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  1. Amiri Can




    Membership Chairman Bill Griffin
    frozen foods, work number:706-367-9851 | 1-800-277-9851

    Chairman: Matt Brewster
    2372 S Milledge Ave, Athens, GA 30605

    Vice Chair: Karen Schwind
    168 Grady Ave, Athens, GA 30601

    2nd Vice Chair: Tim Wright
    135 Carlton Ter, Athens, GA 30606

    Athens-Clarke county GOP Contact Information
    (706) 546-4280

    Gail Schrader
    Supervisor of Elections & Voter Registration
    Phone: 706-613-3150
    Fax: 706-613-3840
    155 E. Washington St.
    Athens, GA 30601


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  2. Surfisher

    US Marines DISARMED before meeting Panetta!

    By TIM MAK | 3/14/12 11:00 AM EDT


    Article (condensed):

    “Hundreds of U.S. Marines were suddenly told Wednesday to leave and return unarmed to a venue where Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was scheduled to speak….”
    “….about 200 Marines were told to take their weapons outside of the large tent at Camp Leatherneck where Panetta spoke and to leave them there, while Afghan troops already were unarmed, as is customary for these events, reports The Associated Press.”

    The commander on the scene, Sgt. Maj. Brandon Hall, said he was acting on orders from highers-up…. “All I know is, I was told to get the weapons out,” he told The New York Times. “Somebody got itchy, that’s all I’ve got to say….”

    American officials later said that the order came from the top commander in Helmand province, Maj. Gen. Mark Gurganus.

    “You’ve got one of the most important people (Panetta) in the world in the room,” he told the newspaper — the order….“Is not a big deal,” Gurganus added.”

    “U.S. officials told Marines to leave a tent and disarm themselves before re-entering for a meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. NBC’s Atia Abawi and Jim Miklaszewski report.

    According to one official the decision was “stupid.”

    Miklaszewski also told NBC’s Chuck Todd Wednesday that the move was “highly unusual” and that Marines in combat zones are always supposed to have weapons within their reach.”

    Military officials in Washington told NBC News’ chief Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski that the decision to disarm the Marines was indeed significant.

    “It sends the wrong message” that Marines can’t be trusted in the presence of the secretary of defense,” one told him.

    Here is a comment on this situation from an expert:

    “U.S. Marines never disarm in a combat zone, never, not for any reason or event.”

    If true — than these two questions arise:

    A) Are the Marines that disarmed themselves going to face Court-martial?


    B) Is the ORIGINATOR, that compelled the Marines to DISARM, be prosecuted to the full extent of military law?

    Still awaiting the ACTUAL NAME of the person issuing the ‘Marines Disarm Order’ — was it Maj. Gen. Mark Gurganus, if not, who (actual Name and Position in the US Government) was responsible for this travesty?!

    GIVE US A NAME — and we’ll go from there….

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  3. tom

    Let drop his oration and look at ob’s actions… how many of our troops have to die before we can him?

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  4. AngstBoy42

    Right on, Jack! They can’t win without us. If Dr. Paul doesn’t get the nomination, I will HAPPILY split the vote and write in his name.

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  5. Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    We Are the Humans

    Three blind mice are ill-equipped to brighten the dark pathway, for only Mr. Paul’s ideas illuminate the Super Highway of Liberty, Imagination and Reason, which are the foundation, of Mr. Jefferson’s romantic ideal, of ennobling humanity—ideas to fulfill Humanity—free Imagination, eternally unfulfilled; limitlessly—imagining…

    T Kosciuszko

    Principles, are either valued, or they are not

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  6. JustWokeUP Canadian

    Obama is not good for America he is good at deception and Ron Paul is a true patriot just look at his voting record…and that record we agree with.


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  7. Surfisher

    Here it is again…Obama acting as the Dictator of USA!


    Superb video showing Bama’s total disregard for Constitutional Law — and his patsies trying to wriggle out of this scrutiny!

