Ron Paul Gains First Victory, Wins U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

  1. Ron Paul 29%
  2. Mitt Romney 26%
  3. Rick Santorum 6%
  4. Newt Gingrich 5%

  • Best video ever, to teach the MSM a lesson. Lets hope they get it?
    Peace brother

  • Truth can surely stand on one leg, but with two it will be able to walk and get around !

  • Dennis Johnson

    How’s the Alabama and Mississippi vote going for all you retards ? LOL
    By Golly, your guy just hit 6%. Isn’t that a new record for the good Doctor? I suppose he’s going to give another victory speech for his wonderful showing and we will all get to watch him giggle and slobber and ramble on about something that only him and a few Dopes can understand. Must be embarrasing. Probably not for his dopes though.

  • andrew breitbart – where did the tapes go?

  • Tonight help us fan the flames of our Revolution. Those of you whom once again desire the peace of Liberty and the happy fruits that it bears join us in embracing many of our brothers who have not yet heard our resolve. Let us make it quite clear to them and say that Ron Paul is the only man deserving of the Presidency because Ron Paul is no Tyrant! Join us in Operation Black Swan to remind this country what it has long since forgotten. DON’T TREAD ON ME! Pledge with us at revolutionpacdotcom.

  • I love Ron Paul!

    Next question. Who are those famous wrestlers in the photo on the wall behind you? And are you related to any of them?

    We need a Smack-Down on the lying media!


  • RP is the king of 4th place!! sad but true- hes going nowhere- he needs to dump the ridiculous republican party and run as an independant!

  • PAUL isn’t going to win because people aren’t voting for him lol

  • man it’s time for a third candidate launch!!!!!!!!!!! the establishment as expected is not going to let Paul win

    Next time say your name at the beginning or have it written in your info box above.


  • Ron Paul is the biggest piece of trash this world has ever graced eyes on.

  • Even if he’ll get the nomination, Obama will simply to point out that Paul is a kook who want’s to leave the UN, NATO and dismantle the FBI, EPA, FEMA etc. just that alone makes him a joke.
    Voting for oil subsidies but denying it for colleges to lower student loans is also something most Americans oppose.

  • Even if you do not support Ron Paul you have to admit that the media is bias. This should make you search into why, and when you hear of him trying to break away from centralized banking, and truly limiting government role you will find your answer.

  • The family picture in the background is great lmfao…they are doing a ron paul cheer

  • ill be staging a revolt in the Virgin Islands if Ron Paul loses :p

  • i honestly think Jon Stewart is more credible than FOX, MSNBC, and CNN business networks. thats sad

  • I support RON PAUL hes the only person running for pres i ever looked up to, and respect, as a leader and and pres i trusted. if u are a person who say’s i like RP but hes not gonna win.. hes the only guy running against obama that has nothing they can use in ads against him! come on people ron paul has the support of the military therefore i think people sould give him a fair shot, a hear his plan for this country. hoooah!

  • Everyone search: “The Black Swan” author Nassim Taleb Cheers Ron Paul’s Economic Platform on CNBC on youtube. Awesome!!! (But, I’m totally surprised that the media covered this. Is this an indication that the media will give fair coverage for all candidates from now on?)

  • O’Reily just lost a bet to Stossel.