Ron Paul: We Don’t Need Another War

  • Just run INDEPENDENT!!!!!!

    The whole voting process is RIGGED!!!

    It’s Rigged… he will not win because it is rigged… look up – CLINT CURTIS .. he is the computer programmer that rigged Florida’s vote… checkout the youtube vid.. he admits in court that he was told to hide the changes… its all computer programmed..

    We need to get away from the GOP… they are all scum that will destroy this country … or whatever Obama has deteriorated already



  • Wow, what a great interview. Thanks Ms. Ingraham for a fair, and objective interview.

  • That was about the only fair interview of Dr. Paul I’ve heard from someone on the right.. Thank you Laura.

  • I fucking hate Jews!

  • The U.S. hasn’t won a war since WWII, and we aren’t winning the current ones.
    BRING THE FUCKING TROOPS HOME and put them on the Mexican border!

  • How many countries has Iran attacked in its history?

  • How many countries has Iran attacked in its history?

  • So, America props up oppressive regimes and the people they’ve oppressed for decades finally get out from under their rule, then you’re all of the sudden surprised they react in such a way that it means the “slaughtering” of other people takes place? This broad is one twisted psycho. You think they should calmly move on from decades of your crap and up and forget it? That’s even if what she said is true, which I highly doubt it is.

  • I’d rather hear a donkey diarrhea all over Mt. Everest than listen to a single word that comes out of Netanyahu’s Kosher pig face. Reminds of that Jim Carrey Movie, “Liar, Liar”. It’s impossible to open his yap and truth to come out. Well, after all he’s a Jew. Can’t blame him.

  • Quran?With the scroll “Kill the JEWS”?! I haven’t seen it anywhere in the Quran.I beg you people to read the Quran yourself before believing in these lies.


    either LIBERTY (vote ron paul)
    or DEATH (leave the US, or this country needs a divorce)

  • 12:43
    a forewarning to those thinking about leaving the US, hmmm?

  • 9:53
    perhaps that is what is the best way to describe Romney
    he is not a flip-flopper…HE IS JUST A LIAR!
    (as was Obama, for the 50% of the idiots that will vote him back into office)

  • 9:20
    Romney is disgusting! where does he stand on issues!
    and to all those Obama-losers: how has your candidate changed anything — except for the worse!
    NO nation building
    NO foreign intervention
    NO more wars
    NO more deficits
    NO more UN
    NO more globalizing labor (and wrecking wage rates, via immigration and outsourcing)

  • KONY 2012

  • Vote up to fight the evil AIPAC, ADL…

    911 ✡===== ✈ ✈ ▌▌

    Good video. Please watch: /watch?v=OW6mwMYhSPs

  • Go to change. org Find the No Ron Paul, NO GOP petition. seriously. If you support him sign the fucking petition, we’re looking for ONE million signatures. Share this with every supporter you know. Stop sitting on the sidelines. This thing has been up 4 months for fuck’s sake assholes, you will all youtube your fucking mouths off but you need to act. NOW.

  • every word this lady says the more hot she becomes

  • Amazing to see real leaders step up for Peace instead of calling sluts about birth control.

  • WE bomb YOU: Defense
    YOU bomb US: Terrorism

    Die, Anglican Empire, die.