Ron Paul Gains First Victory, Wins U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

  1. Ron Paul 29%
  2. Mitt Romney 26%
  3. Rick Santorum 6%
  4. Newt Gingrich 5%

  • Notice how Obama, Romney, Gingrich & Santorum all disable their ratings or comments on certain videos or uphold comments for approval. That there is proof that they all want to limit our freedoms
    Ron Paul 2012


  • Listen to my song.

    “I Think We Need A Revolution”

  • Listen to my song.

    “I Think We Need A Revolution”

  • Ppl who post negative cmnts constantly need a life. And know ron is a threat or else they would just leave it.

  • sweet picture in the background. lol

  • Yes because the Virgin Islands is soooooooo important. LOL!

    Go to americanselect, fill out a free secure registration, select Ron Paul and become a supporter!
    Don’t complain about this election- DO SOMETHING!!!

  • Google Ron Paul 60 minutes, there are only 3,000 more signatures to go.
    Google Ron Paul 60 minutes, there are only 3,000 more signatures to go.
    Google Ron Paul 60 .minutes, there are only 3,000 more signatures to go.
    Google Ron Paul 60 minutes, there are only 3,000 more signatures to go

  • Your stupid. If ron paul ever won that would be a huge story because CNN and MSNBC and all non republican news stations want there to be a paul vs obama matchup cause theyd win either way. If you really wanna teach the media a lesson then come on say it with me.
    SANTORUM 2012 baby

  • “The basques(cherokees have rh neg blood and haplogroup X both are basque and basque explorers understood the cherokee’s language) are the atlanteans,the original cherokees were white not indians but the zionists censor this.Tools dating back 20,000 years, all found mainly on the East Coast of the US.They are identical to tools the Basque used. A mass grave in Florida over 7,000 years old had 140 white mummies there. The Indians tried to block this knowlege.They ethnically cleansed the Basque.

  • this man looks like a butty-boy. You like dick, buttyboy?

  • “If you want to leave the option open for RP to run third party, unarguably the best way we can do it is to make him the American’s Elect nominee. If he is nominated directly by the American people, there can’t really be a lot of backlash if he were to accept that nomination, as opposed to what would result from something like the Libertarian party.”


  • News about what it’s worth considering that when it comes to our self-esteem. Meanwhile, former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, former U.S. Senator, Democrat, got 14 years in prison. This is for us to have a good example yourself, the U.S. doing this for centuries, following the laws, and still did not break despite “threats” of economic crisis, there will convicts serving sentences, reminiscent of Martha Stewart, not fulfilled run a journalist, police, lawyer, child, ‘animals’, etc. ….

  • In the world and Brazil has to end with the electoral system and create a law of competition for achieving political goals, in order to receive their salaries in accordance with the service provided to any employee fulfills his contract of employment under penalty of dismissal at any noncompliance, and also privatize a lot, which real /, heat up the economy and bring employment and quality of life for citizens of all incomes, not purchased from pseudo news growth and development.

  • With Law Targets end the chances of corruption and super value procurement, and the politician has a chance to get rich, but showing actual result of his work no more excuses no penalty for end of term and promises of the platform.
    Moreover, to end corruption and exploitation of civilians, would have to eliminate at least about 60% of the taxes we pay after this x-ray scandals of recent times about how our tax burden is used,

  • sends money to wash the “global economic crisis” and the president after, open a bank for this money to be saved here, that is washed here, beyond the misery of the minimum wage and civil service, where so many people are employed in offices to make poker face while in the SUS only one doctor per shift at various locations around the country.

  • The change has to come from society, small groups organizing in the neighborhoods, privatizing basic services is in cooperatives or private providers, then “comes up” by legal means to adapt, adapt to new situations through actions for not paying more taxes, and still, always supporting the actions of journalists, judges and police worthy, to wish that certain things happen.

  • That’s it. The truth is today still gives you three months of tax for the friends of the King to tan with your money in Italy bolso.Agora want alms box of the Church also, which earned for it was well managed, with priests and nuns who work endless profit in favor of society and government misconduct or negligence around the world, make a vow of poverty.

  • Great Video, Again the media is flip flopping like the other figures to make their story true! YOU CANT IGNORE RON PAUL OR HIS SUPPORTERS FOR EVER !!

  • Proof of delegate fraud in Athens-Clarke County, GA: