Comcast will make a fortune putting the Obama hanging on pay per view! Ron Paul2012!

  • guest

    i am irani.
    Mr Paul you are good man.
    please no war Iran.

  • Gary Johnson should be Vice President under Ron Paul. Thumb Up if you agree.

  • President Ron Paul 2012, love, light, and truth

  • If I remember correctly, Wall Street got us into this economic mess but yet, we are willing to vote for a man who contributed to it by buying companies, paying back loans with those companies’ assets, and selling the company for a profit and putting people out of work. The American voters disgust me and it pisses me off to be a part of them.

  • This is why everyone around the world thinks Americans are idiots. We have a guy named Ron Paul who has been correct 100% of the time about this country’s most important issues telling us dead in the face what our problems are and tells the truth. He answers every question in debates honestly and always has a solution to our problems. But instead of voting for Ron Paul, who is backed by the military, we vote for a man who is backed by Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.

  • Maybe if you question why blacks in the inner city that you live in don’t know who Ron Paul is, you’ll actually go in a little deeper and know what he stands for and you’ll understand why his supporters will take a bullet for him , will you die for Obama???

  • Stop replying to Ju88ff, he is a Zionist Jew and a troll. Leave him alone and he will stop.

  • You sound like an Obama supporter.. Great .. Go ahead and suck on government’s cheese, but what’s gonna happen when the money runs out??? China (our creditor) will come and fuck us all…by the way, Romney who made $43 mil in the last two years is really gonna care about the poor and middle class.. How about Santorum, he’s probably gonna be too busy killing gays and picking wars with 1.5 billion Muslims

  • Why doesn’t Paul just drop out of the race anyway? Does anyone seriously believe this man will get even a sniff of power? The sooner his assortment of nut jobs, fan boys and paranoid maniacs are put out of their misery the better!

  • Idattani… I guess you represent the blacks now?? Well go on …think that he’s a raciest , as long as there are clueless ignorants like you only knowing what the media tells them and are brainless to think on their own, I’m sure he won’t be elected, but you know what??? You deserve what happens to you when this country goes down the toilet.

  • Ron Paul will never be President, I’m so happy :’)

  • Ju88ff… You’re like those other republican clowns running, you don’t mind sending our children to die for their greed and agenda, why they don’t send their own kids?? Ron Paul is the only one who cares about American lives, would you die for Israel you stupid monkey??

  • Its no wonder why Ron Paul isn’t doing better.MSNBC never talks about him.Every day I wake up to see if there is something written about RP and nope! nothing to read from msnbc. Cnn isnt better either. Then when they do have Ron Paul on, they have the nerve to ask him why he isnt doing better. The balls of these guys. Really.

  • Ju88ff… Why are you still here??? Go and sign up for the army so you can fuck with however you want worldwide… But talk is cheap.. You don’t mind if someone else dies for no reason do you?? If you think that presidents are elected for their looks, then your at the wrong freak show, go watch the Kardashians or something.. Innocents are dying worldwide because of the greed and bad policies of our government, that’s why terrorists exists or that’s what we learned to call them , they’re actual