Ron Paul: The Hunt for Delegates Continues

  • When are these media whores gonna drop the third party question. It is like they want it to happen. We aint going away. The media whores and criminal politicians are. Goodbye lying media and poliiticians.
    RON PAUL 2012


  • The fight for Freedom is on
    if Romney, Gingrich or Santorum wins I will start a rebellion against the US >:D

  • I’m determined to get Ron Paul in that white house!

  • I hope that after this is all over in 2012, Ron Paul supporters will continue to be active in the liberty movement. Like Ron Paul himself says, it’s not about him–it’s about the ideas that will shape our future. Even if (by a miracle, admittedly) RP wins the presidency, we’ll still have to think about the long run.

  • Stop asking Dr. Paul who he will give his support to!

    You make yourself look stupid, we all know your trying to trick his supporters.

    Let me tell you now, that’s not going to happen.

    We will write in Ron Paul if he is not going to get the GOP nomination.

    I say, “Punish the GOP”

    Only, Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • Ron is the man!

  • Rude bimbo. . .

  • We have to remind the ESTABLISHMENT_ that Dr RON PAUL have been WINNING almost all the states!!! Stop telling the people that FRAUD and CHEATING is the best way to win an election!!! American People_ are not stupid!!! Dr.RON PAUL is the TRUE WINNER here!! WAKE Up Mainstream Media!!!

  • Again a lame attempt by the MSM anchor to occult the real possibility that Ron Paul will win the nomination. People aren’t buying it. How many times does it have to be said. MSM do make fools of themselves. Money seems to be the only thing that matters to these shameless people.


  • I hate to say it but I’m willing to bet that if R.P. gets the lions share of delegates to the point where he overwhelms the competition then the lawyers will flood the higher courts and somehow disqualify his score.Those people aren’t going to let him win. Mark my words he will be tossed out for some obscure ruling.

  • IF YOU ARE ANGRY AT THE SYSTEM AND WANT CHANGE: go to wwwronpaul2012com and click the “VOLUNTEER” tab so you can sign up as a volunteer for the official campaign. As soon as you become a volunteer you have to contact the campaign and ask them on more information on becoming a delegate. Regardless if you live in a Caucus state or a Primary state it’s very important for Ron Paul supporters to become delegates.REMEMBER, IT’S THE DELEGATE PROCESS THAT WILL DETERMIN WHO WILL BECOME THE GOP NOMINEE!

  • I just voted for ron paul

  • 0:21, to answer the question: Because he actually cares about his supporters and restoring America.

  • Can anyone tell me were i can find information about when the results of the super Thuesday come out?

    Greetings from Germany

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • watch?v=yJO06Fqz-t4&feature=g-all&context=G2075febFAAAAAAAALAA

    ron paul says oficial 9-11 report is true ???

  • C’MON VIRGINIA. , Get RON PAUL A WIN!! Romneys a robot politician that wants to send YOURr kids to war! VOTE for Peace today RON PAUL!!!!

  • Why does the media ask the same dumb questions? There is no turning the Ron paul Revolution off. The under canidates do not understand the delegate process, how is the media going to redeem itself when all Ron Paul supporters are DELEGATES!!!!!! OOOOHHHH YEAH!!!!

  • this man deserves a fucking statue in his honor! trade in all the stupid michael jackson statues to pay for it.

  • If Ron Paul does not win the election, it doesn’t matter. His opposition hasn’t realized this yet.

    a) The Republicans will NOT win without Ron’s supporters. If the supporters have to vote for anyone else, then Ron’s democrat supporters will vote for Obama.

    b) It’s unstoppable. If they make peaceful revolution impossible, then they’ll make violent revolution unavoidable. I’ve heard from MANY Ron Paul supporters (Indie, Rep & Dem) who are ready to take up arms.

    This isn’t going away.