Ron Paul: No Money for Undeclared Wars

  • To any voters of Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, or Obama. You can CLEARLY see that there has been an intentional black out, marginalizing, and flat out fraud surrounding Ron Paul. Do you think that this group of power brokers would have any problem treating you the same or worse? No one but Dr.Paul has spoken up for your liberties, this cannot be denied, the facts are there.


  • Ron paul gets 5% of the southern vote. OMG IT MUST BE VOTER FRAUD LOLOLOL

  • Paul supporters are mad because I speak the cold hard 100% truth about Racist Paul.

  • Folks, don’t feed the troll; ju88fuckface is a notorious loser that trolls RP sites with lies and general nonsense. Ignore it and let it rant to itself.

  • Top 20 卐 Americans live under a dictatorship:
    1. Assassinating Americans 2. Aiding Terrorism 3. Bypassing Congress 4. Controlled Media 5. Criminal Banking Cartel 6. Drug Dealing 7. Gun Running 8. Illegal Searches 9. Illegal Wiretaps 10. Illegal Wars 11. Kidnapping 12. Life In Prison After Acquittal 13. Obstructing Justice 14. Police State 15. Slave Labor 16. Torture 17. Uranium Weapons 18. War Crimes 19. War Profiteering 20. War on Organic Food & Drugs

  • I enjoy using their tactics against them. For example, I have “International Permission” to stop paying the income tax. Before that, I simply followed Congress’ example: They abdicated their responsibility when they treasonously ceded the power to mint our coinage to the Federal Reserve System, so I naturally ceded my responsibility to pay the income tax to a small group of foreign banksters. It’s *their* responsibility now. Works for me. I wish 50 million of you would join me.

  • Jack

    Ron Paul speaks about peace, but Obama is the one who gets a Nobel PEACE prize.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Ron Paul is the laughing stock of the political world. He’ll go down in history as the biggest joke to ever grace politics.

  • Ron Paul = Hero. Ron Paul = My President. there is an army of good men and women who are ready to do their patriotic duty and support the only candidate, and perhaps the only politician in DC, that supports The Constitution of The United States. And that support will be much more than a vote in an already rigged election which follows the rigged GOP convention which will follow the currently rigged caucus circuit.

  • LOL They had Ron Paul on the front page of MSN with the other three candidates, “Too Close Too Call: New Gingrich, Rick Santorum, & Ron Paul take aim at frontrunner Mitt Romney” Now they removed Paul and say it’s a three-way race, because Paul has such a poor showing LOL.

  • As if you ever had any hope, but I gave you a chance in Nevada, California, and Texas. But you did poorly in Nevada, so you’d probably get embarrassed in your home state of Texas.

  • I can’t wait to see your poor showing in Hawaii too in the next 4 hours. If you lose Texas and California, I’ll lose all hope for you lol.

  • lol Ron Paul once again destroyed, this time in Alabama and Mississippi. Will this clown drop out already.

  • UN heads to Africa right now to kill and pillage the land.

  • Obamas illegal party based wars instead of principle based constitutional decisions should be reason for treason defiantly terrorism !!!

  • search sh*t santorum says, then compare and contrast

  • Absolutely brilliant. Thank you Dr. Paul

  • Impeach Obama

  • no declared war since 1942? We have to get this man into the White House.

  • …isn’t dr paul great? what a great statesman! america is so lucky…long live the freedom message!