Ron Paul: Stop the Bailouts, Let the Market Set Interest Rates

  • Any money printed, should have to run through the fingers of the citizens 1st
    after all, we get billed for it, the govt. would get it eventually via taxes, everytime it’s spent 10 times OR less, they get it all anyways, the ZERO percent really isnt enough either,
    I Vote for Ron Paul because the fed should be Ended all together.
    the bank Bail out shoulda gone from the bottom up, not enslave us to the banks via interest on the loans from money GIVE To them, we be better off w/ 3 months relief


  • The reason some people oppose Ron Paul is as this lady said, ripping the band aid off isn’t pleasant or pretty. The country is wounded. We need to take off the band aid, disinfect it with alcohol and stitch it up. This is painful and takes time. However, if we do nothing, and let this old rotten band aid on without changing it, the wound will get infected and our issue will be far, far more serious.

    People just don’t want to accept that we have to pay up for the mistakes of the past.

  • Ron Paul owns. But the audioquality is bad.

  • this is going to be another one of those videos that we look back on in a few years and say how did RON PAUL have it right and most everyone else have it wrong. PEOPLE join me by getting off your couch and out of your computer chair by going out in your community and getting involved in phone from home program and sharing the message about constitution/freedom. This is our fight, our cause, our future. We must take back this country…before its too late.

  • Why the support is not translating into votes????
    Because the fucking election is RIGGED you idiots…..I’m glad he finally said something on vote counting…
    Go Ron Paul 2012
    You’ll always have the people’s support and votes ….please go Third party and Fuck both the republicans and democrats…

  • The don’t want to take Dr. Paul’s advice then let them get sick and die. After all it is their right to refuse medical care.

  • dont even need to watch the vid to know it deserved a thumbs up

  • “We have to grasp that corporations are not concerned with the common good.
    They exploit, pollute, impoverish, repress, kill, and lie to make money.
    They throw poor people out of homes, let the uninsured die, wage useless wars for profit, poison and pollute the ecosystem, slash social assistance programs, gut public education, trash the global economy, plunder the Treasury and crush all popular movements that seek justice for working men and women.
    They worship money and power” – Chris Hedges

  • Who is she??? Why is she talking like he has lost the race, which has only just started, and that hes just hanging in there????

  • Guys the people aren’t stupid, they’re voting for Ron Paul all the way and he’s winning most or every caucus, it’s just the voting system is completely hacked and based entirely on fraud.
    I can only assume when 1500 delegates are wearing Ron Paul T-shirts at the Republican convention in Tampa coming August and he only gets 50 delegates, the people will notice.

  • THANK GOD Ron Paul finally pointed out the blatant vote fraud with the vote number discrepancies going on in the voting stations!!!

    It’s about time he got to say that on National TV.

    Even if it’s just on a financial station that few Americans watch.

  • americans zombies… keep sleeping idiots.

  • Under orders from the USA President, Henry Kissinger fly to the middle east and asked the Oil Sheiks to bump up the price of oil from $40 a barrel to $400 a barrel. That was more than a decade ago. The Sheiks didn’t want to do it but Kissinger persuaded them by saying the USA President wanted it like that. The truth is that the Banksters masters of the President wanted it like that to gain control and incite a war with Iraq over oil.

    Now you know the USA is bought; what ya gunna do?

  • There you go she only watches NBC!! THATS WHY SHES SO IGNORANT AND CLUELESS !!!!
    talk about a bias… btw the asteroid is not going to even touch earth… but you you wouldn’t hear that from MSNBC NOW WOULD YOU!!!

  • What a great man.

  • This and the handover of the prison in Afghanistan to the Afghani people are all artificial platforms for Obama to campaign on. The handover will be used to make it seem like the Afghanistan War is close to the end and this superficial decrease in unemployment will be used to quell those who criticize his economic policies. Americans will buy it hook, line, and sinker and Obama’s second term will prove more reckless than the first beginning with war with Iran.

  • She ONLY watches NBC.. lol


  • As a (SGI) Buddhist, I am absolutely convinced that his economic philosophy is consistent with the Buddhist respect for the individual’s right to be happy and healthy. Long live Ron Paul and everybody who supports him and works with him for a economic and human revolution!

  • KONY 2012!! Whatever it takes!!