Ron Paul: Stop the Bailouts, Let the Market Set Interest Rates

  • The only people that vote for Ron Paul are the nuts that attend his rallies!


  • Ron Paul 4th in Kansas lolololol the people have spoken!

  • Ron Paul gets all these people at rallys, but doesnt see the same amount in votes? he should be sweeping threw this..

  • who knows what will end up being a throwaway vote? if you think ron paul would be the best presidet, vote for ron paul. it’s as simple as that. i’ve yet to hear someone tell me why romney is good for this country, or even what his stances are. how can you cast that vote? what is it based on?

  • 4,000 people show up to a rally for Ron Paul in Michigan, and he only gets 2,000 votes in the whole precinct. 2,000 show up in a different rally in North Dakota and only he only gets 100 votes. Something fishy is going on here.

  • I hate to break it to you, but RP has already lost. Deal with it. Super Tuesday? I wish…
    Let’s just give up. The “revolution” is over 🙁

  • Ron Paul has already lost, most likely Mitt Romney will win, and a 20% chance Santorum wins.


  • Stop yelling to Congress man.

  • robin

    Hi Scott R,
    I do understand that you need proof not just allegations before you believe there has been any wrongdoing and election fraud. I do know that there are statisticians(people that are collecting the data that show many anomolies). I’m sure as someone in the scientific field, when you see these graphs, it will make you wonder how they were possible unless the results were rigged. That’s what people in your field, math people and scientists are saying. If they saw graphs like the ones in SC, Maine, New Hamsphire, etc. they would question their work. It’s an impossibility mathematically. They can change the results with a simple algorithm that a middle school student could do=Algebra 1. I would encourage you when you have time, to look on line for this information. A computer programmer recently testified that he had been asked to create a program in Florida to alter the results and there is just so much information other information of election fraud not just in 2012. As far as I remember, I was sure Ron Paul won the very first Iowa straw Poll. That was the time we needed to analyze the vote. If they had done that, then things would have turned out very differently. He would have had the media exposure and people would have been concerned whether their vote was really being counted. I will hope and pray that people in the scientific community are collecting and analyzing the data, so get that proof and expose the truth for all Americans. My husband has a scientific mind as well as has always needed proof before he believes something, but after he has done so much research over the years and sees so many parallels with Russia(studied there), we know that our vote has been tampered with. It’s another story to what degree until we have the information necessary to make that determination. Thanks for caring and being a thoughtful voter and human being….

  • Ron Paul or America will fall!
    I say “shit” to Romney.
    I could kick Santorum.
    Newt is mute.

  • Ron Paul is correct man and honest man. He must be president of USA and not the thieves. are you agree?

  • if the congress, wall street, media, news papers, president are controlled by lobby jewish, then I think that also the counting of votes is also controlled by the lobby of jewish.
    I think that the counting of votes are not correct and is fraud.

  • Listen to 5:55, This is true , shit is happening to avoid this guy from winning ! many videos challenge the results ! …….this is crazy

  • Guys.. Ju88ff is a like a zit, will go away if you ignore it.
    Go Ron Paul 2012.

  • When he took away the 5th amendment, I said it didn’t affect me
    When he took away the 1st amendment, I said it didn’t affect me
    When he took away the 2nd amendment, I said it didn’t affect me
    But when he deactivated my FaceBook, I rose up to make a stand, but was alone

    Wake up America… Ron Paul 2012

  • growing up in this day and age shows me how inportant liberty is!

  • gangbang the asian

  • ron paul has predicted the economy crisis… pull money out of bonds…

  • 0% interest rates = free money for corporations, etc. Money worth nothing? What?