Ron Paul: Stop the Bailouts, Let the Market Set Interest Rates

  • i fucking hate ron paul critics who pick and chose some ron paul political opinions and not vote for him because of that, not knowing that ron paul is the lesser of the evils that are currently running for president or are the president

  • robin

    Have you read the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America or watched Charlotte Thomson Isberyt’s interviews on You Tube? It will help explain why you will find it difficult to get through to the group mind(operant conditioning). In case you don’t know who she is, she was the senior policy adviser in the Department of Education under Ronald Reagan. She became so disillusioned when she shared this hidden agenda she discovered with Reagan and he didn’t care. Reagan had no idea what he supported. I was a teacher in the public school system and know exactly what she is saying. She had access to secret documents outlining how they planned to use public education to indoctrinate our children. Unless you can break free of this brainwashing, you will not be willing to see anything outside of the group mind. It took me until 9/11 to wake up. Public education has been very effective in destroying independent and critical thinking. Computers are a very powerful tool to crush independent thought as well as outcome based education and values clarification, blurring the line between what is right and wrong and morality and ethical behavior, etc. Emotion/opinion vs. using inductive and deductive reasoning.

    • Pat

      Thank you.

      I will look into that.

      Personally, I think we’re all doomed. But that does not mean we shouldn’t resist.

      • robin

        I must have hope for the sake of my children and their children. I can’t give up, although after seeing the results on the Virgin Island caucus and how it was rigged once again, my husband said I think it is too late. I thought you would be interested in the conversation he had recently on a Noam Chomsky You Tube Video site called Chomsky Dispels 9/11 Conspiracies with Sheer Logic. We have listened to him for years because we are interested in linguistics, but we know now that he is practicing cognitive dissonance. He is a disinfo agent and after listening to several of his more recent interviews is part of the New World Order. He appeals to intellectuals on the left end of the spectrum. Where we used to be by the way. My husband is very smart, but didn’t see through him until recently after listening to his statements about 9/11 and the JFK assassination. Basically, he says who cares who killed JFK and who cares even if the official story of 9/11 isn’t true. He contradicts himself over and over and certainly is not using logic. He is leading the opposition. Incredibly stupid remarks for someone that many consider so intelligent and insightful. So, what my husband realized yesterday that on this site were two disinfo agents from Israel. How did he determine this? He had a conversation and they made arguments and he refuted them, and they would call him a “retard” and other obscenities not worth repeating. So. my husband decided to see where they were coming from since he had read the thread of comments for the past year and noticed they were on there all the time. Wouldn’t you know they were from Israel…Many came to my husbands defense. He has done his homework and is a critical thinker. He does not make assertions without backing it up and knows his science, etc. regarding 9/11. That’s when some said I wondered if these guys have been on here for the past 12 months to put out propaganda and to divide people. We realize now that even intellectuals don’t see that Noam Chomsky is part of the New World Agenda. We didn’t wake up until recently. He’s leading the left as others are leading the right end of the spectrum.

  • Ron Paul Is Beast he’s running low on delegates but he still going hard


  • I voted for Ron Paul last week and I am proud that I did. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Pat

    INTEREST RATES (Usury Implied)

    Ezra Pound’s Canto XLV (With Usura)
    Is a particularly lucid exposition of how the usury system infects social and cultural bodies.

    He provides a note at the end defining usury as:

    “a charge for the use of purchasing power, levied without regard to production: often even without regard to the possibilities of production”.

    That is to say, what we commonly know as interest rates charged on loans for credit which the banks create largely out of nothing, i.e. as a book-keeping entry, for which we all, individuals, businesses and governments must pay back in real money as a token of our work.

    “With usura…
    no picture is made to endure nor to live with
    but it is made to sell and to sell quickly
    with usura, sin against nature,
    is thy bread ever more of stale rags
    is thy bread dry as paper ..
    And no man can find site for his dwelling.
    Stone cutter is kept from his stone
    Weaver is kept from his loom

    Wool comes not to market
    Sheep bring not gain with usura…
    Usura rusteth the chisel
    It rusteth the craft and the craftsman
    It gnaweth the thread in the loom…
    Usuru slayeth the child in the womb
    It stayeth the young man’s courting
    It hath brought palsey to bed. lyeth
    Between the young bride and her bridegroom

    They have brought whores to Eleusis
    Corpses are set to banquet
    At behest of usura.”

    Has Ron Paul every read Ezra Pound?

    Have you?

  • Pat

    “Let the Market Set Interest Rates?”

