Why Ron Paul Wants to Be President: Not to Gain Power but to Save America

  • Its the vote fraud that keeps the number low. This is a conspiracy, between bankers, mass media and the GOP.
    Look out, we the people are coming for you to strighten our scores!!!!

  • The sad reality is that most Americans are too stupid and used to political corruption. They keep electing idiots. Either Ron Paul for president or Long Live America!


  • I was just wondering if anyone else caught what she said, or if it was just me. She stated that, “Most everyone credits (Ron Paul Campaign) you all for being the most successful in terms of organizational skills and getting people out there..” Does this lend credence to the “vote scandal” that is being alleged? I think so. How else does huge crowds + devotion + high organization = low vote counts?

  • Jesse is a badass! So glad he’s on the campaign.

  • alot of the new illegal laws and regulations the ubuma cretins are trying to rush through- just like Bush did, are being pushed through because they fear paul will go third party and challenge the one party oligarchy

  • Complete bullshit. DO you really think your vote counts? NO

  • ro pual 2012

  • If there are any boys/girls watching Ron Paul videos and advocate his policies and are too young to vote then YOU need to educate your parents about him try and change their point of view, since they probably watch Fox news or CNN and all that crap. Honestly I tried this with my parents and I changed their perception of him. maybe you can too.

  • Alright bitches, this is how were gonna do it, i talked to Ron and hes down, on April, 20th, were all gonna meet in washington, bring any weapons you have, pitchforks, pistols, whips, chains, wutever, texas militia is gonna let me borrow a tank, if theres and body out there thats good with a tank cannon get back at me, Ok, i got 600 lbs of chronic, so dont worry bout that, just be ready for a fight, Rons gonna be leading at the front of the battalion, hell be in Red, White, and Blue, Mustang…

  • Why the hell isn’t this on the homepage ?

    The zionist-sponsored Obama crap is on it, with the usual “appending approval” comment censorship, as well as all the republican idiots like Romney and Santorum on there half the time. Youtube is becoming just as bad as FOX, CNN, and MSNBC.

    Ron Paul 2012. Enough of the puppet government.

  • I’ll be Ron Paul’s delegate

  • HAHA RIIIIGHT… Ron Paul has 31 Delegates my ass.. They just leave it on the screen for the longest time. Want the real delegate count? Watch this: /watch?v=5aVZUwNkQXc

  • lol Ron Paul sold out to Mitt Romney. You wonder why you seldom see Ron and Mitt attacking each other. Paul and Romney have a non-aggression deal so that Romney can have Paul’s son, Rand, as a vice president, and scoop up some Ron Paul votes to prevent them from going to Obama. All Ron Paul is doing is attacking Newt and Santorum and funneling all the votes to Mitt. Sorry, RP fans, but Paul is no stranger to the game of politics, and he knows he has no chance in the office.


    **PASS IT ON**


    **PASS IT ON**

  • google this , CBS News 60 Minutes: Get Ron Paul on “60 Minutes

    Help Ron Paul help us

  • Sure people, Waste your votes!

  • If Ron Paul wins I will go to University in America.

  • cucking funt.