Why Ron Paul Wants to Be President: Not to Gain Power but to Save America

  • I hate mainstream media so bad.

  • ppl will vote for i hope only for him,,only the stupid ones that quoted “if he goes as independnant he would lose votes cos ppl will only vote republic or democrat”..thats not a ron paul supporter &a dope at that..the 2 party system are 1&the same,rons the only man ive seen to be honest.infact he doesnt even remind me of a politicion.GO GO GO RON PAUL2012

  • they try scaring everyone with the delegate speech even though they lie,rons supporters r true&i think wether the media lie,about romney having the most ect,i just hope its like ronald regan he didnt have the delegates but he had the votes,but then again they were the days when electronic cheating machines wernt in,if u want ron paul in there must be a sight set up online so ppl can say they voted,that way if theres a discrepancy it can b proven him,,rons


  • the media isn’t even close to neutral about Ron Paul, they are attacking him. Yet his support grows every minute.

  • That guy did a great job in that interview, well done.


  • Poor ALEX WITT!!!! Was a real shame to have BEAUTY yet too much artificiality!!! ALEX_ you should know WHO IS REALLY WINNING…or You simply an IGNORANT in the Mainstream Media…just like the rest….too sad for you_ You are an American supposed to be!

  • An Croatian advice to dr. Ron Paul: GO TO THE ELECTION AS AN INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE AND YOU WILL WIN1 Political Parties are DEAD,they are not in hands of members and it is the rule everywhere arround the World.
    You are the real voice of USA American wish.PLEASE!! be INDEPENDENTCANDIDATE!

  • 31 delegates huh? Well have I told you guys about the time I fought a dragon?

  • Keep trucking all the way to the white house…Go Ron Paul never give up…supporters never give up! Eff the media he’s winning!

  • Youtube channel for Ron Paul, with toppings 😉 visit to see what i mean. Subscribe to not miss must-see videos

    RON PAUL 2012 or we will make Paulism a religion

  • She is SUCH a bitch. Every, last word out of her mouth is something completely negative about Paul. They created a scenario to make him lose by constant censorship and twisting his words, and now when their efforts are paying off, they say, “See, we told you he can’t win.” FUCKING HELL.

    And her eye makeup needs to change. It makes her look cross-eyed.

  • im gettin tired of this media bullshit now…..

  • lolol I like how they keep throwing “31 delegates” all over the screen

  • I’d like to see a Paul/Powell ticket

  • Title is kinda funny thats the same reason im voting for him.

  • Unfortunately a little bit of doubt goes a long way. Everyone I talk to about Ron Paul says they like his message and they think he’d be a good president but he can’t win. My question to them is why can’t he win and they say because “they” don’t want him to win. Well who are “they”? Is it the news media, the rich people who owns the media? someone enlighten me please.

  • love seeing Jesse with his ‘game face’ on!

  • it seems awfully suspicious that Ron Paul is drawing 10 times bigger crowds than any other candidates but still does not win the states. I think that primaries is where the establishment might try to steal his votes under the guise of secret ballot system.

  • I love it how so many people are waking up! power to the people!