    Depends on what Ron Paul was referring to. Was he referring to interest rates on the “creation of our currency” which is performed by PRIVATE (just-coincidence-that-they’re-jewish) bankers? Those bankers literally have the power of G-D in their hands over us. They “create” our money. We have to “repay” them for doing that. They don’t “earn” what they “loan” to us. The literally “create” it.

    What is Ron Paul talking about?

    Is he talking about Ron Pauls version or “more of the same”?


    This mainly consists of jew “bankers”.

    These are DUPES, AGENTS and OPERATIVES of the above Zionist Crime Syndicate.

    This is literally everyone else.

    The ZCS issues orders to the “jews” to instigate conflict between the “everyone else” groups.

    The ZCS use the “jews” and the charge of “ANTI-SEMITISM” as a SHIELD to avoid, deflect and evade exposure. Many “jews” are complicit in this. Some “jews” are simply dupes – but many know and understand the scam.

    That’s how it works.


    (1) Establish a mighty banking empire based on Debt and Interest Based Money Systems where national money is issued by private ZCS agents and “national debt” is payable to the same ZCS agents (e.g. Rothschilds) to raise the seed money for the forthcoming political operations.

    (2) Buy up and take control of the press (in the wealthier nations; the developing nations would provide a less worthwhile return on investment.

    (3) Start a political movement (Zionism) to obtain a sovereign state (occupied Palestine / Israel).

    (4) Start a new religion (Holocaustianity) about a “Holocaust” of a very large number – e.g. “six million” – of the minority religious group (Jews). Jews are selected as the allegedly persecuted group – to be used as dupes, operatives and human shields.

    (5) Set up an organization (Anti-Defamation League) in order to deflect any criticism of Zionism by claiming it is an attack on Judaism and Jews. If anyone comes after the criminals, label them as an “anti-Semite”.

    (6) When (3) and (4) do not succeed, start a World War.

    (7) Start a revolution (Bolshevik).

    (8) When (3) and (4) have still not succeeded and (7) starts to lose its potential for ethnic cleansing and looting because your own candidate (Trotsky) was defeated and killed, and when a certain country rejects the Debt and Interest Based Money scam (Germany) start a Second World War.

    (9) Seize any opportunity to promote the new Holocaustianity religion. If, say, concentration labor camps employ Zyklon B (hydrogen cyanide) in delousing rooms in order to save lives by reducing the toll from typhus amongst the slave labor inmates, then claim that these were really “extermination gas chambers”, and propose a ludicrous conspiracy theory about a plot to murder six million Jews – in the absence of an iota of credible supporting evidence. This is a major paradigm shift for the newcomer, and a tactful introduction to the “disinfestation rooms were really gas chambers” myth may be found at:

    which offers a free .pdf download. The author was sent to prison in jewish controlled Germany merely for writing about chemistry, which demonstrates that the criminals are desperate to try to keep the lid on this hoax. The irony is that if one persists with the mythical official historical account, the resulting theories are either racist or include absurdities about governments practising genocide on their own people, or one is left floundering with a fuzzy notion of an “Illuminati”. Never link the war to any discussion of Hitler’s Monetary Policy.

    (10) Pay some of the minority (Jewish) community to phony up hate crimes against themselves, e.g. vandalising their own cars, desecrating Jewish graves, slashing their clothes and drawing a swastika on the stomach with a marker pen, etc.

    (11) As a consequence of (9) and (10), the Jewish people are fearful of persecution. They will accept that tough measure against “terrorists” and “haters” are necessary.

    (12) As a consequence of (11), it is possible to recruit a clandestine army of terrorists (Mossad), who will stage false-flag attacks that exploit divisions between the Christian (Western democracies) countries and Islamic nations, in the belief that these are necessary in order to protect and save Jews.

    (13) Obtain nuclear weapons for your sovereign state. Assassinate any president (Kennedy) that exhibits resistance – especially if he starts printing Debt and Interest Free Currency in the form of $4 Billion in Debt Free/Interest Free “United States Notes” that were immediately taken out of circulation following his “death”.

    (14) Ratchet up the bribery and blackmail of world political leaders, with the aid of (12) and (13), to the point where you have a de facto protection racket for governments, run by the Zionist / Rothschild international crime syndicate. As a consequence of (12), it is possible to recruit the armed forces of Western democracies as your own proxy army, de facto private mercenaries who will loot and decimate the population of Muslim nations, thereby neutralising opponents of your very own nuclear-armed sovereign state (Israel).

