Why Ron Paul Wants to Be President: Not to Gain Power but to Save America

  • what happen to the delegates in texas, did they get them in?

  • Stop being afraid to vote even though the vote fraud against paul is addmitted and documented

  • Mitt Romney is a cheater. Why?? Because he uses his money to get more votes than Ron Paul. In this case we are in a desadvantage situation. Im telling the truth. So please don’t vote Mitt Romney, he will be shit if he wins the elections. Nothig will going to change if Ron Paul is there to help us. Go Ron Paul!

  • To bad our votes don’t count…

  • It’s morning in America!

    We need another diehard Reagan Republican (ie Ron Paul) to pick up where Reagan left off!!

    His slogan should be: “Ron Paul – There’s A Reason He’s Republican and NOT Independent!”

  • Same bullshit questions each and every interview.

  • clearly the polls and voting are rigged,, duh

  • There’s never going to be another Ron Paul. It’s now or never!


  • If the U.S will not vote this man in we in Canada will take him, just cause America will have lost a true American hero.

  • It looks like Obama, Romney and Santorum are all here in Chicago today… Chicago is the trash can of the nation today:)
    Ron Paul 2012

  • Voting for Ron Paul is voting for Mitt Romney: h t t p://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/216387-growing-conservative-anger-toward-ron-paul-about-his-romance-with-mitt-romney

  • Last night I donated to Ron’s campaign. Bought some yard signs too. Already have the bumper stickers on my vehicle. It’s the least I can do to help save my country and the world. this is it people. America’s last chance to get out of the nwo before it all goes to shit in a hand basket. After this there’s no way out but with brutal bloody force. RON PAUL 2012

  • Now that he doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning, now we can talk about him…. good job, NBC. Dumb cunts…..

  • “If you want to leave the option open for RP to run third party, unarguably the best way we can do it is to make him the American’s Elect nominee. If he is nominated directly by the American people, there can’t really be a lot of backlash if he were to accept that nomination, as opposed to what would result from something like the Libertarian party.”


  • this newsreader is a smug jerk.

  • We are all powerful. friends that comes together makes a community, community that comes together makes a City, and City thats comes together makes a state, and so on and so forth

  • I think Ron Paul is ok, but his followers are morons.

  • Sigh…..
    If Ron Paul isn’t elected president, the world is going to go to shit.

  • GOOGLE “Ron Paul 60 minutes” TO get Ron Paul on the most watched network!!!

    Lets help him help us.