Ron Paul: Stop the Bailouts, Let the Market Set Interest Rates



  • Remember Paul Newman; forget Ron Paul – Ron Paul is a loser from way back he makes me want to puke. LOL watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vcbfobiHTCE

  • French Canadian


    Thanks for your response. I agree with everything you said except for Alex jones. is in my view, the best documented site on the internet. His guests are the top of the top experts and they all have great credibility.

    Ron and Rand Paul and also Judge Napolitano are often guests on his daily show. Alex Jones as done more than anybody else to wake-up people. His show has about 20 millions listeners a week worldwide. He is genuine and the second greatest American patriot after Ron paul. Paul.

    Check it out, you have been brainwashed about this man. Listen to his daily show for a week and you will change your mind quickly. He stands for everything that Ron Paul stands for. You can listen live on… there is a 15 day free trial on the site.

    • robin

      Yes, my husband listens to his guests and goes to his site, but he is still not sure who he is working for. The reason is he has never been willing to talk about Israel and 9/11. Won’t go there, so my husband is therefore suspicious. He also has been linked with Stafor, but says he’s just getting information from them. Webster Tarpley is also a disinfo agent, but to stay in the game you have to give the impression you are the real deal=throw out the bones and build up your base. The best way to control the masses is to lead the opposition, so we are guarded even with alternative sources.

    He’s a racist anti-semitic radical.


  • Uh, why the fuck did the host mention an asteroid that may strike in a few decades at the end?

  • Ron Paul pamphlets on Abortion, Israel and the Fed can be downloaded by clicking on my name above. They are written from an evangelical perspective and are very effective on Christain who are interested in the truth. Give them a try and let other people know about them.

  • robin

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    This You Tube Video doesn’t have anything to do with the economy, but I think it is worthy of your time on this Sunday. I will let you judge for yourself after you watch it. Israel is such a controversial topic of discussion, but I believe he dispels many of the myths that have been perpetrated by the media and he is a ray of hope in a world so full of hate and intolerance. It will take one person at a time to change such ingrained prejudices and hatred.

  • French Canadian

    @ Robin,

    Very good the video of the author of The General’s son. Thanks for posting it.

    Too bad people always get brainwashed by the MSM propaganda. The TRUTH is on the Internet… all people have to do. is to research it. I hope all people will wake-up one day and realise how we have all been lied to.

    And by the way, I appreciated your post on the election fraud and your husband making some research on that matter. People who have good skills in computers, should all join together and debunk the fraud. Because IT IS A HUGE FRAUD, no doubt about that. Ron Paul is the front runner, but they will never admit that, unles they are cought with their hands in the cookie jar.

    • robin

      Hello French Canadian…

      I see you on here a great deal, but I know that people around the world are watching this election very closely because it will have worldwide implications especially regarding our economy and foreign policy. I had another lengthy dialogue with another French Canadian who believes our federal government is doing a good job taking care of us. I’m not sure where he gets his information from, but he chastised me when I said we needed to do away with the Department of Education and other federal agencies. I’m very glad that you appreciated that video because we felt that instead of dealing with the intellect, it dealt with the heart. As a mother and a wife, I appreciate the pain and suffering that these women in that part of the world have had to endure and they want it all to end. That they feel empathy for all the mothers that lose children, spouses and family members. The universal wisdom of mothers. I gave it to a friend who supports Israel unconditionally and gets her information from her church-pure propaganda/half-truths and distortions. I’m hoping it will help open her eyes that there is another story she is not being told. We are spending a great deal of our free time trying to learn about the history, so we can be more informed and share with others. My husband has been studying history for a very long time. One thing I will warn you about is Infowars=Alex Jones may be a disinfo agent. You have to be careful with alternative news sources as well. They have been infiltrated by intelligence agents. Also, some people are not sure about Alex Jones because where he stands on 9/11. It’s difficult to say. Go to What Really Happened…We have found him to be a trustworthy site. Above Top Secret often is first with news, but again, you have to be careful with the disinfo stories. Some of what is on there is out there. There are others that we use, but look at these as well. I’m hoping soon more people will post the results of their research regarding election fraud. Look how many people read the Kony 12 story once it went viral. We also suspect it was posted by an intelligence agent. You might ask yourself why they would want to do that? I guess we have a suspicious mind, but this has been going on for a long time. Now that China is in Northern Africa, could it be we want to drum up support from the liberal end of the spectrum to justify going there to take him out, so we can take over the resources? More empire building. Our globalist wars are always under the guise of humanitarian intervention.