    Looks like possible grounds for Impeachment — but, since Bama will not be reelected, most likely will get a pardon….

    Hopefully the two seen here, will eventually be put in jail!

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  8. Surfisher

    Breaking News! Las Vegas, Nevada. Ron Paul Delegates SWEEP The Clark County Convention!

    Ron Paul 2012

    375 votes

    Chairman Gibbs brought the meeting to order by asking for any Santorum supporters to please raise their hands. A handful of people raised their hands. Then he asked for Gingrich. He got 2 handfuls. When he asked for Romney, his people clustered near the front of the main room raised their hands with a great cheer.

    When he asked for Ron Paul what looked like about 2/3rds of the crowd of over 2,600 delegates leaped to their feet as one and unleashed a thunderous ovation that lasted for 30 seconds. It was absolutely electrifying.

    Things settled down and we got down to business. We were allowed to self nominate ourselves as delegates to the state convention. Clark County which is BY FAR the most populated county in the state is allowed 1900 delegates. As only a little over 1,200 volunteered, all who signed up were confirmed as delegates. I do not have any exact numbers, but I can tell you we are likely to have an even larger majority at state than we did here. And this was DECISIVE.

    We heard from local candidates running for office. Senators Dean Heller and Joe Heck both spoke and were received with something less than whole hearted support, and deservedly so for their unconstitutional votes for NDAA and the patriot act.

    But the best part was filling the 14 seats on the Clark County Republican Party Executive Board. These are the people who set local policy. Each of the candidates was given only 30 seconds to speak.

    Are you ready for this?


    When the results were announced a Ron Paul cheer went up and if the Romney people were balloons you would have heard the air draining out of every one of them with a big, sad whoosh.

    The Clark County platform now OFFICIALLY calls for holding elected officials to their oath to defend the constitution, or face removal from office. The party platform now also calls for the repeal of the 16th amendment and a full public audit of the federal reserve.

    What does this all mean? It means all the garbage the media has been feeding us is precisely that. It means the campaigns delegate strategy works. It means this party is JUST GETTING STARTED!

    People, turn off your televisions and get to work. And if you want to have the experience of a lifetime standing there sweating and crying for joy, go be A Ron Paul delegate at your county and state convention.


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  9. Xenphenik

    I have trouble understanding this guys accent. sounds really annoying

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  10. still_believin

    Ron Paul pamphlets on Israel, Abortion and the Fed can be downloaded from the web by clicking on my name. They are written from an evangelical perspective and are very effective with Christians who want to know the truth.

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    Ron Paul <3 You are Amazing!!

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  12. Karen Bagdasarian

    Yes we did achieved momentum far beyond 2008, but one can argue it is because the economy, unemployment unsuccessful wars, bailouts, other crazy things that government did recently….But ideas of individual liberties,, golden rule in foreign policy, sound monetary policy and all other position of RP that, we all love and support, always alive…. before 2008 election and will live after 2012 election. In order to change Republican Party (in that case republican or democrat party), to bring it to the ideas of RP you have to replace it. Otherwise one has to hope for more disasters in economy, foreign policy in order republicans to pay little more attention to predictions of RP. I just don’t understand which ideas of RP are the ideas of today’s Republican Party. Many people who I try to convince to vote for RP just do not want to register Republican. And who we going to vote between Obama and Romney?

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  13. luckyjude

    Just donated my week’s coffee money to Ron Paul.. I changed my ebay name to goronpaul.
    It’s funny how 4000 people show up from precincts at the voting poles and 2000 votes get counted…

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  14. bill

    Great video! We are the Ron Paul Revolution and we own the future! It is inevitable. Ron Paul has influenced several of his fellow Republican candidates to question the Federal Reserve system. More and more people on Main Street saw Ron Paul’s Youtube predictions made before the Middle East quagmires and before the housing bubble, before the 2008/2009 banking crisis and they know in their minds he is right.

