Ron Paul: Stop the Bailouts, Let the Market Set Interest Rates

  • Let’s go on spreading the message, making people know and understand him (and they will love him – i’m sure).
    he must smile, face these snakes, swim with these sharks, and educate Americans!
    These presstitutes will ask him stupid and loaded questions, system will make sure he will be 2 or 3 or 4 – so what? We know it is not going to be easy.

  • The media in this country is a TRUE nightmare!!!!!Ron Paul’s message forever!!!


  • Can someone explain why Japan, after 20 years of near 0% interest rate policy, plus 220% debt to GDP, still is doing rather well when it comes to export, wealth, standard of living, etc.?

  • The only candidate who doesnt gain favor with fake smiles, shaking hands with little old ladys in restaurants and making false promises, he speaks about actual issues and offers real solutions. These ideas are common sense, unfortunately theres nothing common about sense. Listen to this man and then listen to everyone else, I dont believe for a minute that the polls accurately show his support, the military industrial complex and ruling powers dont want him to be president. Ron Paul for pres!

  • the BOND BUBBLE is an inverted (perhaps covert even) bubble in that the interest rates are diluted so low because SoooOOO many investors are hiding in Treasury Notes. When they leave in mass inverted bubble collapses or better said INFLATES! …idiots on this show!

  • Ron Paul is the spark that’s reignited the flame of liberty and respect for the Constitution, and it’s up for his supporters to carry on the torch and continue the revolution, regardless of whether or not he wins this election.

  • The pro-establishment bias towards the Federal Reserve that the guy interviewing him is sickeningly obvious.

  • It’s good that Ron Paul is finishing his sentences and not letting himself get interrupted!! It’s awesome.

  • The cause for liberty needs more hot chicks.

  • Voter frauds at It’s worst 2012… We want a recount! Look at the people that show up for Ron Paul,way more than any other. That’s votes! Look at all the military donation money that comes in, that’s votes. And Ron Paul has more than all the republican candidates + president barack obama combined.
    Ron Paul is the peoples President…don’t fall into the medias lies.

    • Surfisher

      Breaking News! Las Vegas, Nevada. Ron Paul Delegates SWEEP The Clark County Convention!

      Ron Paul 2012

      375 votes

      Chairman Gibbs brought the meeting to order by asking for any Santorum supporters to please raise their hands. A handful of people raised their hands. Then he asked for Gingrich. He got 2 handfuls. When he asked for Romney, his people clustered near the front of the main room raised their hands with a great cheer.

      When he asked for Ron Paul what looked like about 2/3rds of the crowd of over 2,600 delegates leaped to their feet as one and unleashed a thunderous ovation that lasted for 30 seconds. It was absolutely electrifying.

      Things settled down and we got down to business. We were allowed to self nominate ourselves as delegates to the state convention. Clark County which is BY FAR the most populated county in the state is allowed 1900 delegates. As only a little over 1,200 volunteered, all who signed up were confirmed as delegates. I do not have any exact numbers, but I can tell you we are likely to have an even larger majority at state than we did here. And this was DECISIVE.

      We heard from local candidates running for office. Senators Dean Heller and Joe Heck both spoke and were received with something less than whole hearted support, and deservedly so for their unconstitutional votes for NDAA and the patriot act.

      But the best part was filling the 14 seats on the Clark County Republican Party Executive Board. These are the people who set local policy. Each of the candidates was given only 30 seconds to speak.

      Are you ready for this?


      When the results were announced a Ron Paul cheer went up and if the Romney people were balloons you would have heard the air draining out of every one of them with a big, sad whoosh.

      The Clark County platform now OFFICIALLY calls for holding elected officials to their oath to defend the constitution, or face removal from office. The party platform now also calls for the repeal of the 16th amendment and a full public audit of the federal reserve.

      What does this all mean? It means all the garbage the media has been feeding us is precisely that. It means the campaigns delegate strategy works. It means this party is JUST GETTING STARTED!

      People, turn off your televisions and get to work. And if you want to have the experience of a lifetime standing there sweating and crying for joy, go be A Ron Paul delegate at your county and state convention. UNBELIEVABLE.


  • You can never waste a vote.
    Just vote for the best one, that will really do something.
    Ron Paul has mine…never give up It’s a battle

  • You guys … You’re talking about Romney???? They’re setting up mr. Homophobe Santorum to take the nomination these days, who in fuck would vote for that nut job???

  • The fucking establishment planned 9/11, now they’re rigging the election, what’s next???
    Ron Paul gets fourth in Kansas??? What a fucking joke…

  • its people not wanting to “waste their vote” that lead to retard after retard winning the presidency. Ron Paul is the best man to beat Obama.

  • Ron Paul makes another prediction, a bonds bubble is coming.

  • I like Ron Paul. He seems to understand our problems. Too bad he doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell at getting elected

  • Kony 2012 single-handly destroyed Paul’s campaign.

  • ROFL he predicted the the housing bubble in 2001. Is that guy seriously being sarcastic with Paul right now?

  • French Canadian

    Great clip to pass along! Excellent material for a powerful ad!

    Former Lobbyist says ‘Ron Paul is a rarity and can’t be bought’ (Video)

    No Paul = No Vote in November

  • that lying asian bitch