Ron Paul: No Money for Undeclared Wars

  • According to Northwestern University Professor John Rauh, the latest estimate of the total amount of unfunded pension and healthcare obligations for state and local governments across the United States is 4.4 trillion dollars. America is continually becoming a poorer nation and all of that money is simply not going to magically materialize somehow.


  • . So where is that 4.4 trillion dollars going to come from? Well, either pension benefits are going to have to be cut a lot more all over America or taxes will need to be raised dramatically. Either way, we are all going to feel the pain of these broken promises.There simply is not enough money out there to keep all of the pension commitments that have been made. Something has got to give. In the end, millions of elderly Americans will likely be plunged into poverty as pensions disappear.

  • Dr. Paul for president. Stop the nonsense foreign policy!

  • We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. ~Edward R. Murrow

  • i cant wait til Bush Jr goes down for war crimes!!!

  • just give me a job where i can make more than a cheeseburger for lunch after i drive to work!!

  • It’s time to go after Obama!

    The loser gop candidates aren’t worth our time or our money.

    President Paul!

  • International permission my ass. Only go to war with Congressional permission.

  • I have an urgent message I need to get to the good Doctor/Congressmen!
    I think I can secure the vote of my mom, (82 year old black woman, Obama supporter) whom I
    love to death! If Ron Paul would agree to accept Mr. Huell Howser as his vice president? there is no way she could say no to freedom! pass it on…

  • Love ya Ron…Thank you!

  • Love this guy 🙂

  • Legislation for Obama’s impeachment has been introduced in the House. Mainstream media isn’t mentioning it! H. Con. Res. 107 introduced by Walter Jones of North Carolina.

  • Ron Paul 2012

    We need you Ron. Withput yout the future America i will inherit will be a controlled, less free America, and we will be controlled by the ones that will bail us out later on. We need to follow the constitution.

  • If you don’t make it as the republican nomination go Independent we will all vote for you.

  • WE love you Ron Paul, We love you Ron Paul, We love love love love love….

  • God Bless you Dr Paul…
    RON PAUL 2012

  • arrest the people, for abandoning their duties as citizens.

  • The last honest man in the beltway.

  • Leon penetta has black ops and assassination task force 373. What do you have?
    Be careful Patriots.

  • If everyone stopped paying their taxes, obama wouldnt have money to go to war.