    Truth will out. As a libertarian, I am confident that the long term trend is to expand individual liberty, get government out of our pocketbooks and out of our bedrooms. This is mostly the Ron Paul revolution and it’s going worldwide! I read an interesting article that internet and telecommunications revolution combined are going to push the bottom 1 billion people up to higher standards of living in a generation or two. There are some African countries where tribesmen have more power (due to smartphones) than the US President had fifteen years ago – they do not have telephone poles – they hopped over that technology. The information freedom is liberating in the long run. There will be many Arab Springs in the future and they will be effective. Freedom is inevitable.

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  15. barbourjohn

    Keep going Jack. We need a spokesperson like you. It gives me something to pass around on Facebook and twitter.

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  16. barbourjohn

    You look much better in this video. Keep it up. I think you found the right mix of lighting and make-up. Peace

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  17. tubeviewerX20

    Just donated $25.00 to the RP campaign.

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  18. Martin Kral

    Thanks Scott. It took 40 years to create the sixties. It has taken another 40 years to create what we have today in the mind set of a lot of people. It will take more than 4 years (2008-2012) to correct the 80-100 years of socialist propaganda. Several months ago, I told my daughter that her generation was Ron Paul’s largest support base and she was surprised. Today, she is also a Ron Paul supporter. Now if we can only get that son-in-law to see the light. It will take time, but please don’t give up.

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  19. ibilldavis

    ron paul is anti semetic

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  20. Scott R

    Robin and my other Ron Paul buddies-
    You have to understand that my mind is very scientific… evidence is not the same as proof. YES folks are ignoring Paul. YES they are marginalizing him. YES they are even spreading outright lies. These are all bad things, but by themselves are simply NOT voter fraud, just politics. We have room to be upset about the politics of the GOP party and media, but I find it best to at the moment anyways, to believe that the small inconsistencies in the vote are nothing more than minor errors to be corrected and won’t change the outcome. I mean… he did not win the straw poll in ANY states. I LOVE RON PAUL, but I just cannot believe that voter fraud as in mis-counting votes by percentages of more than 10% is going on or possible in all of these states. Romney has the most votes in the straw polls. It doesn’t mean our ideals have been defeated, as we have achieved momentum FAR beyond 2008. It only means that the amount of work to be done was greater than we hoped for and imagined. No one ever said it would be easy. People are DRUNK on entitlements… and really do believe that they cannot survive without the government… just like a drug addict. I believe this desire to control the world to promote “our” way of life exists fundamentally because of FEAR OF ATTACK propagated by the media. It’s brainwashing at its finest with the goal of world domination / power. It is amazingly transparent isn’t it? If only the people could see this.

    Economy… folks just don’t realize that a recovery that is produced by debt and printing is no recovery at all. Just more smoke and mirrors… more kicking the can down the road to let my new son’s generation face the day with record costs for food, shelter, health care and education with bankrupt entitlements that really do matter like Social Security and medical care… will he have a solvent government to defend us during an attack on the US if one ever comes?

    I am truly worried about this planet. We are all stuck here with each other regardless of religion, economics, geography, culture… and we must learn to live with each other before we destroy ourselves. I believe that Ron Paul has the winning message that maximizes freedoms for all and thus happiness and peace.

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    1. Surfisher

      The belief that because Obama is a great Orator, does not mean he is a good Debater.

      1) As Orator (meaning: during an uninterrupted monologue) Obama’s reading of the tele-prompter is superb — he has the hand gestures down pat, the movement of his head to stare at an upper left, or right, diagonal, while taking a pause to underscore his point and thus allowing time for applauding, before he stares at the camera again and delivers the next segment of his PRE-WRITTEN Speech. His mastery of delivering dogma as “truth”, is only second to Goebbels propaganda abilities.

      2) As Debater (meaning: the ability to prove whose ideas are valid vs those that are illogical) — Obama is lost without the tele-prompter. Unless the questions were submitted beforehand, and his answers scripted, he gets annoyed when asked something he did not expect. When stumped by a question he does not know the answer, Obama becomes peevishly angry, he whails, clutches his hands, shakes his head, and responds with the COARSEST of Cliches! Then, he stumbles and bumbles his way trying to correct his outbursts by spouting irrelevant dogma! Pathetic — is the only proper word describing his debating “skills”.


      For those that believe BO is a great orator — you are 100% correct!

      For those that believe BO is a great debater — you are 100% wrong!


      Note this — when BO ran in 2008, he had NO record to be debated.
      Now, he has a horrible record as president — so anyone (without skeletons in the closet) will DESTROY this small-minded, perfidious clown!

      Ron Paul — who is a CONSTITUTIONAL Patriot — is best equipped to dismantle BO’s socialist dogma in a one-on-one debate for the Presidency!

      The rest have the ability (since a logical high-school kid can make Bama look silly in an unscripted debate) — but don’t have a clean closet (and Bama will attack their skeletons, since he can do nothing else).

      So, unless you do your best to elect Ron Paul — you’ll be party to the ignominious reelection of BO!

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  21. marco feola for RON PAUL

    freedom is not a stand on either side of the isle it is every side of the isle and so maybe our CAUSE is bigger then either party, and if there’s one thing im sure of it’s that Ron Paul is every persons candidate they just don’t know it yet! I have yet to meet a person who disagrees with most of what Paul says and every person i’ve talked to about paul has changed sides not just with the other candidates but with parties them selves. these contest’s have been rigged they’ve been proven to be rigged and are only being attended to by 5% of the gop population. we are the side of right! the side of reason! and the side of common sense in a world lacking in all three AND WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT! people need to be educated from us, the people who know, cuz there just not getting it from a mainstream that’s intent on another four years of robama oops i mean obamney so i say choose life liberty and the pursuit of happiness choose RON PAUL
    (give em hell paul)

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  22. makkixxxx

    The only republican I will vote for is Ron Paul. He understands how the American People were told lies but their government before going to war with Iraq and he sees the same propaganda building up to go to war with Iran.
    Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  23. CCLJunky

    If i was a jobless American, i would spend every minute of my life campaining for Dr. Paul, but i’m neither an American nor jobless. I’m on the other side of the ocean, watching how the once so great USA, is turning into the destroyer of this planet.
    I don’t have high hopes that we can prevent the Orwellian future that is coming rapidly, but putting Paul in the White House would be critical for that goal.
    Unfortunatly, the powers that be will do EVERYTHING to keep their puppet Obama in place.

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  24. Surfisher

    Pass it on..

    ILLEGAL EVERYTHING — Must-Watch special aired on FOX! See it below:


    It is estimated that nearly 500,000,000 as of 2010 (and each year EVEN MORE are passed) — about 1/2 billion — NEGATIVE Laws/rules/regulations are on the books, meaning: “You, the US Citizen, cannot do 1/2 billion things, because we, the Government, have deemed such actions ILLEGAL.”

    More Negative Laws than the total count of US Citizens (including babies, children, and adults in our Nation)!

    The Arrogance of Office is best displayed by this pernicious Sophism: “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”.

    No sane person can expect an individual to memorize all the names of the 312 million US Citizens — but same individual is expected to know the EXACTITUDE of ALL 1/2 billion LAWS (or be penalized for the IGNORANCE)?!

    The Great Roman Statesman Cicero stated: ‘The MORE Laws in a Nation, the LESS Justice for the Citizens’ — nearly 2000 years later, Cicero’s warning rings true: *More Laws = Less Liberty*!

    Only Ron Paul speaks out against this Government approved TYRANNY — the rest are silent-partners-in-crime!

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  25. BarrackBLEWit

    Mr. Hunter I just saw this headline while checking my email of yahoo. I invite you or anyone else to weigh in on this, Obama declares that ‘America is coming back’. Does anyone believe that America is ‘coming back’ just in time for Obama’s re-election bid?

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  26. Bill Cline

    All of you are missing the Root Cause of the problem. We are nothing more than monkeys in clothes. We are ignorant and aggressive and we deserve the fate that awaits us. Are Bible shows that the human race has been destroyed at least two times because of sin and we are going to be destroyed again soon. You cannot stop the evil that infests Washington because we are all evil and have fallen at one time. To change Washington, we as a species must change and that is not going to happen until the second coming. We never learn from our mistakes, even though the bible told us that money is the root of all evil. We are like stupid roaches that need to be completely exterminated in order to get rid of the problem. What do you think the second coming is all about? For us to make the transition to the spirit world are body’s must die. How do you think this is going to happen? Our pathetic selfs are going to be wiped from the face of this earth again and maybe nextime we will get it right……

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    1. marco feola for RON PAUL

      we are not evil we are not rulled by some psychotic madman in the clouds some where! we are made in the light of god’s love every one of us some people forget it, some deny it, and some people know and rebel. but we are free to make our own destiny’s and to say that god is waiting to back hand us off the planet at any time now is a cop out! i know a whole lot of people from around the world and i have yet to meet a brother human being who i could say was truly evil! but we the good people are the majority 1,000,000,000 to 1 and it’s up to us to make the world better, every one of us has a spark of greatness a spark that the establishments of the world try over and over again to snuff out! but they fail over and over again and they will always fail because the establishments claim to power are a LIE A LIE THEY HAVE FOOLED EVERY ONE WITH it FOR TOO LONG! but we are the people and the world turns because of us not them!
      it’s the establishments that create war, it’s they who create discrimination, it is they who fans the flames of hate that separate us from each other! and the establishment knows how tenuous their position is and the one thing they are terrified of is a human race with it’s eyes open, cuz on that day they will know they have failed and that the lord has returned to guide his people (all of them from every race, color or religion)into a new era! An era of evolution of human consciousness and enlightenment! but it’s up to us to join together and to become something that is more then the sum of our parts, to be a human race made up of individuals and nations working together to solve humanities problems! and i think all good things need a beginning AND THIS RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW IS OUR BEGINNING GOD BLESS US EVERY ONE AND GOD BLESS RON PAUL FOR OPENING OUR EYES TO THE FACT THAT WE CAN BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN OTHERS!

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  27. robin

    You are an intelligent young professional and at your age, I never would have believed what I do now. If you rely on the mainstream media for your information, you will not hear about all the voter fraud that has been going on for years. I encourage you to look into it and find out for yourself. One has to take time to connect the dots. We also have come to believe that presidents are hand picked to serve an agenda after doing years of research. Again, I never dreamed I would feel this way because I always had faith in the system and believed it was democratic. As long as people don’t question and demand answers whether our vote really matters, this country will never be the same again. The best analogy I can give is what it is like to lose someone you love. First denial, then anger and then how to cope with it. I believe most people don’t want to believe our system is not democratic, and I used to be one of them until we started looking into so many things. This election will make or break this country unless we get someone in there that is not part of the globalist agenda. Again, it sounds like this is something you might not believe in, so I would encourage you to look into it for yourself. People are labeled to silence them. That’s what the media has done to Ron Paul and he is considered by many to be too far out=”a kook”. That’s what people do when they are afraid of finding out the truth for themselves and why people aren’t up in arms with the way the media has not done their jobs. It seems like you are voting for Ron Paul because of the economy. I am voting for him because all the other candidates are going to carry on the agenda in this country. They are just pawns in a chess game. You are young and still believe the system is fixable when there’s so much going on, but which is hard for most to grasp. Many will think it too far=fetched to even look into the New World Order agenda just as people have labeled people who don’t buy the official story of 9/11. This is our greatest test whether we are willing to find out the truth, to question, and we have to start with election fraud and whether our vote matters. As you can see, there are as many different reasons that people support Ron Paul, as there are people. Many of us are behind him because they see the forces at work within our country that have very evil intentions. So, please look into election fraud if you have doubts that anything sinister has been going on to keep Ron Paul from winning any of the primaries and keeping his vote no higher than 10-20%=marginal at best. Enjoy being a father as children are a true blessing…Peace…

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  28. robin

    If you are going to put a thumbs down, then take the time to say why you don’t like what someone said unless you have already tried to have a dialogue with someone and it has failed.

