Why Ron Paul Wants to Be President: Not to Gain Power but to Save America

  • I love how they cling to these completely irrelevant, out of context, demagogued quotes.

  • Getting tired of the media now…. Give it up bitch. We’re awake, and we ain’t going back to sleep, got it? ‘You’ need to wake up

  • holy fuck i’ve never seen such disgust emanating from a reporter before.

  • Well said Jesse

  • Nice try vindictive bitch, but you aren’t fooling us.

  • Damn mainstream reporter can’t get by on Benton!!
    RON PAUL 2012!!


  • She is just one of many of the prostitutes that will turn tricks and sale out America for a counterfeit dollar.

  • The only reason Ron Paul even got that coverage is because they’re still trying to figure out how to get us to vote for anyone other than Ron Paul…..not that they give a fuck about it, but because they need to know if they can still bullshit us.

  • Wow MSNBC, really? You dont think people are willing to go to the polls and vote for this guy? The question should be why wouldn’t people want to go to the polls and vote for Paul?

  • Another main stream media propaganda message for their gullible brainless worshipers.

  • I fired the mainstream media! unsubscribed the liers! Thats one less penny in the traitors pockets!

  • “Some men achieve greatness, others have it thrust upon them.”

  • Ron Paul has a huge support from independents. a lot of us who can’t vote in the primary’s would vote for Paul but if hes not a choice, Obama is the saner choice in the election. Maybe the republican nationals should think about our vote in the election that counts.

  • Jesse does a great job with these overzealous sell out reporters and their transparent agenda.

    Ron Paul or NOBODY!!

  • the media is soo biased that it would be funny if it weren’t so scary and sad.

  • Such bias bs from a journalist. The bitch say “people” like 99% of the world have the same opinion has herself. Only idiots want a president who is egoistic (Santorum), hypocritic (Gingrich) and power hungry (Romney). Ron Paul 2012, or worldwide market collapse for 20 years!

  • Wow if Ron Paul walked on water the media would say he can’t swim.

  • If you think the power will let Ron Paul win, you are kidding yourself. We see how many people like him and people are starting to realize we need REAL change, not some face spouting bull shit. But the establishment will not let him win. We can vote all we want, there are way around voters. Sad but true.

  • This woman is a complete moron. =_= He just explained that it wasn’t that Ron Paul doesn’t want to be President! He just doesn’t want to be presumptive about his chances!