Ron Paul Gains First Victory, Wins U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

  1. Ron Paul 29%
  2. Mitt Romney 26%
  3. Rick Santorum 6%
  4. Newt Gingrich 5%

  • This is our final election as a democracy before the North American Union and NWO come in, we need Ron Paul


  • Mainstream Media: Lets see, Romney 3 votes, Ron Paul 1,000, yep, Romney’s the winner
    that’s the Media’s logic

  • We can’t HATE the Mainstream media for ALL the BAD REPUTATION that THEY ARE! We can only hope that they will soon close their business across America for reporting FALSE information to the WORLD!

  • mitt romney won


  • Well, look at it this way….since whomever has LESS votes wins, then it makes sense that the GOP nominee should be the candidate with LESS delegates to go along with the trend and new RULES that obviously apply. GO RON PAUL! RUN AS THIRD PARTY! NEVER QUIT! WE WILL BACK YOU ALL THE WAY!! WE NEED CAMERAS AT EVERY CAUCUS SITE AND BRING YOUR VOTER ID CARDS, THEY MAY PULL ANOTHER OKLAHOMA!

  • Ron Paul DID NOT WIN Warren B Cole who was undecided backed Mittens after the results were announced Mr Cole had 31 votes tied to him bringing Mittens to 132 votes. Most likely the man was bought out. If you Google his name and virgin islands you will find his law firm webpage which lists his phone number and email, let the bombing begin.

  • can someone make sure the us virgin island’s gop primary 2012 say Ron Paul won. If you can change by proper channels, can some Anonymous-like hackers then change it. This is bullshit. just pure bullshut.

  • and they are guess ,,,then give out LIES!!!! ….its CRAZY>>>> its time to kick ass!!!!

  • Go Ron Paul we need you!

  • Paul needs to start raising hell, he is allowing this race to be stolen from him. Nice pic of the 4 horseman in the background man.

  • We will win, because man’s desire to be free is stronger than law.

  • this has brought me to drinking don’t mind the misspellings and typos. Fuck Warren Bruce Cole

  • there were only 2 delegates with enough votes from their are to tip the popular vote to were romney won guess what one of them backed romney after the totals were anounced Warren Bruce Cole with 31 votes bringing mittens to 132 to ron pauls 112 I would bet that Mr Cole was baught out so that mittens could win.

  • While you are right on this issue, you have to admit that Paul has no chance of winning the nomination…

  • that guy is a virgin island.

  • the dislikes are probably because of the voice.

  • Unfortunately He didn’t win the popular vote remember that guy who backed romney after the results? the 31 votes linked to Warren Bruce Cole then got added to romneys 101 bringing him to 132 to pauls 112. You can thank Warren Bruce Cole for stripping paul of his first vote win.

  • funny how we have to go outside the continental US to find anything other than mindless drones willing to think for themselves. This is sad

  • Its not the people who vote that count, its the people who count the votes! (except in the US Virgin Islands) -Josef Stalin