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  29. French Canadian

    This Bob Dylan song says it all. It is represents so much what is going now, it could have been written last weak:

    “The Times They Are A-Changin'”

    Come gather ’round people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    And accept it that soon
    You’ll be drenched to the bone
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin’
    Then you better start swimmin’
    Or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come writers and critics
    Who prophesize with your pen
    And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon
    For the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no tellin’ who
    That it’s namin’
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come mothers and fathers
    Throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you can’t understand
    Your sons and your daughters
    Are beyond your command
    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend your hand
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    The line it is drawn
    The curse it is cast
    The slow one now
    Will later be fast
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The order is
    Rapidly fadin’
    And the first one now
    Will later be last
    For the times they are a-changin’.

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  30. freemanx2x

    GOP doesn’t care who will win except if Ron Paul…There is no Republican or Democrat party anymore …The system is corrupt to the bone!

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  31. Pat

    The jew lackey Woodrow Wilson sold out the US when he signed the Federal Reserve Act.

    That sealed our fate here.

    With the stroke of a pen, he handed over total control of the US to the Zionist Crime Syndicate.

    Don’t believe me?

    Look it up – while you still can.

    Before the jews shut down the internet.

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    1. robin

      I don’t know how old you are, but just keep in mind when you say Jews, immediately people will see you as a bigot or that you have racist overtones. Be careful how you label people. Yes, I do agree with you that this has been used throughout history to excuse the behavior of a civilization or people. Also, read my note down below about very ingrained belief systems. You put out information then it’s up to people to find out the truth for themselves. Many will chose not to because ignorance is bliss and because some things are just too far out for them to believe, even when that may not be the case. 9/11 is a perfect example and when our worldview changed and we starting doing our own research and not relying on others(mainstream media).The more you hammer away, the more your message or the truth within will be lost. I noticed that Adam agreed with you on some areas, but then you pushed the line and lost all credibility. If you want to educate people this is not the way to do it. You can’t cram something down someone’s throat if you want them to listen. I often have made the same mistake with people I know and family members.

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  32. Pat

    The jewish people need top decide whose side they are on. Are they on the side of the Zionist Criminal Syndicate – or are they on the side of Humanity?

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  33. Pat

    There are three (3) main groups taking part in the global conflict playing out before you. They are:

    1) Zionist Crime Syndicate {The Satanic Criminals – “the bankers”}
    2) jewish People {The Dupes}
    3) Christian Western Nations Muslim Nations {Everyone Else}

    It is important to understand the dynamics of the above situation.
    The Zionist Crime Network exploits the jews’ fears of “persecution” while simultaneously hiding behind a cloak of “jewry”.

    This is so that they can claim that any attack against the Zionist Crime Network is “an attack on the jews”, or “Anti-Semitism”.

    The Zionist Crime Syndicate instigates conflict between Christian Western Nations and Muslim Nation. The Zionist Crime Syndicate also instigates conflict between jews and everyone else – so it’s:

    * Christian Western Nations vs. Muslim Nations,
    * jews vs. Christian Western Nations,
    * jews vs. Muslim Nations, and
    * jews vs. Everyone Else.

    The jewish people need top decide whose side they are on. Are they on the side of the Zionist Criminal Syndicate – or are they on the side of Humanity?
    The jewsh Warburgs and the jewsh Rothschilds controlled Germany’s Central Bank called the Reich Bank, which was founded by Mayer Rothschild.

