Ron Paul Gains First Victory, Wins U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

  1. Ron Paul 29%
  2. Mitt Romney 26%
  3. Rick Santorum 6%
  4. Newt Gingrich 5%

  • What else is new

  • When mass media is so biased in highlighting candidates (other than Ron Paul) campaigns, how could one rule out possibilities of any fraud? The Ron Paul blackout is so widely spread that in Australia he is not even mentioned as a republican candidate participating in ongoing contests. Powerful lobbies have been planing and doing their best to marginalize Dr. Paul from the very beginning. We as his supporters should make sure that his voice is heard all over the world. Long last liberty.

  • Congratulations Virgin Islands you have the highest percentage of smart people in the United States.

  • They were probably unable to rig the virgin islands.

  • The rules have been changed so many times throughout this race. The people know now what of game this is: Ron Paul must not win. Don’t let Ron Paul down world.

  • Every state vote was fucking rigged.

    I’ve kept up with all of it and members from the states.

  • Nice love seeing Jack Hunter on Ron Paul’s Channel. Power to the States!


  • Believe!

  • Thumbs up for the 4 horseman pic in the backround.!!!

  • Death to TV.

  • What did Staling say? It’s not how many people votes, it’s who gets to count the votes”. They are all fixed. It’s nothing but a scam!

  • No one but Ron Paul!!

  • Yay! Some good news before I crash for the night xD

    Ron Paul 2012! Don’t give up so easily!

  • I’m voting for Ron Paul whether or not he gets the Republican nomination.

  • Vote Ron Paul

  • Listen; Don’t mess with the rigged, riggers or it will cause another conspiracy theory for the gullible.

  • ron paul baby

  • I like Ron Paul in some respects but this is a bit disingenuous. He only gets one delegate, to Mitt’s 7. It’s just how it works… I don’t see how it works any other way. Most independent sources say this.

  • Then why isnt Ron Paul giving a speech and posting it on his website? Because Ron Paul has cut a deal with Mitt Romney to keep his mouth shut