Ron Paul: Stop the Bailouts, Let the Market Set Interest Rates

  • “I only watch NBC” LOL

  • Do u see the Reality Check regarding delegates. 190 still up for grabs but the media gives them all to Romney sad. Keep spreading Dr. Paul’s message

  • The Republican party will not win without Ron Paul, so they better start supporting him.


  • Even if Ron Paul doesn’t win, he will have changed US politics so much more than any other politician.

  • I don’t know how Ron Paul can keep on going,i know he has to be so sick and tired of spoon feeding the ignorant masses of people in this country.
    I’m actually embarrassed for them.I can’t believe people are still so clueless & stupid.

  • just Ron Paul

  • i would love paul/kucinich. If the republicans were smart, we’d have paul/obama debate right now.

  • asteroid.. uh, what?

  • Ron Paul + Peter Schiff !!

  • people need to realize that what we’re going through is very similar to what Greece is going through, any economist will tell you this. Greece is very much a mirror of what America will face in the following years if we don’t fix ourselves.. but no, collapse is what the government wants, so they’ll force themselves into even more power by going to war with countries that don’t matter, focusing on unimportant issues like same-sex marriage, and ignoring the common problems of hard-working folks.

  • The price for a gallon of gas is going up for the same reason the stock market is going up; it’s being valued in monopoly money.

    Welcome to stagflation, where you work harder and harder for a dollar worth less and less everyday while fiat slavers just keep printing it, loaning it around, and buying up everything they can.

    They’ll buy up every industry, reporter and politician that you think serves you. We were born into this, but that doesn’t mean we have to go out that way.

  • His supporters aren’t republicans, at least not all of them. Ron Paul, please run as an independent president!

  • There is something very wrong with the fact that Ron Paul Supporters would gladly walk through fire (and blizzards) to rally, march, and Vote for The Good Doctor, yet our votes wind up being *mysteriously* unaccounted for. And when the State GOP heads anounce (with only 8-ish% votes counted) that Romney (or Frothy) is the winner, I think we can safely presume there’s some Fraud going on. It’s time for The People to take a stand and make Fraudsters accountable for their actions!

  • can Ron Paul just lead a revolt against the idiots in charge and their supporters? We need a new american revolution.

  • He just called out the bond bubble.

    In a couple of years that clip will be pasted along with the one where he called out the housing bubble, saying “He told you so” but, still they wont listen. Wouldn’t a “bond bubble” mean its to late???

    • Amer Ican

      Its not too late, we just start using another world currency based off gold… (at first) 😉 Oh, and all that money you have been saving is worthless.

  • Can someone help me convince my friend that Ron Paul is not a free mason?

    • Amer Ican

      My Great Grandfather was a master mason and he was probably one of the smartest people I have ever known.

  • if you let the banks die, the housing costs will decrease and those of us who were responsible will be able to sweep up the houses (albeit with higher taxes)

    If you don’t raise taxes, where does the freaking money come from? MORE CREDIT? THIS IS WHAT GOT US INTO TROUBLE

    Oh wait we can’t have ANY growth without credit! well sure, but the interest rate does not reflect reality.

    ugh. Nobody’s ever going to be able to afford a house now.

    RON PAUL 2012