    While Max and Felix Warburg helped finance Germany in W.W.I, their brother Paul Warburg of Kuhn and Loeb helped finance the American side by selling War Bonds through the US Federal Reserve Bank.

    Kaiser Wilhelm II led Germany to its destruction in W.W.I. Crippled since birth with a useless arm, Keiser Wilhelm was the grandson of queen Victoria and the great-uncle of QE2. It was no accident that Kaiser Wilhelm chose Max Warburg as head of Germany’s Secret Service.

    The Rothschild and Warburg printing-presses worked tirelessly on both sides of the Atlantic, rolling-out debt-money.

    Germany won the first world war by 1916 without a single shot being fired on German soil. British convoys were blown out of the Atlantic by German U-boats, the French army mutinied and the Russian army was defecting.

    With British Prime Minister Lloyd George up against a wall, Lionel Rothschild and the Counterfeit-Jew-Zionists offered Britain a deal they couldn’t refuse. We’ll bring the United States into the war as your ally and win the war for you, if you promise us Palestine.

    In April of 1917, President Wilson got the green light and declared war on Germany.

    Because of overwhelming opposition to the war, Wilson evoked the draft and invoked the espionage act, forcing Americans to fight or be thrown in jail. Billions of US tax-payers’ money was delivered to the British war-machine. Money that was never repaid. In return the British Government wrote the famous Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917 and addressed it to none other than to Lord Lionel Rothschild. The declaration promised the land of Palestine/Israel to the Rothschild Zionists.

    The Versailles Treaty negotiations after W.W.1. were held behind closed doors at the luxurious private mansion of yet another Rothschild family member named Edmund Rothschild. Treaty negotiators included Rothschild agent Paul Warburg as the US delegate and his brother Max Warburg as a German delegate.

    The Versailles peace treaty forced Germany to accept guilt for the war. As punishment, Germany lost its army, navy and colonies and had to pay the cost of the war through a debt to the International bankers which could never be repaid.

    W.W.1. killed 9 million solders, injured, crippled and impoverished millions and collapsed four Empires with large parts of France, Belgium and Russia left devastated.

    Wars throughout history have always been waged by the Ruling Class for conquest, power and profit, and the Subject Class have always fought their battles. It wasn’t until the close of W.W.1. that solders first began to ask why they were killing and being killed.

    The League of Nations was established after W.W.1. as the Money Cartel’s first attempt at world control, but Tzar Nicholas the second of Russia had caught-on to their plot and sabotaged it.

    That proved to be a deadly mistake. Schiff, Warburg, Rockefeller, Harriman and Morgan backed the uprisings that lead to the 1917 Russian revolution.

    Their strategy was to finance both sides of wars and revolutions, which gave them control over the winners, the losers and the outcome.

    The execution and the removal of the bodies took 20 minutes. Three centuries of Tzarism in Russia was gone.

    In the years that followed, between 1918 and 1921, 14 million Russians died from war and starvation under the jew Lenin’s Bolsheviks.

    By 1919 Lenin ran-up a national-debt to the Rothschild International bankers of 60 billion dollars, which put Russia firmly under their control.

    As Mayer Rothschild once said “Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes it laws.” To this day, the Rothschilds have stopped the heirs to the Tzar’s fortunes from claiming their deposits held in Rothschild banks. Those fortunes are now worth an estimated 50 billion dollars.

    Joseph Stalin, who was financed by the same Money Cartel, replaced Lenin as Russia’s brutal dictator. Using terror and death threats, Stalin’s job was to industrialize Russia and turn Communism into a powerful counter-force to Democracy.

    Manufactured conflicts between these two powerful political forces would be the ideal excuse for future wars and for dividing, conquering and ruling the world.

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  34. Pat

    The problem has three (3) main components. They are:

    This mainly consists of jew “bankers”.

    These are DUPES, AGENTS and OPERATIVES of the above Zionist Crime Syndicate.

    This is literally everyone else.

    The ZCS issues orders to the “jews” to instigate conflict between the “everyone else” groups.

