Ron Paul Gains First Victory, Wins U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

  1. Ron Paul 29%
  2. Mitt Romney 26%
  3. Rick Santorum 6%
  4. Newt Gingrich 5%

  • I am a big Ron Paul supporter, but how did Romney get 4 of the 6 unpledged delegates in the Virgin Islands? I also thought it was strange that there were 130 votes not committed to any of the 4 major candidates (a majority).


  • The media definitely is biased in this situation. I mean, what kind of real reporter could resist the headline: “Gynecologist wins Virgin Islands!” lol

  • Ron Paul or Nothing!

  • JONI 2012

  • Ron Paul or LOSE it all !

  • RON PAUL 2012. We need a president who cares about the truth. None of the candidates this year are worth a vote except for Ron Paul. Can’t anyone see that? He at least cares about the truth. If you care about the truth, search “Truth Contest” in Google and click the 1st result, then click on “The Present” and read what it says. If Ron Paul found this, he would be very inspired and unstoppable, so pass it on.

  • I wonder if Jon Stewart will cover this. Oh yeah, thats right, he is the fake truth media outlet. amazing how he changed his tune after the 1st vid went viral. they did the 1st one just so they can hide the fact that they were ignoring him themselves. not much chance he’ll give ron paul any more exposure other than to provide lip service

  • Paul/Paul 2012

  • Actually you are using the wrong math. According to the MSM math Ron Paul Win – Media bias – GOP influence divided by the number of reporters that ignore Ron Paul and multiplied by the number of lobbyists that support Mitt Romney equals Romney Win. I hope that clears things up.

  • Check out the bad azz photo of the Four Horsemen behind this dude.

  • this maker of this video needs to go suck ron pauls cock

  • My kids in 2040: “Dad who did you vote for?” Ron Paul. “Who’s that.” I’ve been writing his name in since 2012. (Epic).

  • Dude, you sound like Gary Oldman as Zorg in the Fifth Element.

  • It is fixed, Mitt is supposed to beat paul then Obama beats Mitt and the brainwashed libs will go back to sleep as we enter ww3. Thats my take.

  • I have and always will vote for Dr. Ron Paul..

  • if you look at the picture behind him, its Gingrich from his frat days

  • Ron Paul wants:
    – to teach creationism in schools
    – to deny gay people marriage rights
    – to isolate America from the rest of the world
    – to stop looking for new energy solutions

    But does he say it directly? No. For example he says that he believes marriage is “religious matters, and as such should not be controlled by the state”. Sounds very libertarian, right until you stop to think what would actually happen.

  • Oh No! Ron Paul will send us 200 years back in time! Positively ridiculous.

  • i bet he just likes to hear himself say COCKUS in the video so thats why he made it, to spread the gay