  • So again I don’t care what you think about me personally, I am using logic. If you wish to have as many visit Ron Paul and learn about him around the world, in schools and other places where they use profanity filters to have the same right to see as you that feel profanity is cool and expressive… please think what you are doing to Ron Paul and the cause.

  • Why do you think Google and YouTube always put the profanity on top comments when it is on a channel they wish to block. They don’t have to block it, they let the comments do the work for them with profanity filters via countries and parental filters. When I looked into this to see why CNN, MSNBS and the others where making everyone’s comments be censored before posting learned quickly why by testing them. If profanity is used at all, don’t expect to see your comments… why, filters!

  • I am told I have a love hate following and if so I don’t care what you think about me… I am just trying to get others to think and don’t care what you think as long as you are properly thinking.

    I ask you to think about profanity (I am not one that cares about it and have used it too) on this channel. First it is a family channel with kids and grandmothers reading it, second the parental filters and countries that block based on profanity and thirdly you are in public not your basements THINK

  • I don’t believe they gave gold for printing but rather took our gold in interest for what we paid for in the first place.

  • Notice that with the auto manufacturers they forced a sale and not given bailouts to they had control of the business and profits, we didn’t get it but now look at the bankers, why didn’t we take over the banks the same way instead of giving them our money and charge us interest on air. Printing money, we even pay for the ink and paper when not electronic. We pay for the cost, what is the interest on again?

  • We have not stopped to print on the so-called debt… you can watch the USD vs Euro and the Chinese Yuan plus the Swiss Franc and compare to the silver market over the gold. This tells you every time the print money and donate to the Euro. The Swiss have to donate every time their currency is at a give point. You will notice when the USD drops, the Swiss Franc will fall as well and the Euro will go up. At the same time the silver will got to climb and they have to silver price fix again.

  • robin

    Scott R,
    I asked my husband who also has a very analytical and scientific mind about what you said about needing proof about election fraud. This is what he said. In mathematical/scientific thinking you look for consistent patterns and inductive reasoning-natural law as I’m sure you know in your field. He said to go to You Tube and watch Hacking Democracy by Bev Harris. This is a good place to start. He also said Ron Paul won many of the straw polls and was projected to win in many states, so I’m not sure where you are getting your information from. He’s more informed than I am. Some things to think about: Why is it when the voting is done openly, Ron Paul comes up on top, and in secret, he does not. Why is it in South Carolina that all the candidates have the same amount of votes in every precinct until they reach the three hundred mark and then suddenly it flip flops and Ron Paul who had more votes suddenly has less than Romney and goes on to lose by a landslide. Remember the pastor in Maine who decided instead of doing what he was told and send the ballots in secretly, he decided to do a vote openly=everyone agreed, so he knew what the actual vote was. Then he saw his precinct posted and it showed Romney had 4 times the votes that Paul had. He called the GOP head office and they said that’s what they were told, and then when he said that was wrong=they were silent. That was just one of many that were brought out, but how many were not? The media was saying why does Ron Paul have so many supporters that come to his rallies, but so few that actually vote. Oh, they must be very apathetic=just interested in partying after all his support base is mostly young people, or why in states where he has over a 1,000 at his rallies does he end up getting just a few more votes for the entire state…Does that defy common sense, or what? Do you see a pattern here? I have only mentioned just a few. There are so many of these incidents since Iowa. I can’t wait for our computer programmers, mathematicians, statisticians and data analysts, to do their homework and post it for all to see. This is what it will take to get the truth to the American people. That’s the power of the internet….If the media isn’t protecting our interests, then we have to do their jobs for them.

  • Did you hear his response where he said “You have to hear about how they count the votes to be fair”…he’s pretty much saying he’s aware of the voter fraud. He knows what’s going on, but you know it’s up to us to expose it. I know there’s someone out there with information on what’s really going on. Speak out now, it’s your duty to your country.

  • Surfisher

    Here it is again…Obama acting as the Dictator of USA!

    Superb video showing Bama’s total disregard for Constitutional Law — and his patsies trying to wriggle out of this scrutiny!

    Looks like possible grounds for Impeachment — but, since Bama will not be reelected, most likely will get a pardon….

    Hopefully the two seen here, will eventually be put in jail!

  • Ron Paul God Bless

  • JustWokeUP Canadian

    Obama is good at deception! Ron Paul is good at reading between those lines and one of the best ever for speaking the truth in our generation. Go Ron Paul Go! You inspire me to be better and your government as well. To lead is to inspire! Ron Paul 2012!

  • “I only watch NBC.”