    In conclusion, anti-Jew sentiments serve the interests of the criminals who seek to establish a prison planet. The idea that someone should be targeted and persecuted merely due to their race or religious beliefs (and not their actions and/or behavior) is of course deplorable, and anyone with sufficient hatred of some group to want to do them harm is a dim-witted, sick individual who ought to be locked up. This only applies to non-jews. It’s ok for jews to “hate” White people. It’s ok for jews to “hate” Arabs. It’s ok for jews to “hate” Palestinians…..right?
    Does American Patriotism = “support for Israel”? Who owns the media that’s telling you that?
    Does American Patriotism = “support for America”?
    Why is American protecting Israel’s borders?
    Why isn’t American protecting Americas border?


    Whose side are you on? Are you on the side of the Zionist Criminal Syndicate? Or are you on the side of Humanity?

    Make up your mind.

    Time is running short.

  • Put your critical thinking caps on….Dr. Paul speaks the truth…look at the big picture, not just how it affects you…We must help elect Dr. Paul or we are screwed…… WAKE UP AMERICA

  • Why are there no YouTube videos of Paul’s campaign lately? It’s probably a sign that he has lost already. Why is he still in the race? Romney has already won.

  • robin

    juff8 and those voting for Obama,
    All I can say is everyone will get what they deserve because they have been deceived. I’m afraid they have won because the American people have not stood up against ELECTION FRAUD. What did Benjamin Franklin say that those that want a little temporary safety, don’t deserve safety or liberty. Obama, Romney, Santorum and Gingrich all want to keep the corruption in Washington and move us into a one world government. Look where their money comes from and where they really stand on the issues. We are already living in a police state=will get much worse, and you think it is bad now, just you wait. Obviously, you haven’t studied history when it comes to war and deception( a failure of our educational system), but now that we are in a nuclear age, you just wait. By the way, a war that will be fought on our soil and already is as we become a surveillance society. If this is the future you are looking forward to, then by all means support one of these other candidates because there is no difference in either the Democratic Party or the GOP(I’m a former liberal democrat). They will take us into a one world government and it has been unfolding for sometime if you would only open your eyes. The people in countries like Russia are more awake than we are. They know that they are being fed propaganda…

    • robin

      How many of you have studied the Great Depression because when our economy collapses(on the precipice unless we have real change), just think about what your life will look like? For those of you who support Romney, look at what your guy proposes to save our economy from ruin. It will not even put a dent in our deficit, and he will continue to support the Federal Reserve and print more money. Listen to the interview he gave with Ben Swann of Reality Check. The goal is to move to a global currency, so he has to give the illusion he is a fiscal conservative and will balance the budget. So, when I cast my vote it will be for someone who represents not only my interests but ALL THE PEOPLE in this country. Remember, I was once a liberal democrat, but I WOKE UP! Time to educate yourself if you care about the future of America and what it stands for.

  • I may only be 17, but that doesn’t mean I can’t donate any money to him 😉

    Ron Paul 2012/2016!!


  • If Ron Paul isn’t the GOP nominee, I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson in the general election. Thumbs up if you agree!

  • Have to ask yourself this… average of 97% likes on all Ron Paul videos and the general support for him online which far out weighs the other candidates, yet he is not winning…. very weird indeed..

  • Ron Paul wins the Virgin islands caucus yesterday…. It never makes the news…. In the middle of the night the GOP decides to rig the results ….. First thing this morning what’s the headlines??? ROMNEY WINS THE US VIRGIN ISLANDS CAUCUS ..,,
    We’re all taking it up the ass…. Enjoy…

  • We put up 4000 people in a precinct and we only get 2000 votes ….. It’s not the voters that count, it’s the people who count the votes…. Joseph Stalin says it all… Good job America we live in soviet Russia thanks to the fucking GOP….


  • who is that woman? she seems quite young for her job.

  • The Phrase; Freedom isn’t Free doesn’t mean you can sit on your ass and that Freedom will come to you thru the sacrifices of others. It means that you must be willing to make sacrifices of your own. Did you know that Reality TV is not a relatively new idea? C-SPAN has been doing the REAL reality TV for decades. All you have to do is turn it on and pay attention to your politicians selling you out and you would know what your supposed to do. More PPL watch American Idol than voted in 2008. Sad.

  • any Ron Paul supporters from Central New York? I am trying to put together a rally in Utica, New York. The people need to hear our voice! Message me if you are interested, if I get enough people I will create a facebook event page! WE DONT WANT MITT, NEWT, SANTORUM, OR THAT MAN OBAMA! TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR CONSTITUTION!

  • You have become soft as a people America. Soft and squishy like Play-Dough. Most of you lack the moral conviction to fight for what you believe in, because, quite frankly, your too fucking comfortable with being lazy assholes. You have no heart anymore. Most of you think your patriotic because you slap a stupid ass sticker on your car, and vote for Warmongering blood thirsty tyrants, never even realizing that We have become the world’s Evil Empire.