    The ZCS use the “jews” as the charge of “ANTI-SEMITISM” as a SHIELD to avoid, deflect and evade exposure. The “jews” are complicit in this. Many “jews” are simply dupes – some know and understand the scam.

    That’s how it works.


    Remember: The jew Zionist Crime Syndicate took over in 1913.

    During the 1920s (the roaring twenties) installment-plans were created to make buying high-priced items more affordable. Instead of shelling-out $100 for a new washing machine, consumers would put $5 down and pay $8 a month.

    This DEBT PLAN took America by storm. Debt to whom? The jew banks.

    Sex appeal, social snobbery, outrageous claims and fabricated scientific studies convinced consumers to buy more.

    With massive corporate growth, high employment and a post-war bull-market on Wall Street, first time American investors went on a stock-market buying spree.

    Everyone wanted a piece of this prosperity. People bought stock on margin or credit for as little as 10% down. They then used the stock as collateral to borrow more money to buy more stock. Then they did it again. The market was a free-for-all.

    Although everything looked rosy, it was a castle made of sand and the party ended on October 29th. 1929 when the stock market crashed and caught everyone off guard. Everyone except the insiders that is.

    The jew WARBURG
    In April of 1929, Paul Warburg, the father of the Fed, sent out a secret advisory warning his friends that a collapse and nationwide depression was certain, then in August of 1929 the Fed began to stop making new loans.

    It is not a coincidence that the biographies of all the Wall Street giants of that era, John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Bernard Beruch etc. all marveled that they got out of the stock market just before the crash and put all their assets in cash or gold.

    On October 24th, 1929, the big NY bankers called in their 24-hour broker call loans. This meant that both stockbrokers and customers had to dump their stocks on the market to cover their loans, no matter what price they had to sell them for. As a result, the market tumbled and that day was known as “Black Thursday”.

    Curtis Dall, a broker for Lehman brothers, was on the floor of the NY stock exchange the day of the crash. In his 1970 book, “FDR: my exploited father in law”, he explained that the crash was triggered by the planned sudden shortage of call money in the NY money market.

    Within a few weeks, $3 billion of wealth simply seemed to vanish. Within a year, $40 billion had been lost.

    But did it really disappear? Or was it simply consolidated in fewer hands?

    And what did the Fed do? Instead of moving to help the economy out, by quickly lowering interest rates to stimulate the economy, the Fed continued to brutally contract the money supply further, deepening the depression.

    Between 1929 and 1933, the Fed reduced the money supply by an additional 33%.

    Although most Americans have never heard that the Fed was the cause of the depression, this is well known among top economists. The jew Milton Friedman, the Nobel Prize winning economist at Stanford University, said the same thing in a national public radio interview in January of 1996:

    “The Federal Reserve definitely caused the Great Depression by contracting the amount of currency in circulation by one third from 1929 to 1933”

    But the money lost by most Americans during the depression, didn’t just vanish. It was just re-distributed into the hands of those who had gotten out just before the crash and had purchased gold, which is always a safe place to put your money just before a depression.

    Following the crash the great depression put 1/3 of the US workforce out of work. The banks foreclosed on property and took possession of peoples’ homes and farms. When panicked citizens lined-up at banks to withdraw their hard earned savings, the banks gave them only 10c on the dollar.

    Homeless and desperate, many Americans set up tent cities and roamed the rails looking for work.

    Congressman Louis McFadden, chairman of the House Banking Committee, claimed the crash was planned by the international bankers who sought to become rulers of us all. In his famous 1932 Congressional address he said “Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks. The Federal Reserve Board has cheated the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt 3 times over. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States through the defects of the law in which it operates and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it. Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are government institutions. They are not government institutions; they are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves.”

    Following a series of death threats, McFadden “died” from food poisoning followed by a heart-attack, under suspicious circumstances.

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  35. CuriaRegis1

    Love this guy. So good to have Jack Hunter in the game.

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